IAHS Charles University, Faculty of Science
Nederlandse Hydrologische Vereniging, Netherlands Hydrological Society Vienna City Administration Wiener Wasserwerke, water supply company of Vienna
Water Partnership Program (WPP)/World Bank, supporting Special session S3


PDF files of ORAL presentations during the conference

The text on this page closely follows the text from the HydroPredict2012 conference programme.

The numbers at the end of file names are the abstract identification numbers. These abstract ID numbers can be found in the Volume of Abstracts that was distributed to the conference participants at the registration during the conference.

Opening of the Conference

Introductory lecture to the conference

Session A1
Water-related changes due to direct human interventions

Session A2A
Quantifying effect of climate change on water resources

Session A2B
Quantifying effect of climate change on hydrological extremes (floods, droughts)

Session A3
Joint impact of direct human interventions and climate change

Special Session S1
“Risks of water supply systems originating from climate change and land use changes”, organised by H.-P. Nachtnebel; Institute of Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Session B
Predicting effect of water-related changes in terms of economic, social and environmental impacts

Session C
Adaptation and mitigation strategies to reduce vulnerability and to increase resilience of water resources systems

Special Session S2
“Ensemble predictions in a decision making context”, organized by A. Schumann; Institute of Hydrology, Water Resources Management and Environmental Engineering, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

Session M
Methodology, modelling, prediction and uncertainty

Special Session S3
“Choosing models for resilient water resources management”, organised by L. Garcia, D. Rodriguez, M. Wijnen; Water Partnership Program (WPP) of the World Bank