Paper Submission

Following the acceptance of the abstract and your registration at the Conference Tool authors are welcome to submit full papers, extending the submitted abstract, to be considered for publication at a special issue of the European Journal of Remote Sensing (EuJRS) or of the EARSeL eProceedings Journal.


A few words about the European Journal of Remote Sensing by the Editors:

  • Thanks to the cooperation with the Italian Society of Remote Sensing, a special issue at the European Journal of Remote Sensing (EuJRS) is also organized. The EuJRS has IF of 1.3, is on-line and open-access.Authors interested in submitting a paper to the EuJRS special issue should follow the procedure described on the Journal’s web page at, follow the register link or just log-in if you are registered already.
    During the submission procedure, authors will be instructed to indicate that the paper is for a special issue by entering “EARSeL LCLUC 2016 Special Issue″ in the “section” field.After submission the normal peer-review process will be followed. The papers will be reviewed following the peer review process of EuJRS. Accepted papers will be published as soon as possible. The time between submission and publication will be influenced mainly by the length of the review process.All submissions to the EuJRS must be received by June 17, 2016.Authors interested in submitting a paper can use both systems:

    1. the Conference Tool system:
    2. the EuJRS system

    Authors shall follow the guidelines of the EuJRS:

A few words about the EARSeL eProceedings Journal by the Editor:


  • Workshop participants are invited to submit their manuscripts to EARSeL eProceedings which is an Open Access Remote Sensing Journal published by the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories. The journal is devoted to peer-reviewed scientific publications in all fields of Earth observation including remote sensing of Land Use and Land Cover. Manuscripts on modelling studies, ground truth methods and measurements, and development of new sensors are also welcome. There is no limit as to the number of pages and graphics. Inclusion of numerical data files or references to raw data archived at the author’s institute via URL links which allow the readers to understand the published results are strongly encouraged. EARSeL eProceedings is a rapid publication journal and aims to minimise the time between submission and publication. Accepted contributions shall be published no later than six months after submission.


Authors interested in submitting a paper can use both systems:

the Conference Tool system:

the EARSeL eProceedings system


Authors shall follow the guidelines of the EARSeL eProceedings: