European Daphnia Species

Digital catalogue and identification key of Daphnia from Europe and the Mediterranean

Adam Petrusek, Finn Bastiansen and Klaus Schwenk

(Very provisionary page to allow download of the file to participants of ISC 2005).

Test version (released Jan 12, 2006). Only key is fully usable. The catalogue is being filled in, and will be released during winter 2005/6. Feel free to use but please, register as a user by sending an e-mail with "EDS signup" in the subject line to You will receive news about updates. Report any bugs or inaccuracies, and suggestions for improvement, to the same address.

To learn of the EDS philosophy, organisation, and our future plans, read the poster presented at the VIIth Symposium on Cladocera in Herzberg, September 2005 (PDF file, 1.2 MB).

To start the application from the web, click here. (You will have to have the Macromedia Flash plugin installed.)
Beware of the file size of the program: approximately 15 MB!!!

Alternatively, you may download the following three files (use right-click and "Save as" option) to your local disk (sorry, the installation package is not yet provided):

Many buttons (especially in the introduction and species details) have been disabled in this version of EDS, the main purpose of the test version being to make the identification keys available for a critical review of potential users.

We recommend to read the "Usage" page in the introduction first, to familiarise at least partially with the program controls.

The previous version of the application (from September 2005) is here. We DO NOT recommend to use it!