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As we have begun to be asked to also include here
information about competitions of graphic art in general, not
exclusively oriented just to bookplates
, we have expanded our page.


The Directory of Competitions is arranged in order of the closing date for application. Those with the nearest closing dates are at the top of the directory.

If not possible to do it better, only the name and title of each competition are listed, together with basic information and the contact addresses of the organizers. In this case, please, contact the organizers directly to obtain the "rules", "instructions", "status" and more detailed information.

Considering the fact that the organizers of some competitions often postpone their deadlines without informing us, information about competitions remain posted here for a while after the listed deadlines

The page is arranged by Prof. Josef Chalupský to whom information on competitions should be sent.

The address is:

Josef Chalupský
Druzstevni ochoz 52
CZ - 140 00 Prague 4,
Czech Republic

e-mail: chalupsk@natur.cuni.cz






The Second Exlibris Expo Exchange in Chang Zhou Wu Jin Exlibris Museum


Attachment: the rule of the competition


The Exlibris Competition Requirements of the 2016 China Exlibris Expo Exchange in
The 2016 China Exlibris Expo Seminars invites you to come and join the Exlibris competition, the exlibris means reading and collection. We invite you to attend and communicate directly with other exlibris lovers.

1. No restriction and limit about Exlibris’s original theme and creation time. (The competitor can send the magnum opus of each  period as it is  the first time held such competition)

2. Entries Requested:

   a. Exhibition must be applied with X1, X2, X3, X5, X6, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C7, C8, lithograph, leak edition(S1, S2, S3). Computer printing, photography, painting, paper cutting,electrostatic copy, copy, photographic products and similar works will not be accepted; Exlibris submitted at least 4 kinds, 3 pieces of each kind; In order to fully display your exlibris creation and production talent, welcome send more excellent works

   b. Entries must have a host name and Latin word EXLIBRIS. Universal exlibris will not be accepted.

   c. The original of participating exlibris usually less than 17cm and without lining and mounting. The white

space around in the original must more than 1.5 centimeters, and the work must be tidy and no holes. According to international practice, you need to indicate cline to the painting paper from left to right in pencil: format, print number, the subject, author's name, the time to product. The exlibris don't write anything on the back, and keep it clean.

   d. Entries must be attached with the introduction of author and collectors, zip code, address and email, and do not paste on the exlibris.

   e. The domestic competition exlibris works which is created after 2006 must have exact print number. Foreign exlibris which created after 2014 must have the exact number(for example: 1/100)

If we receive the AP of new exlibris which created after 2014, we will not publish the congress catalogue.

Taking account of the sponsors can flow exlibris better, we can better to get help from sponsors in the future, and can better to promote the exlibris activities, so please offer understanding and support.

      f. The works will be not returned, and the organizers have these rights: exhibition, publishing, collection, publicity, communication, selling, and without payment of royalties. The participant is deemed to agree with the terms.

3. The way of ranking:

a. the principle to rank: the principle that should embody fair, democracy and concentration, and which choose a way that collectors and organizers combine with professors to form the organizing committee to rank.

b. the number of person to gain prize: Honorable mention: twenty persons. the person who get the certificate of honor.

c. Those who will be selected into the competition will be promulgated the certificate of participating in the exhibition, and can be free to gain a catalogue about the exhibition.

4. The time to exhibit: 2016/10/28, which is tentative and the real date will be informed.
The place to exhibit: ChangZhou WuJin Phoenix Valley art galley or ChangZhou WuJin Holiday Hotel.

5. The time to stop and the place that you send by post. Time: the works to take part in the competition that should arrive at the destination before 2016/15/8.

 In addition, the works what pass the appointed time that can not participate in the ranking, if the time is permitted, the works can participate in exhibition and the printing catalogue.


Phoenix Valley the fifth floor of art galley
YanZhengZhong avenue No. 29
WuJin District
ChangZhou City
JiangSu Province
(ChangZhou WuJin Exlibris Museum)
Mr. Zhang Zheng
Zip Code: 213161

The phone number of the person to receive the package: Wang Rong 13358176998

E—mail: exlibriswr@163.com gyy501231@sina.com


This version has been received
at April 16, 2016







George Bacovia (b. Bacau, 1881 – 1957) - writer, which was formed at the school French literary symbolism. While he initially belonged to the local Symbolist movement, his poetry came to be seen as a precursor of Romanian Modernism and being recognized as one of the most important Romanian poets.
This project is created with the occasion of 100 years since the first publication of the book Lead.
The theme of the exhibition is marking 100 years since the volume Lead and 135 years since the birth of the poet, presenting the most important aspects related to poems in the volume Lead, considered a masterpiece of Bacovian creation and the pinnacle of Romanian symbolism, the personality of George Bacovia through various ways of small graphics, enriching the patrimony Bacãu County Library.

