Link to the ESA Living Planet

The 2nd EARSeL SIG LU/LC and NASA LCLUC joint Workshop is considered supportive to the objectives of the 2016 European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium, taking place right after the Workshop, on 9–13 May 2016. As noted in the event webpage, the objectives of the ESA Living Planet Symposium are to:

  • Present the progress and plans for the implementation of ESA Earth Observation strategy and the relevance of ESA’s EO Programme to societal challenges, science and economy.
  • Provide an international forum to scientists, researchers and users to present and share state of the art results based on ESA’s Earth Observation and third-party mission data.
  • Review the development of Earth Observation applications.
  • Present the Copernicus space component and operational services.
  • Report on ESA’s Exploitation Programmes.
  • Introduce the current and future planned Earth Observation missions.
  • Outline ESA’s international cooperation in the field of Earth Observation.
  • Provide dedicated thematic tutorials and demonstrations.


Thus, as far as ESA and European activities are concerned, the Workshop may act as a brainstorming preparation and chance for specialists to formulate a common understanding and language prior to entering the wider discussions of the more diverse audience, in matters of background and expectations from land-cover products and the scientific community. Thus, the Workshop may act as a platform for knowledge and experience exchange between European and American research, industry, and policy actors, and for the enhancement of future international collaborations.