Dolejš, P., Kubcová, L. & J. Buchar, 2012: Reproduction of Arctosa alpigena lamperti (Araneae: Lycosidae) – where, when, how, and how long? Invertebrate Reproduction & Development 56(1): 72-78.


Video 1: Arctosa alpigena lamperti (3 MB)


Video 1: Courtship and copulation of Arctosa alpigena lamperti. 1) Courtship, 2) Insertion of the left pedipalp, 3) Switching the side, 4) Insertion of the right pedipalp, 5) Hematodochal expansion and the male spine erection, 6) Detail of hematodochal expansion (ventral view), 7) Unsuccessful attempts for insertion, 8) Cleaning the pedipalps in chelicerae during the copulation (ventral view), 9) Ditto (dorsal view), 10) The end of copulation.


Video 2: AAL_male-attack_high.wmv (3,37 MB)

Video 2: Behaviour of just matured male of Arctosa alpigena lamperti (trial held on 17th August 2007, note his relatively large opisthosoma). The male is trying to repel the female displaying an agonistic behaviour (shifted leg pair I and forward movements).


Video 3: AAL_mated-female.wmv (2,38 MB)

Video 3: The male of Arctosa alpigena lamperti is courting in front of a mated female and trying to contact her carapace. The female is trying to escape and threatening by chelicerae.



Dolejš, P., Kubcová, L. & J. Buchar. 2010. Courtship, mating and cocoon maintenance of Tricca lutetiana (Araneae, Lycosidae). Journal of Arachnology 38(3): 504 – 510.


video “courtship and copulation in a Petri dish” (3,9 MB)


video “courtship and copulation in a terrarium” (3,5 MB)


Courtship and mating of T. lutetiana in a Petri dish and in a terrarium. Male drums with his legs I and II and vibrates with his opisthosoma. Then he jerkily turns towards the female. She places legs I against the male (thereby breaking the roof of her burrow and making an entrance for the male) and then both spiders proceeds to contact with legs I and II. Copulation always occurs inside the female’s burrow. Male waggles his opisthosoma up and down and shows special movements of his legs during copulation. Edited and shortened.


video “repairing the roof” (4,5 MB)


After copulation, the male of T. lutetiana leaves the burrow very quickly. Then the female begins to repair the broken “roof” of her burrow. She is bringing small pieces of soil from the bottom of the burrow and is sticking them into the open entrance that resulted after the copulation, and secured them with a few isolated threads. In this case recorded, the male (standing near the burrow) is damaging the “roof” that is just being repaired by the female. Edited and shortened.


video “spinning the cocoon” (1,1 MB)


Female of T. lutetiana is making a cocoon in her underground burrow (view from the bottom). Finally, she holds it by leg pair IV under the opisthosoma. Edited and shortened.


Dolejš, P., Kubcová, L. & J. Buchar. 2008. Subterrestrial life of Arctosa lutetiana (Araneae, Lycosidae). Journal of Arachnology 36(1):202–203.


video “digging” (1,6 MB)


Immediately upon being placed in the terraria, female of A. lutetiana typically begins digging. She moves through the ground in an oblique or vertical position with her prosoma oriented down. She pushes the soil laterally using her legs.