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As we have begun to be asked to also include here
information about competitions of graphic art in general, not
exclusively oriented just to bookplates
, we have expanded our page.


The Directory of Competitions is arranged in order of the closing date for application. Those with the nearest closing dates are at the top of the directory.

If not possible to do it better, only the name and title of each competition are listed, together with basic information and the contact addresses of the organizers. In this case, please, contact the organizers directly to obtain the "rules", "instructions", "status" and more detailed information.

Considering the fact that the organizers of some competitions often postpone their deadlines without informing us, information about competitions remain posted here for a while after the listed deadlines

The page is arranged by Prof. Josef Chalupský to whom information on competitions should be sent.

The address is:

Josef Chalupský
Druzstevni ochoz 52
CZ - 140 00 Prague 4,
Czech Republic

e-mail: chalupsk@natur.cuni.cz




International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2018 ROC


Complete regulations 1

Complete regulations 2


Submission is accepted from 20 November 2017 to 20 January 2018.
Yet NO application materials may be accepted if they arrive
later than 20 February 2018.

Office of the International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2018 ROC
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
No. 2, Sec. 1, Wu-Chuan W. Road,
Taichung 40359, Taiwan, R. O. C.
Tel: +886-4-2372 3552 ext. 319 or 702
Fax: +886-4-2375-4730
Email: print18@art.ntmofa.gov.tw




Rules of




Open to all artists, printing techniques and tendencies, TALLER GALERIA FORT and ADOGI announce, as every year, the MINI PRINT INTERNATIONAL OF CADAQUÉS.




Each artist should submit four prints. It is preferable though not necessary that the works be of different images.




The image must not be bigger than 10 x 10 cm (3.9 x 3.9 in). The paper must not be bigger than 18 x 18 cm (7.1 x 7.1 in).




The signed works should be sent by registered air-mail as PRINTED MATTER in asimple packetwithout glass, frame or passe-partout, declaring "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE", before March 15th, 2018

Ap. de Correus 9319
08080 Barcelona




With the membership form properly filled in, a “Curriculum Vitae” should accompany the works, including name, date and place of birth of the artist, as well as the corresponding fee. 
If you are not a resident in Spain, the fee is 100 USD or 80 EUR.
If you are a resident in Spain, the fee is 40 EUR.

Please make payment by Banker's Draft (Cashier's Check) for 100 USD (payable on USA Bank) or 80 eUR (payable on European Bank) tocedes Barbera;
or by PayPal;
or by Bank Transfer to ADOGI's account
CCC: 2100-3447-76-2500015635 
IBAN: ES63 2100 3447 7625 0001 5635 
(bank: "la Caixa", address: Rda. General Mitre 227-229, 08023 Barcelona, Spain);
or Cash




A Jury will select the works to be exhibited. The names of the accepted artists will be published in our website www.miniprint.org dutiny the month of June




The exhibition in Cadaqués will last around 93 days and will be open to the public daily from 18.00 to 21.30 h, from end of June 25th to September 30th continuously.




Accepted works will also be exhibited in the Galerie L'Etang d'Art in Bages, France, in Wingfield Barns, UK, and in the Tharrats Foundation of Graphic Art in Pineda de Mar, Spain.




A Jury of professionals in the field of printmaking will select 6 winning prints, all of the same category, which will be reproduced in full color and life-size in the catalogue. The winning artists will send 5 copies of their awarded work to the Taller Galeria Fort and these prints will remain as property of ADOGI for cultural purposes only.




Each awarded artist will be invited to have a one-person show of his/her small format prints within the next 37th Mini Print International in our gallery in Cadaqués, during the 2019 summer season.




Once the itinerant exhibitions are over, which takes about one year or so, a catalogue illustrating all the exhibited prints in full information will be sent to each participating artist, together with the unsold works and a cheque for any work sold.




There will be a 33% commission for the Gallery on the sale of all work. 50 miniprints will be purchased by ADOGI. If artists are interested in selling, please set reasonable prices.




ADOGI reserves the right to reproduce and exhibit any work accepted, for promotional or cultural purposes.




Although all work will be handled with maximum care, ADOGI will assume no responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur. The works that do not adhere exactly to these rules will not be sent back.




Participation in the exhibition implies the acceptance of the above conditions.


Shanxi China "Print & Family Tradition" Contest

Taiyuan City
Shanxi Province
P.R. China 

Dear artists,
The “Shanxi China ‘Print & Family Tradition’ Contest” will be organized from September 2017 to April 2018, with the theme being promoting family traditions and Chinese culture in the new era. We sincerely invite you to attend this art context.
Program:  Shanxi China "Print & Family Tradition" Contest
Guider:The Publicity Department of Shanxi Provincial Committee of CPC, Shanxi Civilization Office
Academic advisor: Shanxi Literary and Art Federation
Organizer: Print Art Committee of Chinese Artists Association, Shanxi Artists Association, Chinese Artists Association & Exlibris Research Institute, Shanxi Art Academy, Taiyuan Art Museum
Undertaker: Shanxi Fangzhi Print Art Research Institute
Co-organizer: Cultural Industry Planning & Design Research Institute of,Chinese Culture Media Group, Print Art Committee of Shanxi Artists Association, Painting & Calligraphy Channel Shanxi office of Central Digital TV , Shanxi Cultural Tourism Industry Investment Promotion Association, Shanxi Folk Culture Research Center, Shanxi Jade Spider Culture & Art Co., Ltd.
The Organizing Committee:
Honorary Director: Dong Qizhong , Zhang Shunqing
Director: Wang Xuehui, Su Xinping
Deputy Director: Li Guiping Zheng Xingqiu
Members:Dai Daquan?Liu Shuohai?Shen Yanxiang?Zhang Jiarui ?Li Xiaolin? Li Kang?Li Yanpeng?Chen Yadan?Shao Liyang?Fan Min?Zhao Fangjun?Wu Bin  
Executive Chairman: Meng Wei, Wu Bin
Curator: Wang Ding, Wang Jigang, Su Wei


Participants:art institutes and school, professionals, amateurs.
Categories: small-prints and Exlibris are preferred. Applications for either two or one category are both accepted, but will be judged by the groups.
Age Limit: Applicants should be above the age of 18.
Work Requirements:
No restrictions on the forms of the print techniques. Traditional woodcut, copperplate, lithography, silk screen and digital with original design are all accepted, and all entries should be able to be printed multiply. NO Photography, hand-paints, paper-cutting, copy and similar works. No framing and acidic paper for the prints.
Theme and Form: with the theme of "integration & inheritance" to promote the Chinese traditional family virtues. Requirements:
Works must be elegantly and artistically made, reflecting the spirit of Chinese value, aesthetic pursuits of Chinese people, inheriting and promoting of Chinese traditional culture, and the social development in this new era.  
Number of works: Exlibris at least 2 pieces of works, and 3 prints per piece; small prints 1-5 pieces, and 3 prints per piece. Failing to meet the number requirements, application will be excluded from the contest.

