• Cristina Avram Charles University, Faculty of Science, Department of Demography and Geodemography, Czechia
  • Olga Gagauz Center for Demographic Research, National Institute for Economic Research, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Moldova
Keywords: health expectancy, Sullivan’s method, self-rated chronic morbidity, self-perceived health, Moldova


Health measures are decisive for the development and implementation of population health policies. Monitoring health indicators can lead to improvements in health and decrease in the inequalities among subpopulations. The life expectancy at birth for the Moldovan population did not increase considerably during the last decades, due to the social and economic crisis which led to high mortality and poor health. In Moldova, no aggregated health indicators are utilized for health monitoring. Therefore, the authors calculated health indicators to assess the population health and argue their importance. Mortality and subjective data on self-perceived health and self-rated morbidity from the Household Budget Survey was used for constructing period morbidity-mortality tables. Thus, the authors applied Sullivan’s method to calculate the life expectancy in very good/good/fair health and the life expectancy without chronic morbidity for the period 2006–2015. The life expectancies in very good/good/fair health showed a compression of morbidity in the older ages for both sexes, and for rural and urban types of residence. The life expectancies without chronic morbidity for males and for urban dwellers demonstrated an expansion of morbidity. Although the life expectancy is slowly increasing, the trends in population health are contradictory, depending on the applied measures. The health expectancy indicators, based on self-perceived health, depict the actual situation in the population health. These indicators are becoming more essential with the ageing process and can be used for the tailoring of social and health policies and services to the real needs of the population.

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Avram, C., & Gagauz, O. (2018). MEASURING POPULATION HEALTH IN MOLDOVA: HEALTH EXPECTANCIES. AUC Geographica, 53(1), 3-9.
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