As the founder and the webmaster of these pages died in October 30th 2019, the pages cease to be activated and exist. He did them with a great pleasure.

Fédération International des Sociétés

Amateurs ď Exlibris

Spolek sběratelů a přátel exlibris v Praze
Association des Collectionneurs et Amis ď Ex-libris a Prague



of International Exlibris



As we have begun to be asked to also include here
information about competitions of graphic art in general, not
exclusively oriented just to bookplates
, we have expanded our page.


The Directory of Competitions is arranged in order of the closing date for application. Those with the nearest closing dates are at the top of the directory.

If not possible to do it better, only the name and title of each competition are listed, together with basic information and the contact addresses of the organizers. In this case, please, contact the organizers directly to obtain the "rules", "instructions", "status" and more detailed information.

Considering the fact that the organizers of some competitions often postpone their deadlines without informing us, information about competitions remain posted here for a while after the listed deadlines

The page is arranged by Prof. Josef Chalupský to whom information on competitions should be sent.

The address is:

Josef Chalupský
Druzstevni ochoz 52
CZ - 140 00 Prague 4,
Czech Republic








1.  Artists of any nationality may participate.
2.  Works shall be unpublished.

3.  The subject is free, and the technique is Woodcut. All techniques set out in the FISAE (International
Federation of Ex - libris Societies) regulations concerning Woodcut are admitted (abbreviated X).
4.  The award has three categories:
- Children's engraving award (up to 12 years old)
- Young artists’ engraving award (aged 13 to 17)
- Adults’ engraving award
5.  The  minimal measurements of the  woodblock  are  7 x 8 cm, the  maximum  is 18 x 13 cm; the maximum measurements of the printing paper are 38 x 28 cm.
6.  Each participant may present 1 unframed original work from a maximum of 5 original works that will not be returned, in order to enlarge the Municipal Archives collection.
7.  The works must be presented  with the title on the back and accompanied by the fact sheet for each work and a brief CV of the author in a sealed envelope.
8.  The   works  must  be  sent  to  the 

  Arxiu  Municipal   de  Torredembarra
  (Municipal  Archives  of Torredembarra)
  Plaça  del  Castell,  8,

 between  Monday and Friday from 08.30 to 14.30, tel. (0034) 977640025. The delivery and collection of the artist's works is the responsibility of the artist. The organisation will accept no complaints regarding possible damage or losses.

9.  The admission period for original works ends on 17 October 2018. As for shipping, count as a valid date, which will take the seal stamped by the origin’s post office.
10. A single award is established for each category, which may be declared void.
- Children's and Young’s category: 200€ engraving material and a certificate.
- Adult category: 1500 Euros and a certificate
The monetary award is conceived as a monetary reward for the rights of acquisition of the work and  the  edition  of 33 signed  copies,  numbered  1/33  to  33/33,  which must  be  handed  it  as a previous requirement  before getting the prize. The  amount  is the  gross amount  received by the winner.
11. The  Jury shall be  with  the  following people:  Ms. Merce ALONSO,  Mr. Maria  CASAS,  Mr. Francesc
12. The jury’s decisions are final.
13. The jury’s decision shall be notified to the participants in autumn 2018 and the award ceremony will be held in the course of an event specified in time to give the verdict.
14. The award winning work will remain property of the Town of Torredembarra, kept in the Municipal
Archives,  and  it  will  possess  all  legal  rights  of  publishing,  it  being  understood   that  the  artist renounces property of the work and any right to complaint.
15. The winning piece shall be distributed to centres specializing in engravings so they can exhibit them to the public.
16. The artists chosen authorise the citation of their names, as well as the possible photographic reproduction  of their  works in brochures,  books, posters,  media  and activity programmes  of the organisation,
17. The exhibition of the works selected will take place in Torredembarra.
18. The organisers reserve the right to resolve any aspect not covered in these terms and conditions.
19. Taking part in this competition constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Sponsor: Culture Department of the Town of Torredembarra.
Organiser: Torredembarra Municipal Archives