The Exlibris must be marked with "EXLIBRIS" (or its alternative words), and must contain the name of living owner or the complete name of the existing institutions; full name of should be marked on the back of the Exlibris. No preferences on language choices. The versions of small print must be marked out.
Work Size:
Exlibris: The maximum length of the picture should not exceed 15 cm, with 2-3 cm white margins around.
Small Prints: The length of the picture must be between 15 cm and 30 cm, with 3-5 cm white margins around.
Please note on the back with pencil: artist name, edition number, techniques, address, zip code, telephone, email, etc.. If abbreviation, please mark out the full name.
No entry fee, and application works is not refundable.

Deadline and Address:

Deadline: March 16, 2018(on the time of postmark), late submission is not accepted.

Information in the "registration form" must be in consistent with that on the artworks. Mistakes caused by inconsistent information will not be corrected in judging, catalogue, exhibition and delivery. Submission emails should be entitled in form of "name +registration form", otherwise, emails will be rejected.

The Mailing Address:

Shanxi Fangzhi Print Art Research Institute
Room 703, Building 6, Maoye Tiandi
288th West Tiyu Road
Xiaodian District
Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province
P.R. China 
Postcode: 030012  

Contact: Li Linjie                            
Email: banhuajiafeng@sina.com
Email subject:“Name + Registration form”
Mails should be marked with “Name + China Shanxi ‘Print & Family Tradition’ Contest”.
Submission works should be packed well with hard covers, and sent through registered post. Please keep the delivery voucher.
Any loss arising from the force majeure shall not be the responsibility of either party.
Criteria and awards:
Time: jury members are to select the winners in late March 2018
Special award: one , bonus of 20000 yuan/person and certificate.
First award: one, 10000 yuan/person and certificate
Second awards: two, 5000 yuan/person and certificate
Third awards: three, 3000 yuan/person and certificate 
Excellent work awards: fifteen, certificate



First award: one, 10000 yuan/person and certificate
Second awards: two, 5000 yuan/person and certificate
Third awards: three, 3000 yuan/person and certificate
Excellent work awards: fifteen, certificate

Each selected author will receive one catalogue and the award-winner will receive three.
The award-winners will be invited to the "Charming China & Art Tour" to create works.
The certificate and catalogue will be sent by registered mail before June 15, 2018. Please make sure the contact information are correct. The organizing committee is not responsible for failures cased by incorrect information.
Exhibition plan (finalized information to be decided):
Time: late April 2018 to early May
Place: Taiyuan Art Museum
Please fill in and print the registration form (attachment 1), no written information accepted except for the  signature. The form can be downloaded from the Netdisk of the Organizing Committee:
"Print & Family Tradition Contest Netdisk" (the electronic form of Baidu Netdisk), download link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1slymbCh
Every participant must submit independent registration form;
Submitted Works for the contest will not be returned. The organizers have rights to use the works for exhibition, publishing, collection, publicity, communication and such. Artists who send the artworks are deemed to agree with the terms.

Shanxi China "Print & Family Tradition" Contest
The Organizing committee
19, Sept. 2017


Attachment: “Registration Form of Shanxi China "Print & Family Tradition" Contest”
(This form can be downloaded from Baidu Netdisk----"Print & Family Tradition Contest Netdisk", Download link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1slymbCh)


Download link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1slymbCh    


Registration Form of “Shanxi China ‘Print & Family Tradition’ Contest”

(Otevøít = Open)
Uložit = Load)

Please mail your artworks with this form, and send electronic file to: banhuajiafeng @sina.com.

Note: Please use computer to fill the form and print it out, so as to avoid illegible writing; we are not responsible for failure mail delivery caused by illegible information.
I accept the terms for the exhibition.
I also agree to publish my personal information and artworks in the exhibition catalogue and publications, and on the Internet.           
signature:                  Date:       

International Exlibris Competition
held on the occasion of the 37th FISAE Congress in Prague


The Association of Collectors and Friends of Exlibris (SSPE) as an organiser
of the 37th FISAE Congress to be held in Prague from 28th August to 2st September 2018
runs an open International Exlibris Competition and would like to invite you to participate
in this prestigious event.
The aim of this competition is to introduce and popularise contemporary exlibris art
in the international context.



1. The competition is open to all artists from all over
the world free of charge.

2. Exlibris created by all classical graphic techniques will be
accepted, also CGD. Exlibris must be printed on paper
with maximum size of 297 x 210 mm (A4), maximal size
of longer side of exlibris is 170 mm. Exlibris must be made
in years 2016 – 2018. No drawings, photographs, designs
of exlibris or copies of original work are accepted.

3. Each participant may only send 3 exlibris, each
in 2 identical prints.

4. Theme is free. Exlibris with themes of Prague or the Czech
Republic will be welcome. The jury will evaluate
artistic expression, artistic solution of pictorial part,
integration of the writing and quality of the graphic work.

5. The graphic must contain the text of EX LIBRIS
(abbreviation may be used) and the name of its owner
(initials may be used). The owner must be a living person
or existing institution.

6. Each print must be signed and numbered by the artist
and, on the back side, the following specification must be
given: name and surname of the artist (in Latin alphabet),
year of work, applied graphic technique, name and
surname of the owner, title of the work and number of the
graphic – the same as on the attached application form.

7. The participant must fill in the application form and send
it together with the graphics in one envelope.

8. All delivered works will be evaluated by jury (5 members
+ secretary) composed of leading Czech artists and artistic
theoreticians appointed by the organiser.

