Group of Catalysis in Organic Synthesis

Department of Organic and Nuclear Chemistry
Faculty of Science

Applicants are welcomed
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Currently available and planned projects

1. Development of synthesis of new organocatalysts for various Lewis base or acid catalyzed enantioselective reactions (allylation, aldol reactions, etc.) and application of these reactions in syntheses of natural compounds.

cyclotrimerization of octadiyne

2. The use of the newly develop catalysts for enantioselective syntheses of natural or biologically relevant compounds (e.g. Duloxetine, papulacandine D, anatabine, etc.).

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3. Develoment of enantioselective haloallylation of various aldehydes and allylation of halopropenals as potential chiral intermediates for cross-coupling reactions.

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4. Development of new enantioselective approach for synthesis of condensed tricyclic systems applicable for synthesis of various natural compounds such as icetaxane terpenoids (pisiferanol), cortistatine etc.

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5. Application of Diels-Alder reaction of substituted and unsubstituted cyclobutadienes in organic synthesis (platesimycine analogs, pentacycloanammoxic acid).

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6. Development of a new approach to a regioselective catalytic cyclotrimerization of alkynes. This method shopuld be then used for the defined synthesis of selectively substituted benzene rings and applied in syntheses of natural compounds possessing substituted bezne rings such as the right hand part of papulacandine D.

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7. Developement of a new synthetic route for preparation of sesquiterpenes with asteriscanolide backbone (5-8 ring systems) by using zirconocene-based cyclization/alkylation reaction sequence.

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8. Synthesis of carborane derivatives. This project encompasses preparation of new carborane conjugates bearing various organic moieties (saccharides, etc.) for a potential medicinal applications. Also syntheses derivatives possessing sterically hindered organometallic fragments (metallocenes, etc.) are of interest. These compounds are expected to be used as objects for studying basic structural phenomena.

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Other projects are available as well and could be revealed upon request.

Information in english

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