Arxiu Municipal

Supplementing text

(Otevřít = open by)


International Exlibris Centre Sint-Niklaas


Sint-Niklaas 2019 international biennial bookplates
and small printmaking


Competition rules

The Participant


  1. The participant must be born before 2001. Youngsters can take their chance in the separate YOUTH COMPETITION, see appendix.
  2. Town of Sint-Niklaas Award winners will not be eligible for another money prize for the next two competitions.
  3. Jurors, I.E.C. advisory board members and Sint-Niklaas Municipal Museums employees may not take part in the competition.

The entry: bookplates or other type of small printmaking

  1. The topic: The topic is free, one of the main prizes is intended for an entry with as topic: CHILDREN.
  2. Printed texts on the submissions may not refer in any way to this or any other competition.

  1. Allowed types of entries: small prints made with a graphic technique and printed in circulation:
  2. Exlibris/Bookplates    An exlibris or a bookplate is a property mark for the books of a book owner. On the printed exlibris, the name of the holder/owner should be mentioned, together with a textual expression of ownership, by mentioning “exlibris”, “book of”,.... The decoration or illustration accompanying the text is related to the name, personality, occupation, identification, preferences, interests, etc. of the owner or his/her personal books.
  3. Not allowed: pseudo-exlibrises for fictitious or deceased persons, for animals, objects or using names of celebrities or unknown persons who have not given their explicit authorization, and printings with a printed ownership mention which don’t meet the characteristics of a bookplate.
  4. Out of competition: illustrations dedicated to a juror
  5. Other small printing without a text about the ownership, such as: an illustration, a topical print, ...



  1. Number of entries per participant: Up to
            3 different bookplates and / or                        >> Participants must send 2 original and identical printed
    3 different small graph prints per participant.     >> copies of the different bookplates and small prints
  1. Send no more prints than allowed, make your own selection.
  2. Use of foreign languages: When using texts in non-Latin characters or in a language that is not Dutch, French, English or German, the print should be accompanied by a translation or explanation in one of the languages mentioned.

Manner of submission

  1. The entries are delivered to the International Exlibris Centre at the expense of the participants.
  2. The participants are not entitled to any form of payment or compensation.
  3. The entry form:
    1. The entry must be accompanied by A SIGNED AND CLEARLY FILLED-OUT ENTRY FORM together with information about the prints and about its maker (in Dutch, French, German or English please). The name, the year of birth and the e-mail address or other contact address of the participant are published in the catalogue.
    2. Please also state your participation digitally at the time of shipment: send your details and information about your submission by e-mail to
  4. The entries have to be sent in before November 1, 2018 to the following address:
    Internationaal Exlibriscentrum - Stedelijke Musea - Wedstrijd 2019
    Zwijgershoek 14 - B-9100  Sint-Niklaas (België)  Please note: Without a filled out and signed entry form your entry is invalid..


  1. All copies that are sent in become and will remain the property of the International Exlibris Centre.
  2. The International Exlibris Centre reserves the right to exclude entries for the competition from its registered collection.
  3. The participant agrees with the reproduction of his/her submission and the publication of artist’s data, digital or on paper, in catalogues, communication, publications and in articles in professional journals.

Exhibition - Printmaking Biennial 2019

  1. A selection of the submitted prints will be exhibited during the 29th Printmaking Biennial in 2019 in Sint-Niklaas.
  2. Participants with selected works in the exhibition can present their portfolio to visitors and collectors on the opening day.
  3. The participants are hereby invited to attend the announcement of the competition results and opening of the exhibition on Saturday, April 13, 2019 (to be confirmed, see or
  4. All participants selected for the exhibition will receive a catalogue. The other participants who submitted a valid entry may also request a catalogue, shipping costs at the participant’s expense.