9. All delivered works will become a property of the
competition organiser who can use them at his discretion
and free for exhibiting or publishing in relation to the

10. The organiser will publish a coloured catalogue. There will
be one reproduction of a print of each participant who
will be nominated for the catalogue. The catalogue will
be sent to each participant who will have his/her work
reproduced in it.

11. The organiser shall award, based on the jury´s proposal,
5 prizes in a total amount of 3.400,- Euro (Grand prix of
1.000,- Euro and 3 equivalent prizes of 600,- Euro and one
special prize for an artist under 35 years also of 600,- Euro).
The prizes will be awarded on occasion of the opening
ceremony of the congress exhibition.

12. The deadline for sending the works is 30th April 2018.
Works delivered after this term will not be accepted
for the competition.

Address for sending the works is as follows:

Miroslav Petøík
Tyršova 26
375 01 Týn nad Vltavou
Czech Republic

Please write the word „EXLIBRIS“
on the envelope.

13. By sending the works, the participant agrees
to the competition terms and conditions.

14. If you have any question, please contact us by email:
m.manojlin@seznam.cz or petrik@ddmtyn.cz.

Application form is

International bookplate competition




The painting of Mother of God

In 2018, there will be a celebration of the 300th anniversary of the coronation of the painting of Our Lady of Trakai – the guardian of Lithuania. This follows the announcement in 2017 of the Trakai Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a Basilica. More about painting www.seniejitrakai.lt/assets/PDF/9.pdf (read from page 55).
Virgilijus Poviliunas, director of the Trakai History Museum, invites artists and creators of small graphic artworks from around the world to take part in an ex libris competition dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the coronation of the Trakai Mother of God painting.

Competition rules

The bookplates may belong to a real person or institution. Every bookplate must carry the obligatory inscription ‘EX LIBRIS. REGINA LITUANIAE - 300’ and the full name of the owner of the ex libris: an institution or individual person. In cases where only the initials of the individual person are indicated on the ex libris, his or her full name should be written on the reverse side. Ex libris could be dedicated to:

Clemens XI
Vytautas Rukas
Jonas Varaneckas
Traku bazilika
Traku istorijos muziejus (TIM)

Bookplates that do not include the obligatory inscription and the full name of the institution or individual person that owns the ex libris will not be allowed to participate in the competition or the exhibition of the bookplates.
The maximum length of the longer edge (print) of the ex libris should be 150 mm. Bookplates must be created using a traditional graphic technique. Works created using a computer will not be accepted. Bookplates will be accepted only when accompanied by a completed competition entry form. The entry form can be downloaded from the website ENTRY FORM

Five (5) signed copies of every bookplate print. On the reverse side of the bookplate should be written the full name of the author, their home address and information about the bookplate: the year of its creation, the graphic technique used and the bookplate’s dimensions.

Competition bookplates must be received by 1 May 2018 at the following address:

International Bookplate Competition
Trakai History Museum
Kêstuèio 4,
LT–21104 Trakai, Lithuania

The competition jury will evaluate each ex libris submitted for the competition. Ex libris for the exhibition, catalogue and awards will be selected from the bookplates that conform to the terms of the competition.

The winners of the competition will be awarded the following prizes
1st Prize: 500,00 euros.
2nd Prize: 300,00 euros.
3rd Prize: 200,00 euros.

Authors of the selected bookplates will receive the exhibition catalogue free of charge. By the decision of the jury, authors of bookplates of high artistic value may be awarded prizes, presents and diplomas, established by the organiser or the sponsors.
The organiser, Trakai History Museum, will retain all entries. The organiser retains the right to publish bookplates received for the competition, and to use them for the purposes of advertisement and publishing without the payment of royalties to their authors. An exhibition of the competition bookplates will be held in Trakai Island Castle during July and August 2018. The results of the competition will be announced on the website http://www.trakaimuziejus.lt/2018-m-ekslibrisu-konkursas

Organiser of the competition
Trakai History Museum,
Kêstuèio g. 4, LT–21104 Trakai, ?

Partners of the competition
Trakai District Municipality
Trakai Art School
Parson of the Trakai Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
priest Jonas Varaneckas

Curators of the competition
Vidas Alvikas,
e-mail v.alvikas@trakaimuziejus.lt
Ph. +370 528 55286
Giedre Senuliene,
el. p. g.kudreviciute@trakaimuziejus.lt

Entry Form

otevøít = Open
uložit = Load







The subject of the contest provides an opportunity for artists to interpret the transmission and preservation of messages in time and space using alphabetic or signage systems of all cultures and peoples (signs, symbols, and letters). All known ways in the world for such communication can be recreated.

The competition is open to artists of all nationalities, without age restrictions.
The participants are divided into two age categories:
- Artists up to 18 years of age;
- Artists over 18 years of age.
All graphic techniques are eligible in case they allow replication labelled according the International standard identifier for EX LIBRIS.
The authors may participate with up to 3 (three) works, 4 (four) copies of each.

Filled and signed Application form, available at www.libruse.bg.
On each print’s back a label that is attached to the Application form is filled in and glued. The author‘s name and the title of work must be written in English. In case of modifying any data from the Application form, the author is obliged to notify the Library.
The artwork must contain the text “EX LIBRIS – EX LITTERA”. Other signs, letters, words and texts, may also be included. Each copy must be signed and dated by the author.
The maximum size of the image is 130/130 mm and of the graphic sheet 150/210 mm.

The works should be sent by post by 31.05.2018 (the date of postmark).


“Lyuben Karavelov” Regional library
1st “Dondukov-Korsakov” Str.
7000 Ruse, Bulgaria

The sent artworks become property of Lyuben Karavelov Regional library – Ruse and they are not returned to their respective authors. They become part of the permanent collection of the Graphic room and Regional Library – Ruse acquires following and simultaneously with the right of ownership any other rights on the art-works as stated in the provisions in the LARRR, including the right to freely use and give publicity of artworks in the context of the cultural policy of the institution without the express permission by the respective author and without any obligation to pay whatever remuneration to the author. Participation is regarded as an acceptance of this present Regulations by any author, and by lying their signature on the Application form they certifies the free and not deadline burdened transfer of rights on artwork sent for the benefit of the Library.

