Evolutionary papers
Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Flegr, CSc.

Sequence of mitochondrial d-loop in laboratory and wild strains of mice of genus Mus

Jaroslav Flegr1) & Tetsu Tsukamoto 2)

Acta Soc.Zool.Bohem. (1994) 58: 33-38.

A segment of three hundred forty (340) bp. of mtDNA from D-loop region was sequenced in fifteen (15) laboratory strains of mice as well as in seven (7) wild mice of different species, subspecies and geographic origins. The data were compared with another three already published murine D-loop sequences. Eleven of the laboratory strains possessed an identical sequence, in BALB/c, C3H and DBA/2J a single (but different) mutation was detected and NZB differed in seven positions from other strains, being more similar to M. m. musculus than to M. m. domesticus. The differences between M. m. domesticus x M. m.musculus was as low as two substitutions (0.6%) while the highest observed interspecies difference in genus Mus (M. m. domesticus x M.spicilegus) was 63 substitutions (19%) which suggest the age of the branching event approximately three million years. The results suggest that the method can be used for biosystematic studies on the wild mice, however, it is not sensitive enough to be used in genealogical studies on strains of laboratory mice.

D-loop, mtDNA, phylogeny, Mus.