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Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner, on Tuesday, 21 April 2009, is included in the regular conference fee (early and late).

The Conference Dinner will be held at the Ernst and Gerti Huber's Winery at the village Neustift am Walde, at the northern part of Vienna. Quoting from the website: "Located in the heart of Neustift am Walde between vineyards and the Vienna Woods, Ernst and Gerti Huber's Winery with its cosy parlours and romantic patio has been a popular wine tavern for almost 30 years. The architect for the house was Professor Walter von Hoesslin, the stage designer of the Vienna Opera House."

Travel plan from metrostop Nussdorfer Strasse, on metroline U6, bus 35A
Ernst and Gerti Huber's Winery

You can reach the Winery by public transport, namely by bus 35A. The bus starts at the stop "Nussdorfer Straße" of the metro line U6, as is shown in the adjoining sketch. You have to get off at the bus stop "Neustift am Walde". More information about the travel will be given on registration.

The dinner starts at 19:30 and will end at about 22:30 hours.

By public transport, depending on the location of your hotel, you will need about 30 to 40 minutes to reach the Ernst and Gerti Huber's Winery. It takes 20 minutes by bus 35A from the stop "Nussdorfer Straße" to the stop "Neustift am Walde".

Alternatively, you can travel by taxi (about 15 minutes), which will cost you about 15-20 euro, depending on the location of your hotel.