Art. 1 - The exhibition is open without restriction to artists and designers from all over the world.

Art. 2 - Participating artists can submit an unlimited number of works in 3 copies each. The works must be conceived as authentic ex-libris (bookplates), a small-format art graphics of the highest aesthetic and technical quality, made to be pasted into books and to identify their owner.
They should include, integrated within the image, the words "ex libris..." or an equivalent (for example, "From the library of...", "This book belongs to...", etc.), followed by the name of a living person or of a library of a currently existing institution by whom or by which it was commissioned, or to whom it is dedicated or for which it was made.
Pseudo ex libris and other graphic forms shall not be admitted for the exhibition (i.e. Ex libris George Bacovia or Ex libris Plumb).

Art. 3 - All the print techniques are allowed, monotypes and photocopies not included.
The maximum admitted size of the work is 14 cm x 14 cm.
Each print must be signed, dated and numbered by the artist, and must bear legibly on the back in pencil: the artist's name, address, year of creation, the technique(s), the dimensions and opus number. If the artist has not used Latin alphabet in the printed inscription, he is required to write a translation into English on the back of the print. Also, if for reasons of design he/she has exceptionally chosen to integrate into the image only the owner's initials, the artist must write the owner's full name on the back of the print.
The works will be accompanied by a list containing the name of the owner, the technique used, dimensions, year of realization, opus number of the work, artist's address and curriculum vitae.

The deadline for submitting works is August 30th 2016, the stamped postal date on the envelope being decisive. Artists are however requested to send material earlier, whenever possible.
Material for the exhibition must be sent to the following address:

Biblioteca Judeþeana „Costache Sturdza” Bacãu
Str. Aleea Parcului nr. 9
Bacãu Cod 600043

with note ,,Pentru Expoziþia de Ex-Libris Plumb”.

Art. 4 - All works sent for the exhibition remain in the organizers’ property and will be registered in the collections of the Art Department of the County Library,, Costache Sturdza ", is then used to organize exhibitions and to illustrate some printed materials: magazines, programs, catalogs, leaflets, posters (indicating the author's name).

A jury consisting of graphic artists will select the works for the exhibition.

Art.  5 - The exhibition will be open on November 2016 to the Bacãu County Library „Costache Sturdza”.

A catalogue will be published on the occasion, all artists included in the exhibition will receive a free of charge copy within a 6 months since the oppening. Each artist will be informed on the decision of the jury.
It is presumed that taking part in the contest means to accept the above regulation.

Manager, Anca Sion                                             

Illustrated invitation is





Municipal Cultural Center
Gallery Meander







Municipal Cultural Center Apatin , invites You to participate on International exhibition Ex librisa, which is organized within short form manifestation of visual arts, literature, theater and music titled “Signature 2016”.  Ex libris exhibition will be held at Gallery Meander Apatin.
1.      Meander, concept in visual arts, geography, symbolism attached (related) to the middle half of the Danube waterway on whose left side lies city of Apatin.
2.      Free theme
·         Participation is free
·         Works must be done in the traditional graphic reproduction technique
·         We accept works done on computer and digital prints
·         Each artist can submit up to five ex libris
·         Photocopies will not be exposed
·         With every Ex libris you need to send two signed prints
·         Maximum size of works needs to be 15 X 15 cm
·         Authors of best Ex libris will be rewarded
·         Organizer of the exhibition will publish a brochure with information about all participants
·         For the safety of the shipment send as "recommended"
Graphic list needs to be signed in the following way:
number of prints technic / International acronym for technique/•signature (necessarily on one of European languages)
With every Ex libris you need to send two signed prints: one that stays in permanent organizers property and one for sponsors of manifestation.
SEPTEMBER 1, 2016.


Gallery Meander Apatin (for Ex libris exhibition 2016)

Nikola Tesla square, number 12
25 260 Apatin
Contact: Radmila Savèiæ (Gallery Meander Apatin)
Tel: +381(0)25 773 923 ; E-mail:galerijameander@yahoo.com


Application Form


Last name/ family name/
Birth Year
Zip Code                                                                              Town/Village/
Street                                                                                   Number
Home phone number                                                        Mobile phone
1.Work name                                                    3.Work name                                             4.Work name                                                                  
    Technique                                                         Technique                                                    Technique
    Year                                                                    Year                                                               Year
    Dimension                                                         Dimension                                                    Dimension
 2.Work name                                                                                                                           5.Work name
    Technique                                                                                                                                  Technique
    Year                                                                                                                                             Year
    Dimension                                                                                                                                  Dimension                                                                                                                     
Please if it’s possible, write your data (information) on computer.
Application Form can be sent with your work, or you can send it with E-mail.
If you are able to take a scan of your work you will help us alot with creating brochures.
On the back of your work with pencil write down the following informations:
Last name, Name
Work name








Artists of any nationality may participate.

Works shall be unpublished.

The subject is free, and the technique is Woodcut. All techniques set out in the FISAE (InternationaFederation of Ex - libris Societies) regulations concerning Woodcut are admitted (abbreviated X).

The award has three categories:

- Children's engraving award (up to 12 years old)
- Young artists’ engraving award (aged 13 to 17)
- Adults’ engraving award

The minimal measurements of the woodblock are 7 x 8
cm, the maximum is 18 x 13 cm; the maximum measurements of the printing paper are 38 x28 cm.

Each participant may present 1 unframed original work from a maximum of 5 original works that willnot be returned, in order to enlarge the Municipal Archives collection.

The works must be presented with the title on the back and accompanied by the fact sheet for each work and a brief CV of the author in a sealed envelope.

The works must be sent to the

Arxiu Municipal de Torredembarra
(Municipal Archives of Torredembarra)
at Plaça del Castell, 8

between Monday and Friday from 08.30 to 14.30, tel. (0034) 977640025.

The delivery and collection of the artist's works is the responsibility of the artist. The organisation will accept no complaints regarding possible damane or losses.

The admission period for original works ends on 14 October 2016. As for shipping, count as a valid date, which will take the seal stamped by the origin’s post office.

A single award is established for each category, which may be declared void.

- Children's and Young’s category: 200€ engraving m
aterial and a certificate.
- Adult category: 1000 Euros and a certificate

The monetary award is conceived as a monetary reward for the rights of acquisition of the work and the edition of 33 signed copies, numbered 1/33 to 33/33, which must be handed it as a previous requirement before getting the prize. The amount is the gross amount received by the winner

The Jury shall be with the following people: Ms. Merce ALONSO, Mr. Maria CASAS, Mr. Francesc FONTBONA, and MR. Antoni GELONCH

The jury’s decisions are final.
The jury’s decision shall be notified to the participants in autumn 2016 and the award ceremony will be held in the course of an event specified in time to give the verdict.

The award winning work will remain property of the Town of Torredembarra, kept in the MunicipalArchives, and it will possess all legal rights of publishing, it being understood that the artist
renounces property of the work and any right to complaint.

The winning piece shall be distributed to centres specializing in engravings so they can exhibit themto the public.

The artists chosen authorise the citation of thein names, as well as the possible photographic reproduction of their works in brochures, books, posters, media and activity programmes of theorganisation,

The exhibition of the works selected will take place inTorredembarra.

The organisers reserve the right to resolve any aspect not covered in these terms and conditions.

Taking part in this competition constitutes accept
ance of these terms and conditions.
Sponsor: Culture Department of the Town of Torredem
Organiser: Torredembarra Municipal Archives






Internationale exlibris- en kleingrafiekwedstrijd
Concours international d’ exlibris et d’ouvres graphiques
de petites format
Internationaler Exlibris und Kleindruckwettbewerb
International bookplates and small printing competition

Sint-Niklaas 2017


The Competition Rules
(in four languages)

The Entry Form

The entries have to be sent
before November 1, 2016


Needed addresses:

Lu Boeykens
Stedelijke Musea
Internationaal Exlibriscentrum Sint-Niklaas
stad Sint-Niklaas

03 778 34 61







International Exhibition of Ex Libris Skopje
and Open Graphic Studio
Museum of the City of Skopje

The 3rd  International Exhibition of Ex Libris
Skopje 2016



Dear artist,

International Exhibition of Ex Libris Skopje and Open Graphic Studio – Museum of the City of Skopje, are honored to invite you to participate in the 3rd  International Exhibition of Ex Libris Skopje 2016, which will take place from 2  to 20 December at the gallery of the Museum of the City of Skopje.
The bookplates have to meet the following requirements:

The deadline for submissions is 10 November 2016.
Artists participating in the exhibition are free to submit works made in 2015 and 2016.
There is going to be one first, second and third award and it consists of letter of appreciation and a medal.