The Awards

  1. Awards for technique:        Town of Sint-Niklaas Awards for three different types of main techniques: 1.250 EUR.   for each award.
  2. Award for Young Talent:     Victor Stuyvaert Award for a relief print of a participant under 30: 750 EUR.
  3. Special bookplate awards:  Town of Sint-Niklaas Award for the best bookplate: 1.250 EUR.

                                                  Graphia Award for a child’s exlibris: 750 EUR.

  1. Topic Award:                       Town of Sint-Niklaas Award for the best entry with CHILDREN as topic: 1.250 EUR.
  2. Procedure: The jurors may decide not to grant an award.

The Jurors

  1. The town of Sint-Niklaas board of Burgomaster and Aldermen will select the jury.
  2. The composition of the 2019 competition jury: the Alderwoman as president and representative of the organizer (the town administration), the museum curator and a collaborator as representatives of the International Exlibris Centre and the collection; the Director of the La Louviere Graphics Centre; the chairman and a representative from Graphia; a number of neutral advisors appointed by the board of burgomaster and aldermen.

Acceptance of the Rules and Results


By taking part in this competition, the participants accept all the conditions and requirements of these rules and all decisions taken by the jurors. No correspondence can be entered into about the outcome of the competition.


Competition rules
in Dutch
in French
in German
in English

(Otevřít = Open
Uložit = Load)

Entry Form

4th International Exhibition of Ex Libris



Dear artist,

International Exhibition of Ex Libris Skopje and Open Graphic Studio Museum of the City of Skopje, are honored to invite you to participate in the 4th  International Exhibition of Ex Libris Skopje 2018, which will take place from 20 December to 20 January at the gallery of the Open Graphic Studio within Museum of the City of Skopje.
The bookplates have to meet the following requirements:

The deadline for submissions is 30 November 2018.
Artists participating in the exhibition are free to submit works made in 2017 and 2018.
There is going to be one first, second and third award and it consists of letter of appreciation and a medal.


The organizers do not hold the responsibility if any of the works are lost or damaged during transport.
Every participant will receive an letter of appreciation and catalogue.
                Please send the works with the legible application form to the following address:

Ul.”Mito Hadzivasilev”, bb
1000 Skopje
Republic of MACEDONIA

The official opening of the 4th  International Ex Libris Exhibition Skopje 2018 will be held on 20 December 2018 at the gallery of the Open Graphic Studio - Museum of the City of Skopje.
For additional information, please contact:
Sonja Dimovska

All works qualified for the exhibition will remain in the collection of  the International Ex Libris Exhibition Skopje as their property.
The rest of the works can be sent back to their owners upon request.

International Exhibition of Ex Libris Skopje

The rules are acceptable also in
Serbian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Spanish and normally Macedonian







Name………………………………Surname ..………………………………………………………
Date of birth...………………………………………………………………………………............
E-mail…………………………………Phone .………………………..Fax.……………...………..
* A brief CV should be attached to the entry form.

List of works:

 title……………………………..              title…………………………….                                title……………………………..
technique.......…………...                              technique.......…………...                               technique.......…………...
year……………………………..              year……………………………                 year……………………………


I accept the conditions for participation to the competition and agree to leave the bookplates in the collection of the International Ex Libris Exhibition Skopje as their property. I also agree to reveal my personal information and bookplates for the publication in the exhibition catalogue, other publications and for internet usage.


Signature……………………………………..                                         Date…………………...........





International Exhibition
"KBK 60”



Call for Artists to Participate in an International Exhibition

In 2019 an International exhibition will be arranged to celebrate the formation of the Hungarian Association of Ex Libris. (The actual name is “A Circle Friends of Small Graphics”, Collectors of Graphics and Cultural Society.) We would like to make this 60th anniversary memorable with an international exhibition of ex libris.

The invitation is open to artists from all over the world.

Works created by traditional graphic techniques (e. g. xylography, intaglio printing, lithography, silkscreen) in addition to computer designs are accepted. Photographs, custom drawings, sketches and photocopies are not acceptable.

