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Abstracts received from members of Scientific Advisory Committee

Kaoru Takara, Japan
Abstract #9
Non-parametric frequency analysis of hydrological extreme events

Patrick Willems, Belgium
Abstract #61
Impact of climate change on river hydrology and ecology: case study for interdisciplinary policy oriented research

Jens Christian Refsgaard, Denmark
Abstract #78
A methodology to distinguish between human interventions and impacts caused by climate change

Wolfgang Kron, Germany
Abstract #82
Floods: From loss-data collection to risk control

Keith Beven, UK
Abstract #97
Guidelines for good practice in predicting the future: The catchment change network

Slobodan Simonovic, Canada
Abstract #150
Methodology for assessment of climate change risk to municipal infrastructure

Andreas Schumann, Germany
Abstract #246
Flood scenarios, imprecise probabilities and multi-criteria decision making in polder planning

Ramesh Teegavarapu, USA
Abstract #264
Adaptive, sustainable and climate sensitive hydrological design and management of hydrosystems: Handling of uncertainties in decision making

Stefan Uhlenbrook, the Netherlands
Abstract #284
Predicting the impact of change - The need for a better hydrological process understanding through innovative experimental and modelling approaches

Axel Bronstert, Germany
Abstract #291
Comparative simulation of the effects of land use change, river training, and altered climate on floods of the Rhine

Jacques Ganoulis, Greece
Abstract #309
Valuing environmental impacts from climate change and hydroelectrical infrastructure: A case study from Greece

Marco Borga, Italy
Abstract #312
Characterisation of selected extreme flash floods in Europe and of the triggering storm events: implications for monitoring strategies and mitigation policies

Honglang Xiao, China
Abstract #318
Understanding changes in ecohydrological processes caused by human interventions for integrated basin-scale water management: Heihe River Basin, northwest China

Chunmiao Zheng
Abstract #319
Consequences of human interventions on groundwater resources: Can China cope with its water crisis?

András Bárdossy
Abstract #323
Investigation of the frequency of unusual hydrological and meteorological events

Hans-Peter Nachtnebel, Austria
Abstract #3xx
Discrimination among direct human interventions and climate change impacts on the water cycle: Based on hydrological changes observed in Central Europe (title is not yet final)