Help for computer network connection requests

Socket Number The Wall socket that connects the network cable from your computer. Its name starts with the letters XS followed by a number and ending with the letter A or B.
Workplace number Fill in the workplace number (department) where the computer is located. (numbers in the organizational structure of the faculty - PDF, 586kB)
Identification number

The condition for gaining access is filling in the Personnel ID - it is an eight-digit number, listed under the photograph on the UK employee's card (see picture of the card).
Who does not have a card, can pick it up at the UK Card centers - see:

Computer Name Select the unique name of the newly connected computer. The name must be between 1 and 10 characters and can contain English alphabet letters, numbers, and the dash character '-'. Must start with a letter. Do not end with a dash.
Computer IP Address To find out the IP address of your computer with OS Windows, go to Start -> Run / Search, type "cmd" here, confirm and then type "ipconfig -all" in the black command prompt and confirm. The IP address will be "".
Physical Address (MAC address) The Physical address of the network card (if the card is installed in your computer) can be found in the same way as the IP address of the computer. Physical address will have the form eg: "00-E0-29-74-47-0E".
Switch This special device is needed to connect multiple computers to one wall socket. Switch price is about 400,- CZK with VAT.