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Abstracts from members of Scientific Advisory Committee (as per 24 October 2014)

Abstract #58
Okke Batelaan, Australia
Contrasting response of water use efficiency to drought in global ecosystems

Abstract #69
Deng Xiangzheng, China
Identifications of both water scarcity and solutions for adapting to climate changes in the Heihe River Basin of China

Abstract #81
Christian Griebler, Germany
Groundwater ecosystem services

Abstract #96
Tim Burt, United Kingdom
The value of long water quality records for research in catchment hydrology

Abstract #98
Stefan Krause, United Kingdom
Unraveling the drivers of spatial and temporal variability in biogeochemical cycling at aquifer-river interfaces - The LEVERHULME hyporheic zone research network

Abstract #111
Irena Creed, Canada
Climate change effects on catchment variable redox areas create conditions for the promotion of toxic algal blooms

Abstract #125
Nancy Grimm, USA
Spatial and temporal variation in responses of ecosystem structure and processes to short- and long-term hydrological regime shifts in a semi-arid watershed

Abstract #129
Sergi Sabater, Spain
Flow intermittency under multiple stress situations: impacts and responses in biota

Abstract #138
Tomasz Okruszko, Poland
Conservation of anabranching river system of Narew National Park

Abstract #142
Irena Creed, Canada
Fifty shades of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM): Global change-driven effects on stoichiometry of DOM and implications for aquatic food webs

Abstract #143
Patrick Meire, Belgium
A controlled reduced tide: a new technique for restoring tidal habitats

Abstract #144
Patrick Meire, Belgium
Restoring a heavily impacted estuary: the crucial role of ecosystem services

Abstract #150
Tomasz Okruszko, Poland
Can incorporation of the concept of ecosystem services change management priorities in a large wetland?

Abstract #162
Maciej Zalewski, Poland
Ecohydrology - the scientific framework for the use of the water/biota interplay for mitigation of intermediate and diffuse impacts at the freshwater ecosystems

Abstract #164
Ronald Harvey, USA
Transport of microorganisms through the groundwater/surface-water interface of a Cape Cod, Massachusetts, kettle pond into a drinking-water aquifer

Abstract #166
Thomas Hein, Austria
Effects of management options on ecosystem functions in an urban floodplain

Abstract #168
Jan Fleckenstein, Germany
Combining high frequency monitoring and numerical modelling to unravel DOC export dynamics in small-catchments

Abstract #181
Kevin Bishop, Sweden
Potential for long-term transfer of DOC from riparian zones to streams in boreal catchments

Abstract #185
William Mitsch, USA
Dealing with downstream effects of excessive agricultural fertilizer use at a watershed scale: How ecologically engineered wetlands can help

Abstract #186
Nobukazu Nakagoshi, Japan
Ecosystem services of a created wetland in Japan

Abstract #189
Josef Křeček, Czech Republic
Dendroclimatology in a mountain catchment: possibilities and limits

Abstract #191
Klement Tockner, Germany
Real-time hydroecology

Abstract #197
Jan-Philip Witte, the Netherlands
Combining historical evidence and ecohydrological processes to harvest and store fresh groundwater in the Netherlands

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