The organizers do not hold the responsibility if any of the works are lost or damaged during transport.
Every participant will receive an letter of appreciation and catalogue.
                Please send the works with the legible application form to the following address:

Ul.”Mito Hadzivasilev”, bb
1000 Skopje
Republic of MACEDONIA

The official opening of the 3rd  International Ex Libris Exhibition Skopje 2016 will be held on 2 December 2016 at the gallery of the Museum of the City of Skopje.
For additional information, please contact:
Sonja Dimovska
Email: dimovskas@gmail.com

All works qualified for the exhibition will remain in the collection of  the International Ex Libris Exhibition Skopje as their property.
The rest of the works can be sent back to their owners upon request.

Entry Form

(Otevøít = open,
uložit = load)





16th international art contest in creation of book plates for children aged from 6 to 15





1. Elementary schools from 12 to 15 - ex libris designs      
2. Elementary schools from 12 to 15 - ex 
3. Art schools from 12 to 15 - ex libris  
4. Computer graphics from 12 to 15
5. Free category for children from 6 to 11



1. Create the final version of the draft in a black and white combination by Indian ink, so that it will be clear what graphic techniques it is proposed  to. Drawings created by a pencil, pastel or shade drawings do not meet this requirement. Mässer plates are successful at creation of designs.

2. Use any of the graphic techniques like lino-engraving, lino-cut, wood-cut, wood-engraving, plastic-engraving, a dry needle, etching, engraving, imprint from cardboard , imprint from a template, etc. for your original ex libris in one or more colours.

3. In the category of computer graphics will be accepted also only graphics create by yourselves.

4. The size of the contest works is not allowed to exceed 13 x 9 cm, and they must be placed in the middle of a white drawing paper of the size 21 x 15 cm (A5). The proposal can be created directly on white drawing paper, or you can cut it out from another background and glue it to the required drawing paper. It is necessary to print the original ex libris directly, another version cannot be assessed!

5. All contest works must include the text and picture parts. It is the designation of EX LIBRIS, EXLIBRIS, FROM BOOKS, BOOK, the name and surname of the owner or institution. You can use your name with an abbreviation (Jozef SOKOL, J.SOKOL). The professional jury will not assess works with  initials (e.g. A.K.,J.S., etc.), or nicknames – MIMI, FERI.

6. The picture part must have a direct relation to the topic of the contest. Go through the methodical instructions very carefully and follow them.

7. Each contestant is not allowed to send more than 2 contest works!

8. All contest works have to contain the full name of the author, his/her age, address of school or the sender at the back of the paper. It would be suitable to write also the author's gender. Bulk shipments must be accompanied by a list of contestants with all the required information. Please write the age of the author not the school year, which he attends!  We also ask for the name of the ex libris, so that we could check if you comply with the topic.

9. Use the Slovak language in your correspondence with organisers of the contest, foreign participants are required to communicate in English.

10. Registered contest works will remain in the possession of the organisers with the right to exhibit them and use them for promotional and other purposes. The participants accept the conditions of the contest by sending their application. It is only possible to send the works to the contest EX LIBRIS HLOHOVEC that were not part of another contest or exhibition!

11. The deadline for sending the contest works is January 31, 2017  to the address:

Námestie sv. Michala 3
920 01 Hlohovec

Please do not leave sending your contest works to last days, you will thus complicate the work of organisers.

12. The jury reserves the right not to award a prize if the contest works in a given category do not reach a satisfactory level. The best works of the 16th year of the contest will be exhibited at a separate exhibition, they will be included in travelling exhibitions or published. The works that do not comply with the specified criteria will be excluded from the assessment.

13. The ceremonial announcement of the results of the contest, awarding and other activities will be held on October 6, 2017 in Hlohovec. The organisers will inform the participants on the details in a separate invitation. The results of the contest will be published in the official bulletin, on www.elap-hlohovec.sk and in mass media. For more information call the number : 00 421 33 7424657, or send an e-mail to: info@elap-hlohovec.sk  www.elap-hlohovec.sk