GRAND PRIX at the amount of 500 EURO
PRIX for children and students up to 18
Sponsor awards.

After a preliminary selection, admitted to the contest the authors will be presented in the catalogue with a work. A printed catalogue is issued, which each participant is entitled to receive against payment of postal charges. Each creator meeting the requirements of the Competition gets an electronic certificate of participation. All received works are published on Lyuben Karavelov Regional library’s website www.libruse.bg and participate in a representative exhibition organized in the period September – October 2018. The selection and awards are determined by a professional jury: Prof. Bozhidar Yonov, Prof. Svetoslav Kokalov, Prof. Nikolay Drachev and Ivan Tokadzhiev.

For contacts and further information:
E-mail: service@libruse.bg, libruse@libruse.bg
Tel.:     +359 82 820 126
Fax:      +359 82 820 134
Mob. tel.: +359 878 574 916

Application form

(uložit = save as)

The 4th International Ex-libris Competition
Istanbul 2018



Istanbul Ex-libris Society and Selcuk Ecza Deposu are organising an international ex-libris competition open to artists and designers from all countries in order to bring together and evaluate authentic ex-libris prints of highest aesthetic, artistic and technical quality, created as marks of ownership for books, to encourage artists and to introduce the art of ex-libris to the general public and create interest in the subject.


Article 1.

  The subject is “pharmacie, drug and human health”.

Article 2. Participants shall apply with at most 5 different works of art created after 2014. It is obligatory that 3 copies of each print be submitted.

Article 3. No limitation exists regarding printmaking techniques. In addition to traditional printmaking techniques, photographic works or computer designs shall also be accepted on condition that all works of art should be multi-copied. Photocopies, drawings or sketches shall not be accepted.

Article 4. The works of art shall be designed as ex-libris, i. e. as small-format art graphics created to be pasted into books to identify the owner. The ex-libris shall include the words "Ex libris", "Exlibris", “Ekslibris”, “the bookplate of...” or an equivalent (for example, "from the library of...") together with the name of a living person or an existing institution for whom or for which it has been created.

Article 5. Each print shall be signed or initialled by the artist. It is obligatory that the ex-libris bear legibly on the back of the print the artist's name, the symbol of the technique used, the year of creation and the name of the owner. In case of the usage of a non-Latin alphabet, Latin alphabet version shall appear on the back of the print with the English translation where necessary.

Article 6. The paper support of the ex-libris must not be larger than 210 mm x 148,5 mm (A5). The printed surface of the ex-libris should not exceed 130 mm x 130 mm. It should fit esthetically onto the paper. The ex-libris shall not be pasted to a cardboard or coloured paper.

Article 7. The deadline for submission is 01 June 2018, the stamped postal date being decisive. The ex-libris shall be posted in the safest manner to avoid any kind of damage.

Article 8. The address for correspondence is:

Nazan Aksu Yuce
Selcuk Ecza Deposu
Altunizade Mah.
Kusbakisi Cad. No: 37
TR-34662 Nakkastepe

Tel: +90 (532) 437 99 76, E-mail: hasipp@ttmail.com
General information about subject: www.selcukecza.com.tr/en
General information about ex-libris: www.aed.org.tr/en


Article 9. Prizes:
First Prize (Ahmet Kelesoglu); 800 EURO.
Second Prize (Selcuk Ecza Deposu); 600 EURO.
Third Prize (Istanbul Ex-libris Society); 400 EURO.
Special Prize (Sitki M. Erinc / Sukru Erturk); 300 EURO.
Special Prize (Mürside Icmeli / Dincer Pilgir); 300 EURO.

Individuals and institutions are allowed to offer special prizes, which shall not be below 300 EURO. The Jury shall also be competent to attribute Honourable Mentions and Certificates of Honour to the ex-libris deserving honorary awards.

Article 10. The ex-libris shall be evaluated on the basis of their authenticity and originality, their artistic, technical and aesthetic merit, and the quality of the relation between the image and inscription in the composition.

Article 11. The Jury is composed of:
Martin R. Baeyens, Ex-libris Artist, Retired University Professor - Belgium
Aysen Erte, Ex-libris Artist, Turkey
Sukru Erturk, Ex-libris Artist, Banknote Designer, Turkey
M. Sonay Gurgen, Chairman of the Board of Selcuk Ecza Deposu
Hasip Pektas, Ex-libris Artist, University Professor - Turkey

Article 12.  Prize winners and artists who’s work is selected for the exhibition will receive a free of charge catalogue.

Article 13. Submissions shall not be returned. Istanbul Ex-libris Society is entitled to use the exhibited ex-libris in the web-site, CD, catalogue, journals and books.

Article 14. A selection of the best works of art will be exhibited in Istanbul and Ermenek as of August  2018.

Article 15. By participating in the competition, an artist shall be considered to have accepted its terms and conditions, and agrees to abide by the decisions of the jury.

Article 16. Participants shall fill in the form given below and post it together with the works submitted.



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Form of The 4th International Ex-libris Competition - Istanbul 2018
(Please, fill in with Latin characters)

First Name:




E - mail:

Curriculum Vitae (in briefly):








1.   The Municipal Public Library in Gliwice, hereinafter the Organizer, announces the XII International Com- petition for Ex Libris, hereinafter the Competition.
2.   The Competition is directed to adults.
3.   The Competition will present the achievements of ex libris design based on classical methods as well as new technologies.
4.   Works may be submitted for the Competition emphasizing the relationship with the book in any form (printed and electronic) and indicating individual interests (for a person, institution) or for commemora- tive purposes (dedicated to the memory of a deceased person).
5.   Works sent for the Competition must contain:
a.    the words „ex libris” or “in memoriam” (or the equivalent in other languages) integrated into the  composition,
b.   the first name and surname of the owner or name of institution or commemorated person. c.        ex-libris designs may not be dedicated for fictitious persons or institutions.
6.   Participants may submit an unlimited number of works created between 2015 and 2018 in any graphic
– printed works: in two signed prints,
– digital works: in the format: jpg, gif, png, svg (RGB color space model).
7.   Dimensions:
a.    printed works: size of the print may not exceed 130x130 mm, and size of the paper - max. A4,
b.   digital works: resolutions: 1200 piksels (longer size).
8.   The description of the ex libris shall contain the following information:
a.    first name and surname of the author,
b.   FISAE code of the graphic technique (the list is also available on the Organizer's website), c.        year it was made,
d.   explanation of initials or abbreviations used:
-    printed works: on obverse of each print,
-    digital works: in the digital description of the file.
9.   The works shall be accompanied by a legible application form (to be downloaded from the Organizer’s
website: www.biblioteka.gliwice.pl).
10. The works should be sent no later than 15 June 2018
a.    printed works: (postal date stamp) to the address:

Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Gliwicach
ul. Koœciuszki 17
44-100 Gliwice

b.   digital works: e-mail: exlibris@biblioteka.gliwice.pl

The Organizer recommends that the sender enable the „request delivery confirmation” option.
11. The Organizer is not be liable for loss or damage of works during shipment.
12. The Participant incurs costs related to the preparation of works and sending them to the Organizer with their own scope.
13. The Organizer shall appoint a jury to select bookplates for the post-competition exhibition and make decisions on awarding prizes and honorable mentions. The results will be announced immediately after the jury has finished deliberations.

14. The Organizer plans to award the following prizes and honorable mentions:
a.    GRAND PRIX – Statuette and 5 000 PLN,
b.   Prize for printed ex libris  – 2 500 PLN,
c.    Prize for digital ex libris  – 2 500 PLN,
d.   Honorable Mentions,
e.   Other special prizes.

15. Awards are subject to taxation in accordance with legislation in force.
16. The award ceremony and exhibition opening will be held on October 2018 in Gliwice. Detailed infor- mation will be posted on the Organizer's website no later than one month before the ceremony.
17. Designers whose works are accepted for the exhibition will receive a complimentary post-Competition publication.
18. All works submitted to the Competition shall become the property of the Organizer.
19. A Competition Participant transfers to the Organizer non-exclusive author's property rights in the sub- mitted works as follows:
a.    recording and reproduction by any technique on any medium, for the needs of any media, in particu- lar in the form of printed publications, posters, computer discs and all types of media intended for digital recording,
b.   placing and using on any scale or part any materials published for promotional purposes of the Com- petition and the Organizer,
c.     introducing in any part to the Internet and computer memory, placing and using as part of an online publication,
d.   public display, display, playback and broadcasting and rebroadcasting via wired and wireless vision by land stations, broadcast via satellite and the Internet
20. The Participant, by registering their participation in the Competition in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations confirms that he/she:
a.    has read the content of this Regulations and accepts all conditions specified in it,
b.   the submitted works are his/her exclusive property and is the result of his/her work,
c.     submission of works to the Competition and transfer of ownership of copies of work and author's property rights does not violate any rights of third persons,
d.   consents to the processing of personal data provided for the purpose of conducting and promoting the Competition, as well as the organization and publication of post-competition materials and the exercise of ownership and author’s property rights to the submitted works by the Municipal Public Library in Gliwice, ul. Koœciuszki 17, 44-100 Gliwice. The personal data provided is subject to legal protection in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data. The Municipal Public Library in Gliwice, as the Personal Data Administrator, informs that the Participant has the right to access their data and rectify them. Participant's data will not be shared with other entities than those authorized under the law. Providing personal data is not obligatory, but failure to do so will result in the fact that it will not be possible to submit and participate in the Competition, including the evaluation of the submitted works and the preparation of a post-competition publica- tion. The Organizer additionally informs that in connection with the provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC, which will become effective from 25 May 2018, the Participant's data will not be transferred to third countries and international organizations, and will not be subject to auto- mated decision-making, including profiling. The Participant's data will be processed for the period necessary to achieve the goal, i.e. in the scope of conducting and promotion of the Competition, as well as the organization and publication of post-competition materials, and after the end of the Competition, for the period of exercising ownership and author's property rights in relation to the work submitted; after that time for the period and to the extent required by law or to secure any claims. Additionally, the Participant will have the right to remove or limit the processing, the right to

object to the processing, as well as the right to transfer data. In disputable matters, the Participant
shall have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body. Clarifications regarding matters related to personal data will be provided by the Personal Data Inspector under the telephone num- ber: 32 238 25 10,
e.   consents to using the image free of charge in accordance with Article 81(1) of the Act of 4 February
1994 on copyright and neighboring rights, by publishing on the website: www.biblioteka.gliwice.pl
and for information, marketing and promotion purposes of the Competition.
21. Latest     news     regarding    the    Competition    will    be     published   on:     www.biblioteka.gliwice.pl, www.facebook.com/MBPGliwice


Contact with the Organizer: Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Gliwicach
ul. Koœciuszki 17
44-100 Gliwice tel./fax +48 32 238 25 10 exlibris@biblioteka.gliwice


Application Form













C O M P E T I T I O N   R U L E S


1.     The Competition is open to all artists, aged 16 years or more, free of charge. The theme is free.
2.     Entry form: Every participant must fill in the Application (Entry) form and send it together with the works submitted. Works which are not accompanied by a completed and signed application form will not be reviewed.
3.     Number of entries: Participants may send maximum 5 (five) different bookplates, each of them in 3 (three)
signed copies. The works shall be created in the years 2016-2018.
4.     Techniques: Only entries made using the  traditional original graphic techniques will be accepted - Intaglio techniques (C, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8), Relief techniques (X, X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7), Flatbed, stencil techniques (L1, L2, L3, L4, S1, S2). Computer designs, photocopies, drawings or sketches shall not be accepted.
5.     Dimensions: the image (engraved part) of the exlibris must be not larger than 170 x 170 mm. Paper size must
be not larger than 290 mm x 210 mm.
6.     Text: Every image has to include the name of the owner and words: “Ex libris”, “Bookplate” or some other
similar expression (e.g. “From the library of...”). The bookplates must have (under the image) the author’s signature, year of creation, technique and title (if the work has such), print number or “edition of author” abbreviation -  E/A, A/P.
7.     Information: On the back side of the paper every bookplate must have the following information, written with
pencil, in English, with print letters: 1) last name, first name, country of the artist, 2) title of the work, 3) technique used, 4) dimensions of the engraved part in mm, 5) year the work was created, 6) full versions of initials or abbreviations, if used.
Only entries meeting requirements listed above will be evaluated in the Competition. All those missing
one or more of the requisites will not be reviewed.
8.     The submission: The works should be sent without glass, frame or passé-partout, by registered air-mail as
PRINTED MATTERIAL, declaring "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE". The works should be packaged in a solid and waterproof package, in the safest manner to avoid any kind of damage. The organizers accept no responsibility for problems arising from the fault of the postal and courier services.
9.     Address: The package with bookplates must be sent to the following postal address:

