detectproj: estimation of the cartographic projection and its paramameters from a map

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The detectproj represents a new software for the estimation of an unknown cartographic projection and its parameters from the map. It supports several operating systems (Windows, GNU/Linux). Its user interface is designed similar to the Proj.4 library, but all cartographic computations are based on own kernel.

During the analysis the following parameters are estimated: a map projection type, a map projection aspect given by the cartographic pole K coordinates, a true parallel latitude, central meridian offset, a map scale and a map rotation.

Our software tries to provide results that respect the cartographic rules of the proposal and use of the map projection so as the cartographic distortions on the borders of the analyzed area will be the smallest. This is one of the basic assumptions put on results. There is a need for avoidance of the unnatural and artificial geometric constructions not taking into consideration the real geographic characteristics.


This SW was supported by the TEMAP project.