 The ex libris cannot exceed the size of 170×170 mm on a paper size of A4 format (297×210 mm).

The theme is free, there is no restriction.

 The owner must be a real person, and memorial cards are also accepted.

All graphics must contain the inscription “KBK - 60”.

One artist can participate with maximum 3 different book- plates, and each of them should be sent in three print copies. On the back side of every print the name and surname of the artist (in Latin alphabet) as well as the technique, size and year of production must be given.

 A catalogue will be compiled for the exhibition and all participants will receive their own copy.

The submitted works will remain property of the archives of the organizing association. The association reserves the right for further publication of these works.By sending works and participating in the exhibition you agree to the terms and conditions.

The deadline for sending the artworks is 31th January 2019. On the envelope please write: KBK-60.

 The works should be sent to the following address:

 Mr. Péter Ürmös
H-1114 Budapest
Fadrusz u. 26
. III./1.





Bodio Lomnago Town Council, with the A.I.E. (Italian Ex Libris Association) and in cooperation with Xotaris Art Forum from Archanes – Crete and S.I.E.A.C. (Shuohai International Ex Libris Graphics Art Collection) from Tianjin (P.R. China), announce the 10th International Ex Libris Competition 2019, in the context of the ex libris event “BODIO LOMNAGO 2019”, on the topic.



1) The Competition is open to all artists. Participation is free of charge. Every participant must complete the entry form attached to this announcement.
2) Only entries made using the traditional techniques of the original graphic art (C, X, L) will be accepted for the Competition. Entries made using other techniques will not be evaluated in the Competition.

3) The Ex Libris entries should have the following characteristics:
v represent the theme of the Competition: TRAVELLING WITH MARCO POLO ALONG THE SILK ROADS.

v be printed on paper no larger than A5 (148mm x 210mm). The printed area may be any size.
v no indications or markings of other competitions must be present.
v the following must be written, in pencil, on the reverse side: surname, first name, address of the artist, date the entry was executed, dimensions of the engraved part, technique used and title.
v all entries must have COMPULSORY IN THE ENGRAVED PART the following inscription:

Only entries with all the above requisites will be evaluated in the Competition. All those missing one or more of these requisites will not be considered.

4) Each artist may enter a maximum of two entries, each of which must have at least five signed copies. Three copies will be held in the Bodio Lomnago Library collection, one in the Italian Ex libris Association collection and one in Xotaris collection. These may be used at will by the institutions. Entries will not be returned.

5) Bodio Lomnago Town Council has designated three prizes to the value of 1.000,00.= Euroes each one, which will be awarded, respectively, to the best work of an Italian artist, to the best work of a non-Italian artist and to the best work of a student of Academy or School of Art or born after 1st January 1993.
Xotaris Art Forum has designated two prizes to the value of 150,00.= Euroes each one in all the three categories.

6) The entries, once accepted by the Jury, will be selected for publication in the Catalogue and displayed in occasion of the 5th ex libris meeting in Bodio Lomnago, that will be on 3rd – 5th May 2019. The winners will be announced and the prizes given during the meeting. Until this day all the artists will be strictly forbidden to publish or post on the web or social networks the works sent fothe competition, under the pain of being excluded from the competition.
ury will be made up of five persons: the Major of Bodio Lomnago Mrs. Eleonora Paolelli (or delegated), the Chairman of the Italian Ex libris Association Mr. Angelo Sampietro (or delegated), the Chairman of Xotaris Art Forum Mr. Christos Giannakos (or delegated), an artist and a collector worldwide known.

8) The Ex libris must be sent by Registered Letter, by 12.00 noon on 15th January 2019, to the following address:

Comune di Bodio Lomnago
Piazza Don Cesare Ossola 2
21020 Bodio Lomnago (VA)

9) Artists of entries published will receive the catalogue free of charge. On the catalogue will be reproduced at least 100 works. All the other artists will receive a cd or dvd with all the works admitted to the competition.
10) Participation in the Competition implies full acceptance of the above rules.

