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Teaching:   Physics I -exercises   Statistical Thermodynamics   Physical Chemistry of Polymers  
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Interactive script for molecular simulations / Interaktivní skript pro molekulové simulace

Presentation about how to present science

Physics I - exercises (MC260P34)

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Physical Chemistry of Polymers (MC260P130)

Course materials have been moved to moodle.

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Physical Chemistry IV: Statistical Thermodynamics (MC260P105)

Lecture notes from the year 2016/2017 (will be updated after each lecture)
  1. Introdution + Canonical ensemble
  2. Other ensembles and fluctuations
  3. Ideal gas + Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac statistics
  4. Diatomic ideal gas -- vibrations and rotations
  5. From quantum to classical mechanics and polyatomic ideal gas
  6. Chemical equilibrium. Virial expansion. Theorem of corresponding states
  7. Pair correlation function. Simulation methods
  8. Integral equations and perturbation theories of liquids
  9. Solutions of strong electrolytes
  10. Crystals
  11. Lecture 11 Ising model and phase transitions
To get a clue of what comes in the next lectures, check lecture notes from previous years. Please note that each year the lectures are updated, so the old ones are not identical to the present.
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Some useful information regarding the exam

Suggestions for individual projects (Exercises in Statistical Thermodynamics)

Useful online resources

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Research areas

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Short vita

Originally I come from Slovakia where I have lived until my University studies.
I did my master (2005) and PhD (2009) in Macromolecular Chemistry under prof. Karel Procházka at the Depatrment of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry of the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
2010-2013 I worked as a researcher (postdoc) in the Group of prof. Christian Holm at the Institute for Comupational Physics (ICP) at the University in Stuttgart.
Since February 2013 I have been working again at the Depatrment of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry as researcher.

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Topics for bachelor and master theses

Interested in Physical Chemistry, calculations, physics ...?
Would you like to participate in research projects?
If yes, please contact anyone from our group. We will be glad to provide further information.

Selection of bachelor and master theses from our group
Please consult the teacher for the current sate of available topics and possible new topics that have not yet been opened. Each open topic can be adjusted to meet the requirements of a bachelor or master project. It is a rough sketch of what the thesis could comprise and will be adjusted to meet individual needs of the student and reflect current state of research in the laboratory.

Open topics:
Computational modeling of diffusion in polymer solutions and gels ( ?? / P. Košovan)
Computer methods in Chemistry and Physics ( ?? / F. Uhlík)

Current topics:
Computational modeling of diffusion in polymer solutions (J. Kubečka / P. Košovan)
Interaction of weak polyelectrolytes with multivaltent ions (R. Staňo / P. Košovan)

Past topics:
Computer Simulations of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (J. Kubečka / P. Košovan)

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