     Dear Contestants, we welcome your decision to participate in the 15th year of our contest, and, as in previous years, we offer you some advice. With it you can avoid making mistakes in creating contest works and achieve better results.
     A good ex libris is based on a well-performed design that represents a creative connection of picture and text parts. How to proceed in creation of  a  design? The picture part is based on the selected topic, and that is why you should look for the signs that are specific to it. The text part is unambiguous. You know who the ex libris is created for /write his/her name and surname/, and you also know that you have to write the designation of  EXLIBRIS, EX LIBRIS or its variations FROM BOOKS, BOOK, LIBRARY in your own language on a contest work. The text parts should be connected to the picture part in an artful way so that they create an ex libris composition. You should look for such art elements that will depict it and freshen it up. Selection of a type of writing is very important, it should be legible, reasonably big and placed in the space. You should select the surface type of writing, and should not underestimate its role. Connection of the picture and text in an artistic way is typical for a good ex libris.
     The text and picture parts form together a format /size/ of a book plate. The size of an ex libris is not allowed to exceed the size 13 x 9 cm. We recommend that you should create designs, and also original works, in a smaller size. It is more suitable for using in practice, ex libris is mainly designated for books. Keep this fact in mind.
     Place the design on a drawing paper of format A5 (21 x 15 cm). Draw diagonals by a pencil and determine the middle of the surface. Draw a rectangle round the middle with the size not larger than a maximum size of your future work / 13 x 9 cm/. Start your composition of the picture and text parts from the middle. After finishing your proposal, decide if it will be with a frame, or you will keep the outlines created by the composition. The composition can have different shapes: square, rectangular, circle, oval, triangular or polygonal.
     The contest design has to be worked out by Indian ink using a pen or a brush in such a form that will predetermine your decision what graphic techniques you want to use for your proposal. You can choose from lino-engraving, lino-cut, wood-cut, wood-engraving, paper-engraving, by a dry needle, plastic-engraving or etching.. Mässer plate is also successful at creation of designs. Creation of a design that cannot be technically realised in practice is a very common mistake. Remember that linear pen-and-ink drawing is suitable for a dry needle, combination of surfaces is typical for lino-engraving, lino -cut, plastic-engraving, and other similar techniques.
     If you create your design by a white tempera or a white pastel on a dark piece of paper, you will see immediately which lines or places you will remove by a graver or knife. And do not only finish with the design, try to create a matrix according to it for printing the original ex libris. It should be the aim of your effort, mainly with students of art schools. Printing out the original on a graphic press is a perfect adventure when you suddenly can see the result of your effort.
     For the 16th year of the international art contest EX LIBRIS HLOHOVEC we chose the theme “THE WORLD AROUND US”. We are full of expectations how you will be able to deal with this demanding theme. But being helped by your teachers and parents, you will be surely successful. 
   The world around us is always getting changed and this movement is characterised by transport. Planes, trains, automobiles, the transport in the streets of cities or in underground, bicycles, ships, and many other means of transport provides transport of persons or goods. In some parts of the world they are just some simple carriages or carts pushed by human power. So in the first case you could make your works on the theme of transport.
   The world around us is permanently in movement and it is still in progress. New plants come into existence, new people and animals are born. They grow up gradually and, in the life circle, they are getting old. The old always leaves to be replaced by the young. However, there are some things which have lasted for centuries. Try to find some of them in your neighbourhood and use them in your pictures. All our life is accompanied by metamorphosis. In the world we can observe also climate changes unknown until now. The glaciers are melting and many countries suffer from storms or earthquakes. People run away from their homes before floods and in the other side of our planet, there are drought, poor harvest and increasing temperatures. These changes are caused by human activities. We put too many poisonous substances into the air. There is more and more waste around us and our rivers are dirtier. In the second case, these things which pollute our planet the most can be expressed in your works, as well as the results of natural disasters seen and understood by children’s eyes.
The world around us is getting changed in the way that we have not known before. Explosions in the city centres full of people bring pain, suffering and death to the innocents. Wars and    violence have started in many continents and we are the witnesses of injustice and fear of millions leaving their homes to get better future. People from war zones run to safe places using any and all means of transport. They wish the only thing – life in peace.  Also these facts can be found in your graphics. We are sure that the most of you can see the big changes of the world and you are not indifferent to them.
   The themes explained to you are not easy. But thanks to information technologies you can see what happens in the world, so we can be sure that you can get on top of the theme. Then, again, we will see beautiful children’s ex librises. Some of them may express something sad, gloomy and painful. However, against violence we must fight by all means. And art belongs among the most effective of them.
   Dear young friends, you are invited to the difficult but definitely actual theme, sounding in the world around us. Ask the older and more experienced for advice, look into books, newspapers and magazines, and express the result by the unique children’s view which has the extraordinary magic and power. We are looking forward to you in our ex libris town Hlohovec.

