Mgr. Tomáš pánek, Ph.D.

Phone: +420 221 951 072




Detailed CV


Research interests:

Evolution of the Eukaryotic Cell; Molecular Phylogenetics and Phylogenomics, Diversity of Neglected Eukaryotic Lineages; Genetic Code Evolution; Flagellar Apparatus; Mitochondrion; Evolution of anaerobiosis

Lectures and courses:

2011 – 2015  Exercise in Protistology (Charles University in Prague, partially)

2015 - on        Practical Course of Bioinformatics (University of Ostrava, partially)

2016 - on        Biology of Protists and Fungi (University of Ostrava, partially)

2016 - on        Principles of Molecular Systematics (University of Ostrava, partially)

2019 – on       Exercise in Protistology (Charles University in Prague, partially)


I was also supervisor of one bachelor student (Martin Sokol) who successfully defended his thesis “Evolution of non-canonical genetic codes” in May 2017 (University of Ostrava).  Currently, I am co-supervisor of one PhD student (David Žihala, University of Ostrava).



2008 – now Czech Society for Parasitology, Section of Protozoology

2010 – now International Society of Protistologists



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Chapters in scientific monographs:

Pánek, T., Čepička, I.: Diversity of Heterolobosea. (2012). In Caliskan M (ed) Genetic Diversity in Microorganisms. InTech, Rijeka, pp. 3–26.

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