J. Rohovec, P. Vojtíšek, I. Lukeš:
"Reaction of Compounds with a H-P Bond with Schiff-bases."
Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon, Rel. Elements  148, (1999) 79-95


Addn. of compds. with a P-H bond to Schiff bases of both simple and macrocyclic compds. proceeds smoothly as a non catalyzed thermally initialized reaction in an inert solvent.  For macrocyclic systems and bulky P substituents a stereoselective formation of the trans isomer was confirmed by x-ray anal.  The addn. is reversible, and the reverse reaction is catalyzed by Lewis acids.  The trans orientation of P substituents on the macrocycle ring, the stereochem. rigidity of mols. and reversibility of the addn. limit the use of the compds. formed in such manner as ligands.