                                                                                 Contest Organizing Committee




The Fifth Edition
of the Biennale
of the Contemporary Engraving and Graphic

"Citta´di Bassano del Grappa"


Topic 2017

The deadline is 12.00 pm
on the 17th of February

Complete "Competition Notice"

The Form




International Ex Libris and
Short stories Competition

“The Enchanted Wood” - 2016-2017

Solstizio d'Estate Onlus


» Premise

On the anniversary of 150 years since the birth of the
English writer Rudyard Kipling we want to dedicate the
new theme to his novel “The Jungle Book” that caught the
imagination of many children of yesteryear, and to the Dis-
ney word, in homage to Walt Disney for the 50th anniversary
of his death. In the hope that they continue to make modern
people dream, people who live in the computer age.
They shall take on the new theme of Ex Libris and Short
Novels, offering their key reading and their own interpreta-
tion. For those who are not very young , we are sure that
the memory of this novels are still alive and exciting . The
concept and educational message of the authors has not
lost their validity and are still intact and not scratched by time
passing relentlessly.

The Enchanted Woods” is not only art and culture, but is al-
so the defense and protection of the territory. Borders don’t
exist so, from the tops of the mountains to the valley it need
s everyone help to keep on living!
Everything perishes, but not the richness of the forest in all
its forms : flora,fauna,landscape,environmental resource,tou-

rism and magic of Ex Libris.
The Enchanted Wood is also another dimension,a plunge in
the memory of stories, fairy tales, legends that people have
dedicated to the world of the imagination and that can be
found, often identical,in different parts of the globe with al-
legorical, satirical and instructive meaning that involves wri-
ting, oral tradition and the Ex Libris in a sinuous never en-
ding path.
Why " Solstizio d’Estate " is dedicated to fables, mythology
and magic? Simply because we cannot afford to lose a won-
derful opportunity to open a window on the innermost thou-
ghts of humanity .
Myths,legends and magic are indeed a universal human crea-
tion ; they were born in different times and places as an ex-
planation of the problems which man is measured with and
that transcends our ability to understand:the end of life, mi-
sfortune, success, cruelty, love that sometimes goes beyond
life an better world.



Art. 1 - “Solstizio d'Estate Onlus” is organizing the Interna-
tional Competition, open to everyone, “Il Bosco Stregato”
(The Enchanted Wood.

Art. 2 - All the artistic techniques are allowed.

Art. 3 - The Ex Libris should be made payable to the Solsti-
zio d’Estate. Each artist can submit up to a maximum of five works each played in five copies and signed on the back of each work will appear indicating: title, name, surname, address, technical and year of execution. Attach resume and e-mail.

Art. 4 - The works must have a maximum size of 19x15 cm.
The paper size must not exceed 21x29 cm.

Art. 5 - Prizes for unpublished works:

1st place: 800 €
2nd: 600 €
3rd: 500 €

Special Prize for schools 200 €
Prize for pùublishe ex libris: 200 €

Art. 6 - The winners of the Ex Libris are required a print run of 40 copies of the
Work awarded. (20 for published edition.)

Art. 7 - It will be a printed catalog or DVD that will be
sent to each participating artist who will require it. The shipping
expenses will be charged by the recipient.

Art. 8 - The jury’s decision is final.

Art. 9 - The works must be received by April 30, 2017 at:

Solstizio d’Estate Onlus
Via Lupiano 7
12050 BOSIA (CN)

Art. 10 - Participation in this competition implies
acceptance of these regulations.

Art 11 - The works will remain in the availability of
Solstizio d'Estate Onlus non-profit organization
and will not be returned.

Art.  12 - The award ceremony and exhibition opening will take place on date and place to be determined.

The Competition was promoted in a press conference
at theXXIX edition of the International Book Fair of Turin 2016.

Associazione Solstizio d’Estate - Festival dei Saperi e dei Sapori Onlus
Via Lupiano, 7 - 12050 Bosia (CN)
• Tel. 0173.52.92.93
• e-mail: info@boscostregato.com
• CF: 90034550047





RUSE 2017





The theme is an opportunity to interpret freedom in all human manifestations.

The competition is open to artists of all nationalities of any age and profession. All graphic techniques are eligible in case they allow replication labeled according the International standard identifier for EX LIBRIS.
The authors may participate with up to 3 /three/ works, 4 /four/ copies of each.

Filled and signed Application form, available at www.libruse.bg.
On each print’s back a label that is attached to the Application form is filled in and glued. The author's name and the title of work must be written in English. In case of modifying any data from the Application form, the author is obliged to notify the Library.
The artwork must contain the text “EX LIBRIS – EX LIBERTAS”. Other signs, letters, words and texts, may also be included. Each copy must be signed and dated by the author.
The maximum size of the image is 130/130 mm and of the graphic sheet 150/210 mm.