For further information, please contac

Enty Form is





Let´s return to the to fairy tale



1. Elementary schools from 12 to 15 - ex libris designs

2. Elementary schools from 12 to 15 - ex libris                                                                                              

3. Art schools from 12 to 15 - ex libris   

4. Computer graphics from 12 to 15                                                                           

 5. Free category for children from 6 to 11


The  conditions for participation:

1. Create the final version of the draft in a black and white combination by Indian ink, so that it will be clear what graphic techniques it is proposed  to. Drawings created by a pencil, pastel or shade drawings do not meet this requirement. Mässer plates are successful at creation of designs.

2. Use any of the graphic techniques like lino-engraving, lino-cut, wood-cut, wood-engraving, plastic-engraving, a dry needle, etching, engraving, print from cardboard , print from a template, etc. for your original ex libris in one or more colours.

3. In the category of computer graphics will be accepted also only graphics create by yourselves.

4. The size of the contest works is not allowed to exceed 13 x 9 cm, and they must be placed in the middle of a white drawing paper of the size 21 x 15 cm (A5). The proposal can be created directly on white drawing paper, or you can cut it out from another background and glue it to the required drawing paper. It is necessary to print the original ex libris directly, another version cannot be assessed!

5. All contest works must include the text and picture parts. It is the designation of EX LIBRIS, EXLIBRIS, FROM BOOKS, BOOK, the name and surname of the owner or institution. You can use your name with an abbreviation (Jozef SOKOL, J.SOKOL). The professional jury will not assess works with  initials (e.g. A.K.,J.S., etc.), or nicknames – MIMI, FERI.

6. The picture part must have a direct relation to the topic of the contest. Go through the methodical instructions very carefully and follow them.

7. Each contestant is not allowed to send more than 2 contest works!

8. All contest works have to contain the full name of the author, his/her age, address of school or the sender at the back of the paper. It would be suitable to write also the author's gender. Bulk shipments must be accompanied by a list of contestants with all the required information. Please write the age of the author not the school year, which he attends!  We also ask for the name of the ex libris, so that we could check if you comply with the topic.

9. Use the Slovak language in your correspondence with organisers of the contest, foreign participants are required to communicate in English.

10. Registered contest works will remain in the possession of the organisers with the right to exhibit them and use them for promotional and other purposes. The participants accept the conditions of the contest by sending their application. It is only possible to send the works to the contest EX LIBRIS HLOHOVEC that were not part of another contest or exhibition!

11. The deadline for sending the contest works is February 28, 2019  to the address:

Námestie sv. Michala 3
920 01 Hlohovec

Please do not leave sending your contest works to last days, you will thus complicate the work of organisers.

12. The jury reserves the right not to award a prize if the contest works in a given category do not reach a satisfactory level. The best works of the 17th year of the contest will be exhibited at a separate exhibition, they will be included in travelling exhibitions or published. The works that do not comply with the specified criteria will be excluded from the assessment.

13. The ceremonial announcement of the results of the contest, awarding and other activities will be held on October 4, 2019 in Hlohovec. The organisers will inform the participants on the details in a separate invitation. The results of the contest will be published in the official bulletin, on and in mass media.
For more information call the number : 00 421 908 208 533, or send an e-mail to:



