Lux et Lapis 2002
(Light and Stone)

International Conference
Valtice (Czech Republic), 12-14 October 2002

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    Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Lux et Lapis Foundation and Charles University in Prague are pleased to organize and to host Lux et Lapis (Light and Stone) 2002 conference in the Czech Republic.
    The conference (lectures, poster session and excursions) will take place in Valtice (southern Moravia, 250 km SE from Prague, 100 km N from Vienna) providing access to Lednice-Valtice area. This area belongs to the largest man-made European regions fashioned according to English romantic principles of landscaping. It has been included in the UNESCO list of the World's Heritage in 1996. Since then, several monuments underwent restoration in this area. The conference thus will focus on the application of stone in architecture and sculpture. Special attention will be paid to the properties, deterioration and conservation of natural stone.
    During the conference, organisers will try to find balance among scientific part (oral and poster presentations, scientific discussion), field excursions (Lednice-Valtice area, its monuments and nature), and social program (conference dinner, visit to vine cellar in Valtice area).

    Map of the South Moravia
    South Moravia map (530 kB)
    Map of Valtice
    Valtice map (212 kB)


    Lux et Lapis (Light and Stone) 2002 will cover the following themes:

  • Application of natural and artificial stone in architecture and landscape
  • Sculptural stones (special session)
  • Properties of natural and artificial stones
  • Monument and building stone weathering (case studies, experiments, diagnostics)
  • Building stone cleaning and conservation
  • Dimension stone studies (open session)
  • "Leithakalk" limestone (special session)
  • Valtice-Lednice area and restoration of its monuments
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    Academy of Fine Arts, School of Restoration (Petr Siegl)
    Lux et Lapis Foundation (Michal Blažek)
    Charles University, Faculty of Science, Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Mineral Resources (Richard Přikryl)



    Richard Přikryl
    Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Mineral Resources
    Faculty of Science
    Charles University
    Albertov 6
    128 43 Prague 2
    Czech Republic
    ELMES Praha s.r.o.
    Hana Kotschová
    Vinohradská 6
    120 00 Prague 2
    Czech Republic
    Phone: +420-2-21952195Phone/Fax: +420-2-24239236
    Fax: +420-2-21952616Mobile: 0603-516515
    E-mail: prikryl@natur.cuni.czE-mail: ELMES@IOL.CZ





    The conference (lectures, poster session and short excursions) will take place in the south-east part of the Czech Republic (southern Moravia) close to the Austrian-Czech border in Valtice (about 250 kilometres south-east from Prague). The scientific part will take place in the Hotel Apollon that will also be the location of the conference accommodation (see below).
    The conference excursion will be guided in the Lednice-Valtice area and will focus on architectural elements in the cultural landscape. Special attention will be paid to the ongoing restoration of one of the monuments in this area - The Colonnade near Valtice. Transport will be provided by a shuttle bus.



    Ultimate deadline for abstracts  August 31, 2002
    Final programSeptember 15, 2002
    Submission of full papers (see instructions)October 14, 2002



    Friday October 11, 2002 departure from Prague to Valtice, registrationWelcoming cocktailsecured
    Saturday October 12, 2002LecturesLectures, poster sessionVisit to the vine cellarsecured
    Sunday October 13, 2002LecturesExcursion Lednice-Valtice areaConference dinnersecured
    Monday October 14, 2002LecturesDeparture to Prague can be booked on order



    The total conference fee is 350 EUR for regular participants if the payment is proceeded before September 30, 2002. After this date, add 10 %.
    The fee comprises all meals for period October 12-14, 2002, accommodation for period September 11-14, 2002 (3 nights in Valtice), and registration fee that covers admission to the sessions, refreshment during coffee-breaks, participation in Welcoming cocktail and other social events, excursion fees (including admission fees), printed materials (book of abstracts, guidebook and post-conference proceedings).
    The cost for accompanying person is 250 EUR and covers the same as for regular participants except printed materials. Program for accompanying persons will be available later on request.

    The conference fee can be paid in EUR (or relevant sum according to current exchange rate in USD or CZK) by bank transfer, cheque/eurocheque, or internationally accepted credit card (VISA, MasterCard, EuroCard), free of bank charges to the recipient, at the following bank accounts:

    CZK     474401623/0300
    EUR     474401973/0300
    USD     474401703/0300

    Account name: Elmes Praha
    Bank name: Ceskoslovenka obchodni banka
    Bank address: CSOB, Anglicka 20, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic

    Attention! Czech participants are kindly requested to pay the equivalent of registration fee in CZK (at the daily ČNB exchange rate for the day of money transfer) at the following bank account:

    CZK     474401623/0300

    Account name: Elmes Praha
    Bank name: Ceskoslovenka obchodni banka
    Bank address: CSOB, Anglicka 20, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic

    Please bring a copy of your transfer order to present at the registration desk at request.



    For all participants, the accommodation will be reserved according to the specification in Registration Form.

    October 11-14, 2002 (3 nights)
    Hotel APOLLON, P. Bezruče 720, 691 42 Valtice
    This hotel offers 13 double rooms, 5 single rooms and 3 appartments. We will be grateful if you would specify your preference as to your roommate due to the limited place. In case of more participants, they will be offered accommodation in neighbouring hotels and organisers will secure transport to conference venue.

    Note: it is not necessary to book accommodation individually except you have special requirements. In such a case, it is advised to contact organisers (Richard Přikryl) and organising agency (ELMES).
    For these participants, wishing to come sooner than October 11, 2002 or leaving later than October 14, 2002 and wishing to stay at Prague, contact, please, Richard Přikryl as soon as possible. Tourist season is in Prague all year around and late booking is very difficult.



