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Nederlandse Hydrologische Vereniging, Netherlands Hydrological Society Vienna City Administration Wiener Wasserwerke, water supply company of Vienna
Water Partnership Program (WPP)/World Bank, supporting Special session S3


Abstracts from members of Scientific Advisory Committee (as per 21 March 2012)

Liliang Ren, China
Abstract #29
Multi-model hydrologic prediction uncertainties analysis using parameter optimizing and Bayesian model averaging

Fi-John Chang, Taiwan
Abstract #34
Multi-step-ahead inflow forecasting for reservoir operation and management in mountainous areas

Partha Datta, India
Abstract #40
Ensemble model to reconstruct palaeoclimate and predict India's groundwater challenge and the way forward

Slobodan Simonovic, Canada
Abstract #57
Assessment of uncertainty in flood flows under climate change - the Upper Thames River basin (Ontario, Canada)

Jens Christian Refsgaard, Denmark
Abstract #63
A new concept for identifying a scale of potential predictive capability of spatially distributed models

Brian Wagner, USA
Abstract #72
Groundwater Management in the Upper Klamath Basin, Oregon and California, USA: Balancing the Benefits of Groundwater for Agriculture and Wildlife

Ali Subyani, Saudi Arabia
Abstract #76
Flood Hazards Analysis of Jeddah City, Western Saudi Arabia

Deborah Lawrence, Norway
Abstract #163
Climate change and flood frequency: The critical roles of process and seasonality

Berit Arheimer, Sweden
Abstract #177
Hydrological predictions for sustainable urban planning (SUDPLAN) [first author Lena Strömbäck]

Jan Seibert, Switzerland
Abstract #203
Modelling the future – are our models fit for the purpose?

Viktor Dukhovny, Uzbekistan
Abstract #216
Future water challenge of Central Asia

Okke Batelaan, Belgium
Abstract #236
Assessing conceptual model uncertainty of hydrological impact of climate change

Jacques Ganoulis, Greece
Abstract #237
Water regime vulnerability due to climate change impacts on snow cover budget at mountainous basins of the Mediterranean

Henrik Madsen, Denmark
Abstract #268
On the assessment of uncertainties in projections of hydrological extremes under climate change

Edward Sudicky, Canada
Abstract #281
Impact of climate change on Canadian surface water and groundwater resources: A continental-scale hydrological modelling study using multiple high-resolution RCM projections

Zbigniew Kundzewicz, Poland
Abstract #283
SWIM model for resilient water resources management under scarce data

Luis Araguas, Austria
Abstract #296
Models of tritium behaviour in hydrological systems