The works should be sent by post by 31.05.2017 (the date of postmark).

“Lyuben Karavelov” Regional library, Graphic room
1st “Dondukov-Korsakov” Str.
7000 Ruse

The sent artworks become property of Lyuben Karavelov Regional library – Ruse and they are not returned to their respective authors. They become part of the permanent collection of the Graphic room and Regional Library – Ruse acquires following and simultaneously with the right of ownership any other rights on the artworks as stated in the provisions in the LARRR, including the right to freely use and give publicity of artworks in the context of the cultural policy of the institution without the express permission by the respective author and without any obligation to pay whatever remuneration to the author. Participation is regarded as an acceptance of this present Regulations by any author, and by lying their signature on the Application form they certifies the free and not deadline burdened transfer of rights on artwork sent for the benefit of the Library.

GRAND PRIX at the amount of 400 EURO
Sponsor awards.
After a preliminary selection, admitted to the contest the authors will be presented in the catalogue with a work. Each participant meeting the requirements of the Competition gets a certificate of participation and a catalogue. All received works are published on Lyuben Karavelov Regional library’s website www.libruse.bg and participate in a representative exhibition organized in the period September - October 2017. The selection and awards are determined by a professional jury: Prof. Nikolay Drachev – Rector of the National Academy of Art, Prof. Svetoslav Kokalov, Prof. Bozhidar Yonov and Ivan Tokadzhiev.

For contacts and further information:
E-mail: service@libruse.bg, libruse@libruse.bg
Tel.: + 359 82 820 126; mob. tel.: +359 878 574916


Application form

(Otevøít = open,
Uložit = load )










Open to all artists, printing techniques and tendencies, TALLER GALERIA FORT and ADOGI announce, as every year, the MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL OF CADAQUÉS.




Each artist should submit four prints. It is preferable though not necessary that the works be of different images.




The image must not be bigger than 10 x 10 cm (3.9 x 3.9 in). The paper must not be bigger than 18 x 18 cm (7.1 x 7.1 in).




The signed works should be sent by registered air-mail as PRINTED MATTER in asimple packetwithout glass, frame or passe-partout, declaring "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE", before March 15th, 2017 to: 

Ap. de Correus 9319
08080 Barcelona




With the membership form properly filled in, a “Curriculum Vitae” should accompany the works, including name, date and place of birth of the artist, as well as the corresponding fee. 
If you are not a resident in Spain, the fee is 100 USD or 80 EUR.
If you are a resident in Spain, the fee is 40 EUR.

Please make payment by Banker's Draft (Cashier's Check) payable on USA Bank or on European Bank to the order of Mercedes Barbera;
or by Bank Transfer to ADOGI's account
CCC: 2100-3447-76-2500015635 
IBAN: ES63 2100 3447 7625 0001 5635 
(bank: "la Caixa", address: Rda. General Mitre 227-229, 08023 Barcelona, Spain); or by PayPal (through our Website)
or Cash
If you are resident in Sapin, the fee is 40Eur.b




A Jury will select the works to be exhibited. The names of the accepted artists will be published in our website www.miniprint.orgduring the month of June.




The exhibition in Cadaqués will last around 96 days and will be open to the public daily from 18.00 to 21.30 h, from end of July 1st to September 30th continuously.




Accepted works will also be exhibited in the Galerie L'Etang d'Art in Bages, France, in Wingfield Barns, UK and in the Tharrats Foundation ofgraphic Art in Pineda de mar, Spain.




A Jury of professionals in the field of printmaking will select 6 winning prints, all of the same category, which will be reproduced in full color and life-size in the catalogue. The winning artists will send 5 copies of their awarded work to the Taller Galeria Fort and these prints will remain as property of ADOGI for cultural purposes only.




Each awarded artist will be invited to have a one-person show of his/her small format prints within the next Mini Print International in our gallery in Cadaqués, during the 2018 summer season.




Once the itinerant exhibitions are over, which takes about one year, a catalogue illustrating all the exhibited prints in full color and full information will be sent to each artist, together with the unsold works and a cheque for any work sold.




There will be a 33% commission for the Gallery on the sale of all work. 50 miniprints will be purchased by ADOGI. If artists are interested in selling, please set reasonable prices.




ADOGI reserves the right to reproduce and exhibit any work accepted, for promotional or cultural purposes.




Although all work will be handled with maximum care, ADOGI will assume no responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur. The works that do not adhere exactly to these rules will not be sent back.




