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Some keynote presentations (as per 23 October 2008)

Stefan Krause, UK
Abstract #45
Critical scales for hyporheic nutrient transformation

Brent Newman, Austria
Abstract #48
Isotope methods for examining hydroecological connections

Tetsuro Tsujimoto, Japan
Abstract #68
River ecosystem supported by small-scale landscape units driven by surface and subsurface flow -- Habitat and material cycle to support ecosystem in a sandy river with alternate bars

Johan Schutten, UK
Abstract #75
Making wetland science work; How countries across Europe have used wetland science to characterise and classify ground and surface water dependent wetlands for Water Framework Directive implementation

Sjoerd van der Zee, the Netherlands
Abstract #88
Water and salinity interactions between groundwater, rootzone, vegetation, and climate

Christian Griebler, Germany
Abstract #139
Attempts for an integrative (ecological) assessment of groundwater ecosystems -- microbes as possible bioindicators

Gilles Pinay, UK
Abstract #152
Coupling hydrology and biogeochemistry in complex landscapes

Peter Horchler, Germany
Abstract #203
Modelling the suitability of floodplains as habitats for plant species: some experiences from large German rivers

Mariet Hefting, the Netherlands
Abstract #217
Nitrous oxide emissions from floodplains and riparian zones

Catherine (Kate) Heppell, UK
Abstract #220
The influence of vegetation on flow, sediment and biogeochemical cycling in lowland rivers

Ronald Harvey, USA
Abstract #226
Quantifying bacterial chemotaxis in a groundwater ecosystem: The tactics of chemotactic bacteria

Okke Batelaan, Belgium
Abstract #245
Biebrza ecohydrological research experiences: Embracing the science of place

Bertel Nilsson, Denmark
Abstract #252
Multidisciplinary approach to constrain often inaccurate estimates of groundwater fluxes to and from seepage lakes

Josef Krecek, Czech Republic
Abstract #293
Ellenberg’s indicator values and water resources recharge

Tomasz Okruszko, Poland
Abstract #294
Wetlands in a river basin -- Sources of water or water users?

Marc Bierkens, the Netherlands
Abstract #313
The effect of climate change on groundwater dependent temperate forest ecosystems

Carl Christian Hoffmann, Denmark
Abstract #318
How a regional aquifer, a local aquifer and an oxbow lake impact on hydrological and biogeochemical processes in a riparian fen-meadow ecosystem

Edward A. Sudicky, Canada
Abstract #327
Analysis of factors affecting the spatio-temporal patterns of thermal exchange fluxes between streams and groundwater

Hans-Peter Nachtnebel, Austria
Abstract #444
The future of the Aral Sea and its ecosystem: Possible scenarios and outcomes

Version 23 October 2008