IAHS Charles University, Faculty of Science International Hydrological Programme The International Association for Ecology Gesellschaft für Ökologie; Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland Società Italiana di Ecologia, Italian Society of Ecology USGS International Society for Subsurface Microbiology

  Nederlandse Hydrologische Vereniging, Netherlands Hydrological Society NecoV, Netherlands-Flemish Society for Ecology British Ecological Society Umweltbundesamt, the expert authority of the federal government in Austria for environmental protection and environmental control Vienna City Administration Wiener Wasserwerke, water supply company of Vienna


March 29, 2010:
- the first version of the web site available

April 28, 2010:
- operationalized the web page "Registration Fee"

May 20, 2010:
- operationalized the web page "Abstract Submission"

August 2, 2010:
- added Special Session S-WFD “Upscaling from individual ecosystems to groundwater bodies in the light of the Water Framework Directive implementation“

October 28, 2010:
- announced that instead of Conference Proceedings (not compulsory paper submission), a prepublished Volume of all Abstracts (oral and poster presentations) will be prepared

November 1, 2010:
- added list of keynote presentations, "Click here to view some keynote presentations…", available on Home and on the web page “Conference Programme”
- added “list of abstracts accepted for oral and poster presentation”, available on Home and on the web page “Conference Programme”

November 3, 2010:
- operationalized the web page "Registration and Booking”
- operationalized the web page "Accommodation”

January 17, 2011
- added Vienna City Administration as institutional (scientific) supporter
- added Wiener “Wasserwerke, water supply company of Vienna” as institutional (scientific) supporter

February 26, 2011:
- added abstracts per ORAL and POSTER session, see “Click here to download Tentative Conference Sessions”

March 13, 2011:
- inactivated / disabled the Abstract submission