  Dear contestants, we are very happy you have decided to take part in the 17th year of our art contest. As in other years, you are offered some advice, thanks to which you will not make some mistakes in your pictures, and your results will be better.
A good exlibris is based on a well-prepared draft made by connection of both a picture and a text parts. How to make the draft? In our contest, the picture part is the announced theme, so you should look for such elements which can characterise the theme. The text part is clear. You know, who is the exlibris made for /write his/her name and surname/, and there must also be written the word EXLIBRIS, EX LIBRIS or some variations FROM BOOKS, THE BOOK in your language. The text must be connected with the picture part, and together they should create the exlibris composition. Use such art elements, which will make the composition bright and clear. The font you will choose for writing is also important: it must be read easily, big enough and well placed. Use flat fonts seriously because an equal connection of art theme and writing is typical for a good exlibris.
The size of the bookplate in our contest must be maximum 130x90 mm, but also smaller. Please, do not forget that an exlibris is made for a book, so you are to make your works in this size, appointed by the contest organiser.
You can start your work on a piece of paper sized A5 (210x150 mm), then mark with a pencil the diagonals and the centre of the composition around which a rectangle of the appointed size will be drawn. From the centre the composition of both the picture and the text parts will be made. After the finishing the draft, you can decide if the work is with a frame, or it will stay in the shape made by your composition, designed in a square, a rectangle, a circle, an oval, a triangle even in a polygon.
The final draft is made by ink with the use of a pen or a brush and it should clearly stay the final technique of your contest work. For example, you can use linocut, woodcut, paper cut, dry needle, plastic cut, or etching techniques. It is a mistake to create a draft not possible to realize in any techniques. If you make a draft on dark paper by a white colour or a pastel, you can immediately see which lines or parts will be removed by a tool. Make not just a draft, but try to create a matrix for the original exlibris printing. It should be the focus of your work, mainly for the pupils of art schools. You could have a big joy when looking at the result of your art work.
The 17th year of the international art contest EX LIBRIS HLOHOVEC has the theme  „Let's return to the fairy tale“ – a lot of years after the theme “My loveliest fairy tale” in 1997 when the first year was held. The generations of young talented artists have changed, and we would like to give you the chance to picture some mythological stories, full of strange creatures and animals, to bring princes and princesses back again, to show the world where animals and plants can speak human speech and good wins over evil. Dear young friends, we are full of expectations how you get over this topic. With some help of your teachers, parents and books, you will succeed. It will be very exciting to compare how the children dealt with this theme in 1997, and how you will deal with it after twenty years.
Many years ago, fairy tales were with people since their birth to their death, and there were not only fantasy stories for children, but also for adults. Nowadays, people have fictional stories, too - on playstations or other modern media. There are mostly lots of weapons, enemies to be beaten, and the winner must destroy as many buildings, cars, army vehicles, space rockets and ships as possible. There is too much noise, flames, broken bodies, and at the end – there is a dead planet. However, we would like to show mostly the good. Neither classical fairy tales are only about nice things; their heroes fight, destroy and kill. But the good element is usually winning, and we can have both some fun and something to learn.
Fairy tales and legends can offer the fantasy world, full of supernatural skills and kind people. Try to get back into the times when you were little and you listened to fairy tales told by your parents. We are sure you still have them somewhere at home, forgotten, covered with dust. Make them clean and discover the Miracle Land. It is the time, because later your own children will wait for some exciting talking. Many fairy tales have been filmed, and many of them belong to the cinema treasure. For example, you grew on Harry Potter, whose stories are also full of fantasy and magic. In your works you can use everything: books, films, or your parents and grandparents stories. 
In the year of the announcement of the 17th year of our contest, Slovakia had an important anniversary – 190 years ago Pavol DOBŠINSKÝ was born; an evangelical priest, a folklorist and a fairy tales collector. The ancient Greeks had their Ezop, whose fables are known also today. In France there lived a fable and fairy tales author La Fontaine, in Germany the brothers Grimm collected folk tales, in the Czech Božena Němcová. In Slovakia, Pavol Dobšinský contributed to folk and literary heritage, shared by the whole generations, and this year of our contest is devoted to him.
Dear young friends, a very strong weapon has been given into your hands – fantasy. So take the fairy tale story with big enthusiasm, because we are looking forward to your pictures. The best of you will experience a fabulous stay in Hlohovec, fabulous awards, and new friends. In our exlibris town everybody is looking forward to you and your stories, written in the small graphics called bookplates.

                                                                              Contest Organizing Committee




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