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Keynote presentations (as per 13 December 2010)

Gilles Pinay, UK
Abstract #30
Controls and patterns of nutrient fluxes in low stream order agricultural catchments

Tim Burt, UK
Abstract #39
Nitrate trends in United Kingdom rivers over the last 140 years

Ronald Harvey, USA
Abstract #122
The surface-groundwater connection – Effects of surface water contaminants upon bacterial transport and re-entrainment within a sandy aquifer

Bertel Nilsson, Denmark
Abstract #135
Possible effects on long-term lake restoration from exchange of high P-loaded groundwater to a seepage lake

Catherine Heppell, UK
Abstract #139
Implications of groundwater-surface water connectivity for nitrogen transformations in the hyporheic zone

Christian Griebler, Germany
Abstract #144
Effects of thermal energy usage on shallow groundwater ecosystems

David Hannah, UK
Abstract #149
Sensitivity of headwater stream temperature to riparian land management

Brent Newman, Austria
Abstract #164
Using isotopes to understand coupled hydrological and biological processes

Jan Fleckenstein, Germany
Abstract #194
Complex linkages between hydrologic dynamics and biogeochemical processes in the near stream zone – New ways forward

Okke Batelaan, Belgium
Abstract #226
Groundwater recharge and groundwater discharge: the ecological importance of speaking the same language

Stefan Krause, UK
Abstract #244
Hot moments in cold spots Multi-scale tracing of reactivity hotspots in hyporheic environments

Teysuro Tsujimoto, Japan
Abstract #258
Structure and functions of river ecosystem – Role of subsurface flow in alternate sand bar

Kevin Bishop. Sweden
Abstract #269
Climate effects on riparian zone control on DOC in boreal headwaters streams: Does riparian zone control amplifies climate response ?

Tomasz Okruszko, Poland
Abstract #277
Hydrological conditions of European wetlands – Overview of current situation and future perspectives

Carl Christian Hoffmann, Denmark
Abstract #284
Biogeochemical processes along the groundwater flow line in a riparian wetland

Mathieu Sebilo, France
Abstract #306
Dynamic of nitrogen at the scale of the Seine catchment (France): Use of isotopic biogeochemistry

Boris Schröder, Germany
Abstract #310
Patterns, processes and functions in ecohydrology: Integrating landscape ecological and hydrological models

Edward Sudicky, Canada
Abstract #311
A physically-based approach to assess the impact of climate change on Canadian water resources

Johannes Grath, Austria
Abstract #328
Groundwater dependent terrestrial ecosystems within the European groundwater policy framework

Björn Klöve, Finland
Abstract #334
Hydroecological processes and functioning of groundwater dependent ecosystems