Largo Art Gallery
8 Han Krum Str.
9000 Varna

10.   Deadline: Entries have to be sent before 20th  of June 2018 (according to the date of the post stamp of the sender). Postage expenses are at the account of the sender. A confirmation of receiving of the package will be
sent by e-mail.
11.   Exhibition: The Competition Jury, composed of 5 members, will select the prizes winners and the artists for
participating at Competition exhibition. Every selected artist will be notified by e-mail. The exhibition will be displayed at Largo Art Gallery from 08 August till 25 September 2018.
12.   Catalogue: The organizer will publish a colored catalog where every selected for the exhibition artist will be
presented with one work. The selected artists will receive a copy of printed catalogue free of charge.
13.   Prizes:
?            First Prize: 500 EUR and invitation for one-man show during the next edition of the Competition;
?            Second Prize: 200 EUR;
?            Third Prize, Istanbul Exlibris Society’s Prize: 100 EUR;
?            Prize for Young Artist (under age of 30): 100 EUR;
?            Special Award after the name of Edward Penkov;
?            Prize of Association of Artists, Varna.
All winners will receive their awards personally in their bank accounts after reducing of the sum with tax according to Bulgarian Tax Law.
14.   Rights: The submitted art works will not be returned, whether they are admitted to the competition or not and
will remain property of the graphic collection of the organizer of the event: Largo Art Gallery. The Organizer reserves the right to reproduce and exhibit any work accepted, for promotional or cultural purposes and/or reproduce works on web-site of the competition, catalogues, posters, etc. with no commercial purpose.
15.   Acceptance  of  the  Rules:  With  completing  and  signing  of  the Application  form  the  participants  endow
submitted works to the fund of Competition, accept all the conditions and requirements of the Competition Rules
above and Jury’s decisions.

Entry Form

(uložit = save as, load
otevøít pomocí = open)




9. International Exlibris
and Small Graphic Form



The Animals of the Baltic Sea



Participation can be downloaded at: www.exlibrisgdansk.pl.

1. The competition has an open character – any graphic form artists can participate.
2. The competition is to continue the rich, multi-century long tradition of creating exlibris and graphic works of art in
Gdañsk and to promote the city of Gdañsk in Poland and abroad.
3. The organizers of the competition are:
     Gdañsk Community Foundation
     “Treasure Island” Gdañsk Archipelago of Culture
4. The partners of the competition are:
    Gdañsk Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences
      Academy of Fine Arts in Gdañsk
5. Each artist can send 3 of works that he himself made and whose theme is relevant to the theme of the competition. Only the works the have never been presented before can be sent.
6. The works will be evaluated in the following categories:
     exlibris and small graphic form - traditional techniques
    exlibris and small graphic form - computer techniques
7. The works cannot be bigger than 130 x 130 mm.
8. The works must be sent in 2 copies, with the following details on on the reverse: given name and family name of the author, information on the technique used and date of making the work, opus number and size in mm (height x width). The works cannot be glued to anything or framed.
9. The works must have an attached a fully filled in declaration of participation. The works without a fully filled in declaration of participation will not be considered by the jury.
10. The works should be sent to the following address:

“Wyspa Skarbów”
Gdañski Archipelag Kultury
ul. Turystyczna 3
80-680, Gdañsk-Sobieszewo

11. The exlibris sent will not be returned and will become the property of the organizers, will remain at their disposal with the right to disseminate them in any possible way.
12. More information can be obtained from : Pawe³ Jarczewski “Wyspa Skarbów” Gdañski Archipelag Kultury
(tel. +48 58 323 91 15, e-mail: pawel.jarczewski@gak.gda.pl).
13. The deadline for sending the works is the 30th of june 2018 (the date of postage stamp is decisive).
14. The works will be evaluated and the prizes awarded by the jury composed of distinguished graphic artists and
representatives of the organizers.  The jury can distribute the prizes in a way other than the one described in item 15. The decision of the jury is final.
15. STATUTORY PRIZES (gross amounts of the prizes)
I Prize 1000 PLN; II Prize 750 PLN; III Prize 500 PLN
I Prize 2000 PLN; II Prize 1000 PLN; III Prize 500 PLN
      Grand Prix of the Competition
     Prize awarded by the Director of Gdañsk Archipelago of Culture
   Prize awarded by the President of the Board of Gdañsk Community Foundation
     Prize awarded by the Director of Gdañsk Library of Polish Academy of Sciences
      Prize of the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdañsk
16. The results of the competition will be announced on the 15 of July 2018 at the following websites:
www.exlibrisgdansk.pl, www.wspolnotagdanska.pl, www.wyspaskarbow.gak.gda.pl, together with reproductions of the awarded works. The winners will be informed by an e-mail or regular post.
17. The awarded and honoured works, Grand Prix winner as well as other works qualified by the jury will be presented at an exhibition in Gdañsk in 2018 and in centres of culture in the Pomeranian region in 2019.
18. The organizers are not responsible for loss or damage of the works in transport.
19. Participation in this competition means that the authors fully accept all the rules and regulations.
20. The final and binding interpretation of the Rules and Regulations belongs to the organizers.
21. The organizers reserve the right to change the Rules and Regulations and cancel the competition at any time.
22. Personal data.
According to z art. 24 item 1 of the Act of the 29th of August 1997 on personal data protection (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2016 pos. 922) we inform that- Gdañsk Archipelago of Culture with its registered office in Gdañsk, ul. Dworcowa 9, 80 – 026 Gdañsk; entered into the Register of the Institutions of Culture run by the Municipality of Gdañsk under number 2/ 92, NIP [VAT number] 583-10-10-860 is the administrator of the personal data of the competition participants,
- the collected personal data will be processed only for the purpose of  9. International Competition of Exlibris and Small Graphic Form 2018

- as for other consents, only the personal data needed to inform about other editions of International
Competition of Exlibris and Small Graphic Form: 10th (2020) and 11th  (2022) will be collected
- the collected personal data will not be made available to other people or organizations
- any competition participant can access the content of his personal data and make changes in them
- providing personal data to the competition organizer is voluntary (it is a formal requirement for the competition participation, however).

