Nabídka dobrovolnické práce - Taï chimpanzee project, Ivory Coast

Úterý, 31 Leden, 2012 - 13:30 - Úterý, 15 Květen, 2012 - 00:00


 Nabídka dobrovolnické práce na biologickém projektu v Ivory Coast, Africe. V případě zájmu využijte kontaktu pod článkem. 

2 Volunteer lab/field assistants for Taï chimpanzee project, Ivory Coast

In cooperation with primatologist of the Max Planck Institute for evolutionary Anthropology we are investigating pathogens of wild chimpanzees living in Taï National Park, Ivory Coast.  For our project „Great Ape Health Monitoring“ we are looking for a volunteer who enjoys both working in the field and in the laboratory. This work does not include direct work with the chimpanzees but the involvement in more field oriented projects (e.g. catching arthropods) is possible.  The field laboratory is situated in Tai National Park, Ivory Coast at one of the research camps, mostly isolated from the rest of the world. However, various other students and assistants live at these camps as well.

Task description:

  • Carrying out diagnostic analyses based on PCR techniques, maintenance of the lab
  • Collection of vectors in the forest (as a side project to gather experience in field work)


  • Background in Biology/ Veterinary Medicine or a related field
  • Basic lab experience is required (extraction of DNA, performing PCR)
  • Previous experience with field work, especially in tropical forests, is preferred but not required
  • Be motivated, independent and responsible
  • Be physically fit, and capable of undertaking fieldwork in hot/humid conditions
  • Basic knowledge of spoken French

Duration: 8 months minimum

Start: as soon as position is filled

Volunteers will be responsible for food costs. Lodging will be provided by the field project in our research camp in Taï forest. Flights will be reimbursed after successful work.  

Please send your application (CV, list of laboratory techniques used previously, 2 references) to

Contact information:
Fabian Leendertz
NG2 - Emerging Zoonoses
Robert Koch Institut
Nordufer 20
13353 Berlin
Phone: 0049 -30-18754 2592
V případě zájmu o bližší informace možno kontaktovat Mgr. Kláru J. Petrželkovou, Ph.D.,  prostřednictvím mailu:
Department of Mammal Ecology
Institute of Vertebrate Biology
Academy os Sciences of the Czech Republic, Brno


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