Internal guidelines for submission of new GA UK projects 2020

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New proposals of projects starting in 2019 – internal deadline of the Faculty of Science for submission in the online system is 8 November 2019 (applications can be submitted until midnight of the deadline day).

Contact person: Bc. Romana Hogenová (line 1164,

Other deadlines:
Periodic reports of ongoing projects: 17 January 2020
Final reports: 1 April 2020

Applications are to be created and submitted electronically via the online system:

In case of technical problems with the online GA UK system, contact the helpdesk (“Poradna”) – they usually reply by the next day.
ATTENTION – If the online system is open, it closes automatically after 2 hours of your inactivity and the unsaved texts are lost!!!

Project duration: 1 – 3 years (it is up to the applicant to set the project length within this limits).

Eligible applicants: only students of the Charles University enrolled in a doctoral study programme or a masters study programme. Students who have their studies currently interrupted are not eligible to apply. (Details are given in the “Grant Rules”).

Applicants who are doctoral students – either in full-time or combined form of study – can ask for scholarships within the cost category “Financial requirements”.

If the main applicant is a doctoral student, his/her supervisor must be member of the proposed project team. If the main applicant is not a doctoral student, a member of academic staff of the faculty (usually the supervisor of the diploma thesis) must be member of the project team. Salary for the supervisor (or the member of academic staff included in the project team) can be planned as part of the project budget, within the financial limits set by the programme rules.

One student can be the principal researcher of only one GA UK project at any time and can participate as a team member in maximally two GA UK projects.

Therefore, if you are principal researcher of an ongoing GA UK project (that is to continue in 2019), you cannot apply (as the main applicant) for another GA UK project. You can only participate as a team member in up to two other GA UK projects.


For an external supervisor (not employed by the Faculty of Science), plan always the form of honorarium “Work Assignment Agreement” (“Dohoda o provedení práce”, DPP; or “Dohoda o pracovní činnosti”, DPČ). Honorarium for supervisor, who is an employee of the Faculty of Science, must be planned in the form of salary. The same applies for other team members who are not students (honorarium as salary for Faculty employees and work assignment agreement for external).


The maximal grant size for one project is up to CZK 300,000 per year.

Project budget is always planned for one calendar year. Request for budget for the following years is always included within the respective periodic report.

Budget categories:

  • Social and health insurance is planned as part of the honorarium. (Take into account that in case of salary, the costs of obligatory contributions for social and health security, 35.8% of the gross salary, must be planned in the budget.)
  • Other non-investment costs (consumables, conference fees etc.)
  • Travel costs (Only for the principal researcher and team members, who are students. Travel costs of supervisor or academic staff team members can be covered only in exceptional cases and it must be justified in the application.)
  • Indirect costs (15% of direct costs, calculated automatically by the system)
  • Personnel costs (salaries) and scholarships 

Justification for the respective parts of the budget must be given within the “Structure of financial requirements”.
For the travel costs, details about the planned participation at scientific conferences must be provided (time and place, at least approximately).

When the application is filled in, click the dedicated button to have the application automatically checked by the system. The system will indicate, what information is missing, if any. If the system replies that the application can be submitted, you can “submit” it. The application must be submitted before the internal deadline.

After this submission, you cannot modify the application any more. If necessary, the application can be returned to you for modification before the deadline by the Project Management Department (

Please, check your e-mail regularly after the internal deadline (include your real e-mail address in the application or possibly also your mobile phone number in the CV). If the application is returned to you by the Project Management Department to be corrected, you will receive a notifying e-mail including the reason for which the application was returned. If you login into the submission system and can modify the application, it means the application was returned to you to be corrected. Correct the application as soon as possible according to the instructions by Mrs. Hogenová.


- One student can, in a particular deadline, submit at most one application as the main applicant. One student can be team member in more than one application, but altogether maximally in three projects.

- In the CV, the main applicant (student) must mention especially: a) participation in university scientific competitions; b) presentation of his/her research results at scientific conferences or in scientific publications, if applicable; c) participation in other research projects.

- New application or a periodic report (request for continuation of a project) can be submitted only by a student enrolled at the Charles University in a doctoral study programme or a masters study programme.

- The number of doctoral or master students in the project team must be at least equal to the number of other members of the team.

- If the main applicant is an undergraduate student, then the grant agreement is to be signed by the academic staff member (supervisor), who will be responsible for the financial management of the project. The main applicant (student) countersigns.

- Scholarships for bachelor students cannot be planned within the project.

- Supervisor of the main applicant must be member of the project team. If a master student is the main applicant, the supervisor can be a doctoral student if he/she is employed by the Faculty of Science as an academic staff member (this does not apply to the case when the main applicant is a doctoral student).

- The supervisor (he/she can be from a different department than the main applicant) is added to the application using his/her Personal Number. If he/she cannot be found in the database (i.e. he/she doesn’t have a Personal Number), he/she must be added into the CAS system ( as an external collaborator. To learn the Personal Number, contact the department of the Faculty of Science, to which the student (main applicant) belongs.

- Compulsory attachments of the application are brief CV of the main applicant and brief CV of the supervisor including list of up to ten major publications in last 5 years. Total number of citations and h-index according to WoS must be also included in the CV of the supervisor in the fields of natural sciences and medicine; in case of humanities and social sciences, total number of citations can be taken from other databases, e.g. SCOPUS or ERIH.

- We emphasise that the students (main applicants) must fill in the application very carefully. They have to realise that the opponents and rapporteur evaluate the applications solely based on the information given in the application.

- Ineligible costs: software that can be provided by the faculty, postage, telephone bills, remuneration or presents for respondents (respondents cannot be payed via a work assignment agreement, because they would have to be listed as members of the project team according to the rules of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports), participation in courses and trainings (fees for participation in courses are eligible only if the team member actively participates or presents a poster). GA UK does not fund website creation, organisation of concerts, exhibitions, conferences or symposia.

- Non-investment costs cannot include costs for hardware above CZK 40,000 nor software above CZK 60,000 (this applies even if the cost is divided into several items including e.g. transport, bank charges etc. connected with the particular purchase). Hardware and software can be included in project budget only in well justified cases and in reasonable amounts (ideally ca. around CZK 20,000 and according to actual needs of the particular research project – this applies also to computer programmes).

- The application can be created in Czech or in English (texts can be written in Czech, in English or in Slovak). The selection of the language must be applied consistently and the entire application must be written only in one language (i.e. the application cannot be written in English using the Czech application form, it is also not allowed to have parts of the application in Czech (Slovak) and other parts in English).

- In case of interdisciplinary projects, the applicant can newly select a secondary departmental board section. This does give the proposal any advantage, but the rapporteur ensures that the project is evaluated by opponents from both departmental boards.

- When submitting the application, the applicant confirms that he/she notes that an accepted scientific publication is a compulsory precondition of successful completion of the project. The publication must contain dedication and affiliation to the GA UK project in which the publication is declared as an output. Without the affiliation and dedication, the output cannot be regarded as a result of the project (see the Grant Agreement and the Principles of Activities of the GA UK). The publication (or confirmation of its acceptance) must be attached to the final report of the project.

- Any output can contain acknowledgement of support of more than one grant. However, two different GA UK projects should not have a single and joined publication output. The principal researcher doesn’t have to be the first author of the publication.


Good luck to all applicants :)

If necessary, do not hesitate to contact me.

Bc. Romana Hogenová
Project Management Department
tel.: 221951164

Translated to English by Ludmila Součková.

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