Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Smrž, CSc. 

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Research interests:

Soil biology, comparative and functional anatomy, biology and ecology of the soil saprophagous mites

Lectures and courses:

Invertebrate zoology - basic course

Field training in the invertebrate zoology - basic course

Soil biology


Biology of terrestrial and soil invertebrates

Fauna of the Czech Republic – advanced lecture

Fauna of the Czech Republic - field exursion


Selected papers:

Smrž J., Kováč Ľ.,  Mikeš J., Lukešová A. 2013. Microwhip Scorpions (Palpigradi) Feed on Heterotrophic Cyanobacteria in Slovak Caves – A Curiosity among Arachnida. Plos One 8, 1 – 5.

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