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Some keynote presentations (as per 3 September 2008)

Niko Verhoest, Belgium
Abstract #137
Uncertainty propagation in vegetation distribution models based on ensemble learning

Jason W. Kean, USA
Abstract #196
A model-based method for monitoring flash-floods and debris flows in recently burned watersheds

Harald Kunstmann, Germany
Abstract #203
Propagation of Precipitation Uncertainties in Distributed Water Balance Assessments of a Data Sparse Semi Arid Environment

Graham E. Fogg, USA
Abstract #218
New Paradigms for Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction

Mary C. Hill, USA
Abstract #225
Using a weather analogy to understand how to communicate ground-water model uncertainty

Vit Klemes
Abstract #n.a.
Political pressures in water resources management: Do they influence predictions?

Jaroslav Solc, USA
Abstract #228
Implications of hydrological predictions for decision making – Perspective of practitioner

Jan Seibert, Sweden
Abstract #239
Gauging the ungauged basin: the information content of limited field measurements

Jan Fleckenstein, Germany
Abstract #255
Dynamics and Patterns of River-Aquifer Exchange - What kind of Predictions do we need?

Andreas Schumann, Germany
Abstract #275
Ensemble forecasts and Bayesian Averaging to consider uncertainties in flood risk management

Edward A. Sudicky, Canada
Abstract #281
Simulation of Thermal Stream Loadings Using a Fully-Integrated Surface/Subsurface Modelling Framework

Henrik Madsen, Denmark
Abstract #297
A general filtering framework for data assimilation in hydrological forecasting systems

Stefan Uhlenbrook, the Netherlands
Abstract #317
Estimating ungauged stream flows based on model regionalization – Examples from the mountainous, semi-arid Karkheh river basin, Iran

Ramesh Teegavarapu, USA
Abstract #337
Innovative Spatial Interpolation Methods for Estimation of Missing Precipitation Records: Concepts and Applications

Geoff Parkin, United Kingdom
Abstract #338
Influence of scale on modelling groundwater recharge through heterogeneous Quaternary drift deposits

John Schaake, USA
Abstract #349
Science Issues for the Hydrologic Ensemble Prediction Experiment (HEPEX)

Hans-Peter Nachtnebel, Austria
Abstract #372
Runoff prediction at different modelling scales

Version 3 September 2008