Participation in the exhibition implies the acceptance of the above conditions.






Membership Form






Painting, Drawing, Collage, Watercolor, Photographs, Digital, Mixed Media…


An international annual competition with the premise to show the variety of art medium. The aim is to gather and to exhibit contemporary works from all over the world and to contribute to the contacts and the exchange between artists, art lovers and collectors and to stimulate the research into Painting, Drawing, Collage, Watercolor, Photography…
With a Respect to the Quality of Art, not to the Size of Art!


LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects
25, Milin Kamak Street, Lozenetz
1164 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel.(++359 2) 866 38 57
georgi-lessedra@lessedra.com georgi.lessedra@yahoo.com
LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects
Founded in 1991.
Contemporary Bulgarian and International Art. Projects, Workshops and Exhibitions.
Books/Catalogues and CDR for the Arts.
Lessedra World Art Print Annual – Mini Print – 13th edition in 2014, 14th edition in 2015.
International Painting & Mixed Media Competition 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th edition.


1. Each artist should send no more than 3 original works, created in 2014/2015. Entries may feature any type of Painting, Drawing, Collage, Watercolor, Photography, Digital, Mixed Media…and should be signed by the artist. The works could be executed on paper, canvas, cardboard etc… VERY IMPORTANT: No frames or mounts… The maximum dimensions of a work are 15 x 15 cm = equal to 5,9 x 5,9 inches. The image can be same size or smaller. Please note this is the limiting size. Smaller works any size are accepted. Works exceeding the limited size will be neglected!
2. The application (entry) form should accompany the work, including the name and the nationality of the artist as well as the title, price, year and the technique used in the work.
3. The works should be sent to LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects as works “For Exhibition only” by registered air–mail in a simple packet, unframed, without mount, bearing the declaration “No commercial value”. Please note: packages with declared amounts arrive directly in the customs so they shall be returned back from the customs for the costs of the sender.
4. Participation fee is 50 EUR for all European and 70 USD for all another countries and it covers CD – catalogue production, organization of the exhibition, invitations, posters, advertise materials, return of works and postage. It has to be paid with the message “Painting Exhibition”
Bank transfers should be made to:
For transfers in EUR
Valya Radneva Georgieva
First Investment Bank, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria, 12, Narodno Sabranie Sq.
BIC (Bank Identification Code) — FINVBGSF
IBAN (International Bank Account Number) — BG27FINV91502004531994
For transfers in USD
Valya Radneva Georgieva
First Investment Bank, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria, 12, Narodno Sabranie Sq.
BIC (Bank Identification Code) — FINVBGSF
IBAN (International Bank Account Number) — BG86FINV91502004531999
PayPal payments accepted on the email ngg980@yahoo.com
Cheques not accepted.
Transfers via Western Union or via MoneyGram on the name of Valya Radneva Georgieva and Cash (when legal) are accepted.
Participants should enclose a copy of the receipt.


Payment of the entry fee is not a guarantee for acceptance! The jury for previous selection is appointed to make the selection of artists & works with the intention to keep the high professional level of the exhibition. If for any reasons artist is rejected we send back works and return entry fee reduced by the postage.


1. LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects will publish a four color printed catalogue including all accepted artists. Every participating artist is kindly requested to send a brief biography and a personal photograph on a CD or via e-mail for the web presentation of the project.
2. LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects reserves the right to photograph and reproduce works for CDR, Internet gallery and also for advertising, commercial and publicity purposes.


1. JURY will be appointed to select the winning works.
2. There will be the following PRIZES:
First Prize (USD 300 = purchase of work(s) by additional agreement and invitation for a solo presentation of the artist in conjunction with the next annual exhibition).
Second Prize (USD 100) & purchase of work(s) by additional agreement.
Third Prize (USD 100) & purchase of work(s) by additional agreement.
3. There is no commission payable to LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects on the sales of the works.
4. Exhibition with works of all accepted artists will be organized in Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria in the time December 15th 2015 – February 15th 2016.
Opening reception on December 15th at 7 p.m.
While the works will be handled with the utmost care, LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects will not be responsible for loss or damage due to natural disasters.
The works (if unsold) will be returned within five months from the closing date of the exhibition at the cost of LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects.
Entries should be sent to:
Mr. Georgi Kolev Georgiev
25, Milin Kamak Street, Lozenetz
1164 Sofia, BULGARIA
Entry Form can be downloaded from this site.
Entries are accepted from September until November 10th 2015.
Packages postmarked November 10th 2015 will be accepted.