International Association of Hydrogeologists IAHS Charles University, Faculty of Science T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute USGS

Abstracts by members of Scientific Advisory Committee (as per 17 February 2012)

Alain Dassargues, Belgium
Abstract 23
How tracer tests simulations strongly constrain flow and solute transport models in fractured chalk aquifers (invited)

Jean-Christophe Maréchal, France
Abstract 34
Water inflows into a deep tunnel through the Reunion volcano: observation and modeling

Shlomo Neuman, USA
Abstract 50
Lessons learned from analyses of pneumatic pressure experiments in unsaturated fractured tuffs near Superior, Arizona

António Chambel, Portugal
Abstract 52
Groundwater prospecting, drilling and well construction in hard rocks in semi-arid regions: an overview

S. Rai, India
Abstract 123
Exploring volcanic rocks for groundwater

Philipp Blum, Germany
Abstract 127
Fracture flow simulations using satellite images

Paul Hsieh, USA
Abstract 135
Analysis of aquifer tests in dipping sedimentary rock strata

Bjørn Frengstad, Norway
Abstract 140
Uranium distribution in groundwater from fractured crystalline aquifers in Norway

Uwe Tröger, Germany
Abstract 143
Bad Brückenau – a case study of a fractured sandstone (Middle and Lower Bunter)

Miriam Fendeková, Slovakia
Abstract 144
Estimation and evaluation of groundwater drought in fractured environment

Gerfried Winkler, Austria
Abstract 146
Scale dependent hydraulic investigations of heterogeneous complex rock masses (Semmering area, Austria, Eastern Alps)

Patrick Lachassagne, France
Abstract 163
Proposition for a keynote paper - The conceptual model of weathered hard rock aquifers. Its application to the survey, management, modelling and protection of groundwater

Stanisław Staśko, Poland
Abstract 166
Hydrograph separation as a tool for hard rock hydraulic parameter estimation

Auli Niemi, Sweden
Abstract 168
Multi-scale flow and transport in fractured rocks: channeling persistence, flow compartmentalization, and effective flow-wetted surfaces

Giovanni BARROCU, Italy
Abstract 170
Groundwater and integrated water resources management in hard rock areas

John Sharp, USA
Abstract 171
Prediction of fracture roughness aperture, and other hydraulic properties: Is upscaling of flow and transport possible?

René Therrien, Canada
Abstract 172
Recent developments in modelling coupled fluid flow and transport processes in fractured porous media

Werner Balderer, Switzerland
Abstract 174
Short time behaviour of the thermal water of the Brigerbad Thermal Spring South-western Switzerland with respect to chemical and fluorescent properties of the outflowing water