23. The Declaration of Participation should include a consent, signed by the competition participant, of the following wording: “I express my consent to processing my personal data by the organizer of the 9th International Competition of Exlibris and Small Graphic Form – the Animals of the Baltic Sea" for the purposes of the Competition, pursuant to the Act of  29th of August 1997 on personal data protection (consolidated text Journal of Laws 2016 pos. 922).

Entry form









1.  Artists of any nationality may participate.
2.  Works shall be unpublished.

3.  The subject is free, and the technique is Woodcut. All techniques set out in the FISAE (International
Federation of Ex - libris Societies) regulations concerning Woodcut are admitted (abbreviated X).
4.  The award has three categories:
- Children's engraving award (up to 12 years old)
- Young artists’ engraving award (aged 13 to 17)
- Adults’ engraving award
5.  The  minimal measurements of the  woodblock  are  7 x 8 cm, the  maximum  is 18 x 13 cm; the maximum measurements of the printing paper are 38 x 28 cm.
6.  Each participant may present 1 unframed original work from a maximum of 5 original works that will not be returned, in order to enlarge the Municipal Archives collection.
7.  The works must be presented  with the title on the back and accompanied by the fact sheet for each work and a brief CV of the author in a sealed envelope.
8.  The   works  must  be  sent  to  the 

  Arxiu  Municipal   de  Torredembarra
  (Municipal  Archives  of Torredembarra)
  Plaça  del  Castell,  8,

 between  Monday and Friday from 08.30 to 14.30, tel. (0034) 977640025. The delivery and collection of the artist's works is the responsibility of the artist. The organisation will accept no complaints regarding possible damage or losses.

9.  The admission period for original works ends on 17 October 2018. As for shipping, count as a valid date, which will take the seal stamped by the origin’s post office.
10. A single award is established for each category, which may be declared void.
- Children's and Young’s category: 200€ engraving material and a certificate.
- Adult category: 1500 Euros and a certificate
The monetary award is conceived as a monetary reward for the rights of acquisition of the work and  the  edition  of 33 signed  copies,  numbered  1/33  to  33/33,  which must  be  handed  it  as a previous requirement  before getting the prize. The  amount  is the  gross amount  received by the winner.
11. The  Jury shall be  with  the  following people:  Ms. Merce ALONSO,  Mr. Maria  CASAS,  Mr. Francesc
12. The jury’s decisions are final.
13. The jury’s decision shall be notified to the participants in autumn 2018 and the award ceremony will be held in the course of an event specified in time to give the verdict.
14. The award winning work will remain property of the Town of Torredembarra, kept in the Municipal
Archives,  and  it  will  possess  all  legal  rights  of  publishing,  it  being  understood   that  the  artist renounces property of the work and any right to complaint.
15. The winning piece shall be distributed to centres specializing in engravings so they can exhibit them to the public.
16. The artists chosen authorise the citation of their names, as well as the possible photographic reproduction  of their  works in brochures,  books, posters,  media  and activity programmes  of the organisation,
17. The exhibition of the works selected will take place in Torredembarra.
18. The organisers reserve the right to resolve any aspect not covered in these terms and conditions.
19. Taking part in this competition constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Sponsor: Culture Department of the Town of Torredembarra.
Organiser: Torredembarra Municipal Archives

Arxiu Municipal

Supplementing text

(Otevøít = open by)


International Exlibris Centre Sint-Niklaas


Sint-Niklaas 2019 international biennial bookplates
and small printmaking


Competition rules

The Participant


  1. The participant must be born before 2001. Youngsters can take their chance in the separate YOUTH COMPETITION, see appendix.
  2. Town of Sint-Niklaas Award winners will not be eligible for another money prize for the next two competitions.
  3. Jurors, I.E.C. advisory board members and Sint-Niklaas Municipal Museums employees may not take part in the competition.

The entry: bookplates or other type of small printmaking

  1. The topic: The topic is free, one of the main prizes is intended for an entry with as topic: CHILDREN.
  2. Printed texts on the submissions may not refer in any way to this or any other competition.

  1. Allowed types of entries: small prints made with a graphic technique and printed in circulation:
  2. Exlibris/Bookplates    An exlibris or a bookplate is a property mark for the books of a book owner. On the printed exlibris, the name of the holder/owner should be mentioned, together with a textual expression of ownership, by mentioning “exlibris”, “book of”,.... The decoration or illustration accompanying the text is related to the name, personality, occupation, identification, preferences, interests, etc. of the owner or his/her personal books.
  3. Not allowed: pseudo-exlibrises for fictitious or deceased persons, for animals, objects or using names of celebrities or unknown persons who have not given their explicit authorization, and printings with a printed ownership mention which don’t meet the characteristics of a bookplate.
  4. Out of competition: illustrations dedicated to a juror
  5. Other small printing without a text about the ownership, such as: an illustration, a topical print, ...



  1. Number of entries per participant: Up to
            3 different bookplates and / or                        >> Participants must send 2 original and identical printed
    3 different small graph prints per participant.     >> copies of the different bookplates and small prints
  1. Send no more prints than allowed, make your own selection.
  2. Use of foreign languages: When using texts in non-Latin characters or in a language that is not Dutch, French, English or German, the print should be accompanied by a translation or explanation in one of the languages mentioned.

Manner of submission

  1. The entries are delivered to the International Exlibris Centre at the expense of the participants.
  2. The participants are not entitled to any form of payment or compensation.
  3. The entry form:
    1. The entry must be accompanied by A SIGNED AND CLEARLY FILLED-OUT ENTRY FORM together with information about the prints and about its maker (in Dutch, French, German or English please). The name, the year of birth and the e-mail address or other contact address of the participant are published in the catalogue.
    2. Please also state your participation digitally at the time of shipment: send your details and information about your submission by e-mail to museum.competition2019@sint-niklaas.be.
  4. The entries have to be sent in before November 1, 2018 to the following address:
    Internationaal Exlibriscentrum - Stedelijke Musea - Wedstrijd 2019
    Zwijgershoek 14 - B-9100  Sint-Niklaas (België)  Please note: Without a filled out and signed entry form your entry is invalid..


