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New PhD position under the programme STARS Supporting Talented PhD Research Students

Development of biofilm colonies of wild yeast strains: Cell differentiation and function of different defense mechanisms

PhD thesis will be part of the broader project of Laboratory of Biology of Yeast Colonies focused on studies of molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in development of yeast communities – colonies. Previous findings revealed that Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains isolated from natural conditions form highly structured colonies possessing features typical of natural biofilms. When growing on rich medium under laboratory settings, these natural strains domesticate and start to form smooth colonies resembling colonies formed by common S. cerevisiae laboratory strains. The subject of PhD thesis follows recent findings (J Cell Biol. 194: 679-87, 2011) of the laboratory showing dynamics of the development and differentiation of biofilm colony as well as the presence of various mechanisms defending the colony population against the environment (e.g., extracellular matrix, MDR transporters and specific adhesins). The aim of the project is to examine some of these processes in more detail and to determine mechanisms of their regulation during biofilm colony development. Specifically, the project will focus on studies of Flo family adhesins (such as Flo11p) and regulatory mechanisms involved in production of selectively permeable extracellular matrix protecting cells in colony interior. Spectrum of microscopic techniques (including confocal and electron microscopy), molecular and cellular biology techniques (including preparation of knockout strains and their transcriptome analysis) and specific techniques of colony manipulation will be used during the project. 

What is STARS?

STARS is a program supporting talented PhD students at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague. The aim of this program is to provide excellent education and an adequate income to PhD students of the Faculty. The STARS program wants to attract the best students from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, is a top-quality centre of research in natural sciences. 

More information and Application form: For additional information you can contact directly Zdena Palkova (

March 1, 2012   Deadline for application


What do we offer within the STARS program?

All PhD students receive a state-guaranteed scholarship of 6050 Czech crowns per month in their first year of study; the scholarship increases slightly over the course of 4 years for which it is granted. In addition to the state scholarship, the STARS program students will also be granted the STARS-scholarship of at least 10 000 CZK per month. Their net income will therefore be at least 16 050 CZK per month (~650 Euro).  The remuneration may be further augmented by the project supervisor. The PhD students accepted for the STARS program will work on the selected scientific project under the guidance of the supervisor. More information at





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