International Mine Water Association VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava Charles University, Faculty of Science T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute Česká asociace hydrogeologů, Czech Association of Hydrogeologists International Association of Hydrogeologists Parthership for Acid Drainage Remediation in Europe Masaryk University Brno International Association of Hydrological Sciences, International Commission on Groundwater International Atomy Energy Agency




  • [1] Water issues in underground mining and constructions – hydrogeological, technical and environmental aspects
  • [2] Water issues in open pit mining – hydrogeological, technical and environmental aspects
  • [3] Mine water uses – resources of mineral water, geothermal energy
  • [4] Mine closure – reclamation/remediation at abandoned mine sites
  • [5] Geochemical and biogeochemical processes in mining and reclamation/remediation
  • [6] Mine tailings - hydrology, geochemistry, risks, remediation
  • [7] Water engineering – mine water management, mine dewatering, application of mathematical modelling
  • [8] Mine water legal aspects, integrated water management
  • [9] Special Session - Pit Lakes
  • [10] Recent challenges in water management of uranium mines

Other sessions to be proposed

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(version 26 October 2007)