Program – Workshop Structure

Program – Workshop Structure

PROGRAMME: Advancing Horizons for Land Cover Services Entering the Big Data Era

Day 1: Friday, 6 May 2016, Park Inn Hotel Prague, Svobodova 1961/1, 128 00 Prague


09:30 – 10:30    Registration

10:30 – 11:00    Welcome and Logistics

Welcome from the Charles University in Prague and logistic

Welcome from EARSeL (Lena Halounová, EARSeL Chair)

Welcome from NASA LCLUC Program (Garik Gutman, Program Manager)

Welcome from EARSeL SIG LULC (Ioannis Manakos, EARSeL SIG LULC Chair)



Harmonization of Sentinel-2 and Landsat products

Session Chair: Benjamin Koetz, European Space Agency, ESA-ESRIN

11:00–11:30     Jeff Masek, NASA GSFC: Harmonizing reflectance products from Landsat and Sentinel-2:  Current status and scientific applications
11:30–12:00     Pierre Defourny, University of Louvain:  Moving from 300 m to decametric global land cover thanks to Sentinel-2 and Landsat
12:00–12:05     Short questions to the keynotes
12:05–12:20     1–slide–presentations of posters in Session 1
12:20–12:50     Coffee & posters (Session 1)
12:50–13:15     Session wrap–up
13:15–14:15     Lunch


Mapping Land Cover and Land Use with cross-scale and cross-sensors  approaches

Session Chair: Hans Dufourmont, Project Manager Copernicus Land Monitoring Services

14:15–14:45     Alexandra Tyukavina, University of Maryland: Using Landsat and Sentinel 2 data to baseline and forward monitor land cover change
14:45–15:15     Alexander Prishchepov, University of Copenhagen: Opportunities and challenges of application of satellite remotely-sensed data in Land Systems Science
15:15–15:35     Discussion of keynotes
15:35–15:55     1–slide–presentations of posters in session 2
15:55–16:25     Coffee & posters (Session 2)
16:25–17:15     Session wrap–up
18:15–19:45     Icebreaker

20:00 –              Dinner (reservation:

Day 2: Saturday, 7 May 2016, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Albertov 6 , Prague


Challenges of Land Cover and Land Use Monitoring with Dense Time Series of EO Data

Session Chair: Mutlu Ozdogan, Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology &Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

09:30–10:00     Son Nghiem, NASA JPL: Synergistic use of multi-satellite sensors for mapping
10:00–10:30     Sebastian van der Linden, The Humboldt University of Berlin: Time series analysis in the Sentinel-Landsat Era
10:30–10:50     Discussion of keynotes
10:50–11:15     1–slide–presentations of posters in Session 3
11:15–11:55     Coffee & posters (Session 3)
11:55–12:30     Session wrap–up
12:30–13:30     Lunch


EO benefits for ecosystem services and human wellbeing

Session Chair: Gary N. Geller, Group on Earth Observations

13:30–14:00     Chris Justice, University of Maryland: Earth Observations for Agricultural Monitoring and Food Security
14:00–14:30     Palma Blonda, ISSIA CNR – Bari: LC taxonomies for applications to biodiversity and ecosystems monitoring
14:30–14:50     Discussion of keynotes
14:50–15:15     1–slide–presentations of posters in Session 4
15:15–15:55     Coffee & posters (Session 4)
15:55–16:30     Session wrap–up
16:30–17:15     Workshop wrap–up