  1. All copies that are sent in become and will remain the property of the International Exlibris Centre.
  2. The International Exlibris Centre reserves the right to exclude entries for the competition from its registered collection.
  3. The participant agrees with the reproduction of his/her submission and the publication of artist’s data, digital or on paper, in catalogues, communication, publications and in articles in professional journals.

Exhibition - Printmaking Biennial 2019

  1. A selection of the submitted prints will be exhibited during the 29th Printmaking Biennial in 2019 in Sint-Niklaas.
  2. Participants with selected works in the exhibition can present their portfolio to visitors and collectors on the opening day.
  3. The participants are hereby invited to attend the announcement of the competition results and opening of the exhibition on Saturday, April 13, 2019 (to be confirmed, see http://www.sint-niklaas.be/ or http://musea.sint-niklaas.be/exlibris).
  4. All participants selected for the exhibition will receive a catalogue. The other participants who submitted a valid entry may also request a catalogue, shipping costs at the participant’s expense.

The Awards

  1. Awards for technique:        Town of Sint-Niklaas Awards for three different types of main techniques: 1.250 EUR.   for each award.
  2. Award for Young Talent:     Victor Stuyvaert Award for a relief print of a participant under 30: 750 EUR.
  3. Special bookplate awards:  Town of Sint-Niklaas Award for the best bookplate: 1.250 EUR.

                                                  Graphia Award for a child’s exlibris: 750 EUR.

  1. Topic Award:                       Town of Sint-Niklaas Award for the best entry with CHILDREN as topic: 1.250 EUR.
  2. Procedure: The jurors may decide not to grant an award.

The Jurors

  1. The town of Sint-Niklaas board of Burgomaster and Aldermen will select the jury.
  2. The composition of the 2019 competition jury: the Alderwoman as president and representative of the organizer (the town administration), the museum curator and a collaborator as representatives of the International Exlibris Centre and the collection; the Director of the La Louviere Graphics Centre; the chairman and a representative from Graphia; a number of neutral advisors appointed by the board of burgomaster and aldermen.

Acceptance of the Rules and Results


By taking part in this competition, the participants accept all the conditions and requirements of these rules and all decisions taken by the jurors. No correspondence can be entered into about the outcome of the competition.


Competition rules
in Dutch
in French
in German
in English

(Otevøít = Open
Uložit = Load)

Entry Form

4th International Exhibition of Ex Libris



Dear artist,

International Exhibition of Ex Libris Skopje and Open Graphic Studio Museum of the City of Skopje, are honored to invite you to participate in the 4th  International Exhibition of Ex Libris Skopje 2018, which will take place from 20 December to 20 January at the gallery of the Open Graphic Studio within Museum of the City of Skopje.
The bookplates have to meet the following requirements:

The deadline for submissions is 30 November 2018.
Artists participating in the exhibition are free to submit works made in 2017 and 2018.
There is going to be one first, second and third award and it consists of letter of appreciation and a medal.


The organizers do not hold the responsibility if any of the works are lost or damaged during transport.
Every participant will receive an letter of appreciation and catalogue.
                Please send the works with the legible application form to the following address:

Ul.”Mito Hadzivasilev”, bb
1000 Skopje
Republic of MACEDONIA

The official opening of the 4th  International Ex Libris Exhibition Skopje 2018 will be held on 20 December 2018 at the gallery of the Open Graphic Studio - Museum of the City of Skopje.
For additional information, please contact:
Sonja Dimovska
Email: dimovskas@gmail.com

All works qualified for the exhibition will remain in the collection of  the International Ex Libris Exhibition Skopje as their property.
The rest of the works can be sent back to their owners upon request.

International Exhibition of Ex Libris Skopje

The rules are acceptable also in
Serbian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Spanish and normally Macedonian
on http://exlibrisskopje.com/rules/







Name………………………………Surname ..………………………………………………………
Date of birth...………………………………………………………………………………............
E-mail…………………………………Phone .………………………..Fax.……………...………..
* A brief CV should be attached to the entry form.

List of works:

 title……………………………..              title…………………………….                                title……………………………..
technique.......…………...                              technique.......…………...                               technique.......…………...
year……………………………..              year……………………………                 year……………………………


I accept the conditions for participation to the competition and agree to leave the bookplates in the collection of the International Ex Libris Exhibition Skopje as their property. I also agree to reveal my personal information and bookplates for the publication in the exhibition catalogue, other publications and for internet usage.


Signature……………………………………..                                         Date…………………...........





International Exhibition
"KBK 60”



Call for Artists to Participate in an International Exhibition

In 2019 an International exhibition will be arranged to celebrate the formation of the Hungarian Association of Ex Libris. (The actual name is “A Circle Friends of Small Graphics”, Collectors of Graphics and Cultural Society.) We would like to make this 60th anniversary memorable with an international exhibition of ex libris.

The invitation is open to artists from all over the world.

Works created by traditional graphic techniques (e. g. xylography, intaglio printing, lithography, silkscreen) in addition to computer designs are accepted. Photographs, custom drawings, sketches and photocopies are not acceptable.

 The ex libris cannot exceed the size of 170×170 mm on a paper size of A4 format (297×210 mm).

The theme is free, there is no restriction.

 The owner must be a real person, and memorial cards are also accepted.

All graphics must contain the inscription “KBK - 60”.

One artist can participate with maximum 3 different book- plates, and each of them should be sent in three print copies. On the back side of every print the name and surname of the artist (in Latin alphabet) as well as the technique, size and year of production must be given.

 A catalogue will be compiled for the exhibition and all participants will receive their own copy.

The submitted works will remain property of the archives of the organizing association. The association reserves the right for further publication of these works.By sending works and participating in the exhibition you agree to the terms and conditions.

The deadline for sending the artworks is 31th January 2019. On the envelope please write: KBK-60.

 The works should be sent to the following address:

 Mr. Péter Ürmös
H-1114 Budapest
Fadrusz u. 26
. III./1.



No information this time