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PDF files of POSTER presentations during the conference

The numbers at the beginning of file names are the abstract identification numbers. These abstract ID numbers can be found in the Volume of Abstracts, that was distributed to the conference participants at the registration during the conference.

Session A

#130 N.Milosevic, N.I.Thomsen, H.J.Albrechtsen, P.L.Bjerg: Identification of groundwater/surface water discharge and evaluation of impact on a local stream from an old landfill
#293 M.A.Middleton, D.M.Allen: Spatial and temporal changes in groundwater flux to gaining streams

Session B

#173 Z.Gribovszki, P.Kalicz, J.Szilágyi: Estimation of subdaily riparian evapotranspiration from high frequency streamflow data

Session D

#137 K.P.Lansdown, C.M.Heppell, S.Ullah, A.L.Heathwaite, A.Binley, M.Trimmer, H.Zhang: What controls nitrogen cycling in the bed of a groundwater-fed river?
#288 V.Marconi, M.Antonellini, E.Dinelli, P.Mollema: Arsenic source and release process in a coastal wetland located in the south eastern Po plain (Italy)

Session E

#140 A.Gundel: Groundwater vulnerability of mountainous catchments under drought conditions in Switzerland
#343 P.Castanheira: Using the Drenafem model for simulation subsurface drainage in Baixo Vouga lagoon

Session F

#257 A.Wickramasooriya: Tsunami and its effect on costal and marine ecosystems of Southern and Eastern costal zone of Sri Lanka
#261 P.Kovář, F.Krovak: Nature close torrent control in Ore Mountains
#348 S.Schmidt, C.Picioreanu, Ray Mackay, M.Thullner, J.U.Kreft: When modelling biodegradation on the micro scale, degrader colony distribution does matter
#361 A.García-Arias, F.Francés, R.Rivaes, P.Rodríguez-González, A.Albuquerque, T.Ferreira, G.Egger, E.Politti: Analysis of the riparian vegetation dynamics through the RIPFLOW model. Climate change scenarios in three European countries

Session H

#178 G.Alvarez, A.van Griensven, M.Arias, A.Mynett: Aquatic macroinvertebrates communities in an agricultural area of a Tropical River Basin. A case study in the middle catchment of the Guayas River Basin (Ecuador)
#190 B.Carro, M.Quintela, J.M.Ruíz, R.Barreiro: Use of Nucella lapillus L. as bioindicator of TBT pollution in marine waters: Northwest Iberian Peninsula, Spain

Session I

#59 K.Yuge, Y.Oohira, M.Anan, Y.Shinogi: Planning of the agricultural land use and water management system for preservation of ecosystem in the rural area
#94 E.Salemi, M.Mastrocicco, N.Colombani, G. Castaldelli: Fertilization management in zones vulnerable to nitrate: a new perspective based on G.I.S. mapping of residual nitrogen availability
#96 M.Mastrocicco, N.Colombani, E.Salemi, G. Castaldelli: Surface and subsurface water continuous monitoring to quantify nitrate leaking to groundwater from maize plots
#209 O.Ifeyinwa, O.Shakirudeen, O.Lekan: Global change on rural water systems in Southwestern Anambra State, Nigeria
#262 L.Koncsos, Z.Kozma, Z.Jolánkai, B.Muzelák: Evaluation of a novel integrated water resources management model on a pilot area heavily affected by excess water

Session K

#336 V.M.Peñaranda V.: Rainfall complex pattern trend via multifractal analysis
#368 M.Onderka, L.Mrafkova, A.Krein: Long-term persistence of stream nitrate concentrations (memory effect) inferred from spectral analysis and detrended fluctuation analysis

Session S

#111 E.Buis, G.Janssen, B.Fraters, L.J.M.Boumans, A.de Klijne: Relationship between farm management and surface water quality in agricultural regions of the Netherlands
#117 E.Pardo, J.Gilabert: Hydrography and water quality parameters in the medium Tagus River