    Full board is included in the conference fee for October 12-14, 2001 period. Indicate any special dietary requirements on the Registration Form.



    Welcoming cocktail, Friday, October 11, 2002
    The ice-breaking party will be held at the conference venue.
    Cost: included in conference fee.

    Visit to the vine cellar, Saturday, October 12, 2002
    Visit to one of the numerous vine cellars in the area.
    Cost: included in conference fee.

    Conference dinner, Sunday, October 13, 2002
    The conference dinner will be held at the conference venue.
    Cost: included in conference fee.



    Shuttle transportation from Prague to conference venue - Valtice and back, and for all excursions will be arranged for participants arriving to Prague by plane or by train. Please indicate arrival time to organising agency. It will take 3 hours to get from Prague to Valtice. For those participants will arrive by plain or train and who wish to use shuttle transport, the meeting point will be in Prague before departure to Valtice at:
    Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Mineral Resources
    Faculty of Science
    Charles University
    Albertov 6
    128 43 Prague 2
    Czech Republic

    See Web page how to reach the meeting point. (Generally take bus or taxi from the Ruzyně airport to the nearest underground station (Line A, the station Dejvická, change to Line B at the station Můstek and follow Line B to the station Karlovo nám.). Than take tram 18 or 24 from the station Karlovo nám. to the station Albertov (it is the second station from Karlovo nám.). The departure to Valtice is planned at 4 p.m. (16 h). If you will find difficult to reach the meeting point at the time inform organisers as soon as possible.

    Individual arrival and transport to conference venue
    The place is also easily accessible by car. See attached map for location of Valtice.
    When going from Prague, follow D1 highway Prague-Brno, and D2 highway from Brno (direction to Bratislava). Depart at exit 41 to Podivín, and follow road no. 422 (Podivín – Lednice - Valtice). The road distance from highway exit to Valtice is about 14 km.
    When going from Austria (Vienna), cross border at Reinthal-Poštorná border crossing, then follow road no. 55 to Břeclav and turn to road no. 40 that heads to the Valtice. The road distance from border-crossing to Valtice is about 20 km.
    See attached map for the hotel location in Vatlice.



    Oral presentation
    The time reserved for ordinary oral presentation is 20 minutes (15 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion). Slide, overhead and data projection facilities will be available.

    Poster presentation
    The poster session will not overlap with the oral sessions. Posters should have maximum dimension in the format A0 (1.2x0.8 m).

    Conference Language
    The official language of the conference is English (for communication, abstracts, oral presentations, posters, excursions and papers). Translation facilities will not be provided.

    The proceedings of the conference (peer-reviewed papers) will be published in a post-conference volume. Full manuscripts will be required by October 14, 2002. These deadlines are firm, to allow all papers to be reviewed and included in the conference proceedings, available during 2003. The organisers are negotiating the possibility to publish conference papers in one of the high-rated international journals focused on the problem of cultural heritage and architectural conservation. Participants will be informed during the conference in which form will be Proceedings published. Please note that only papers and posters presented by an author at the meeting will be eligible for publication in Proceedings volume. This will be strictly adhered to. The manuscripts should be addressed to the same address as abstracts or should be given to organisers during the conference.
    The published Proceedings will be circulated to all participants during 2003. The price is included in the registration fee.

    Full length manuscript preparation
    Manuscript must include title of the article, address of the author(s), abstract which should not exceed 300 words (note that abstract is informative and not substituting summary, conclusions or results), and text of the article.
    Text of the paper must be arranged into logical order as regards its extent and order (e.g. introduction, location, samples, experiments, results, discussion, conclusions). Use Times New Roman, 12 pt., double spacing style.
    Tables should not duplicate the text of the paper and should be comprehensible without reference to the text. Each table should be supplied on a separate sheet with a corresponding legend. Avoid complicated structure of tables.
    Figures, graphs and/or photographs must be numbered according to their sequence in the text. Plan your illustration for the printed page width 122 mm and length 180 mm but reserve space for legend. Provide each figure on separate sheet. Each figure must be identified by its number, author's name, and, in the case of photographs an indication as to which is the top of the picture. Figure captions should be given separately at the end of the manuscript.
    Graphs. Make your graphs readable at the printed size. Avoid hairline style for axes, curves etc. For explanatory texts and titles of axes use Arial, 8-12 pt. style.
    Photographs should be provided in the size of publication. In the case of microphotographs, the scale should be indicated on the picture. Only high quality black and white photographs are accepted. For colour photographs, the publication cost must be barred by the author(s).
    Units. SI units should be used.
    Abbreviations and symbols should be identified the first time they are used. This is not necessary for SI units.
    References must be indicated in the text by numbers in square brackets, the full reference being given in a list at the end of the paper in the following form:

    1. Cooke R. U., Laboratory simulation of salt weathering processes in arid environments, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 4, 347-359 (1979).
    2. Smith B. J., Weathering processes and forms, in: Geomorphology of Desert Environments, ed. Abrahams A. D. and Parsons A. J., Chapman and Hall, London, pp. 39-63 (1994).
    3. Goudie A., and Viles H., Salt Weathering Hazards, Wiley, Chichester, (1997).

    3 copies should be given to the organisers not later October 14, 2002. Manuscripts will be sent to two referees. Authors will be notified on the manuscript's status when receiving the reviews but hopefully before January 31, 2003. The corrected versions must be then sent to the editors till March 31, 2003 to keep printing time schedule.

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