doc. Mgr. Tomáš Albrecht, Ph.D.


Associate professor

Contact Information

Division of Animal Evolutionary Biology, Department of Zoology
Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Viničná 7, 128 44 Praha, Czech Republic
Room No.: 241
Phone: +420–22195 1856
E-mail: albrecht[a]

Personal webpage

Research Group

Avian Evolutionary Ecology Group

Research Interests

Evolutionary biology; sexual selection; mating systems and strategies; nest predation and antipredator strategies; macroecology


Czech Science Foundation 15-11782S - Biology of ageing: mechanisms and patterns of senescence in free-living birds (2015-2017, PI – T. Albrecht)
Czech Science Foundation P506-12-2472 – Post-copulatory sexual selection and the biology of sperm: within population processes and interspecific patterns in birds (2012-2016, PI – T. Albrecht)
Ministry of Education KONTAKT LH14045 - Evolution of sexual ornaments and their information content: a comparative study in isolated populations with divergent signal traits and preferences (2014-2016, PI – T. Albrecht)


Romana Michálková (PhD student)
Peter Mikula (PhD student)
Martina Němcová (PhD student)
Oldřich Tomášek (PhD student)
Karolína Bílková (Master student)
Tereza Brzobohatá (Master student)
Zuzana Krejčířová (Master student)
Kristýna Míčková (Master student)
Petra Šplíchalová (Master student)
Nikola Siegelmannová (Master student)
Eliška Wichová (Master student)
Lucie Wnuková (Master student)


Modern Applied statistics I (MB170P108)
Modern Applied Statistics II (MB170P109)
Evolutionary Ecology of Birds (MB162P09)
Behavioral Ecology and Genetics (MB170P35)
Birds of Europe (MB170P92)

Selected Publications

Rowe M, Albrecht T, Cramer ERA, Johnsen A, Laskemoen T, Weir JT, Lifjeld JT (2015). Poscopulatory sexual selection is associated with accelerated evolution of sperm morphology. Evolution 69:1044-1052.
Albrecht T, Kleven O, Kreisinger J, Laskemoen T, Omotoriogun T, Ottosson U, Reif J, Sedláček O, Hořák D, Robertson RJ, Lifjeld JT (2013). Sperm competition in tropical versus temperate zone birds. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 280: 20122434.
Albrecht T, Schnitzer J, Kreisinger J, Exnerova A, Bryja J and Munclinger P (2007). Extrapair paternity and the opportunity for sexual selection in long-distant migratory passerines. Behavioral Ecology 18:477-486.
Albrecht T, Kreisinger J and Pialek J (2006). The strength of direct selection gradients against female promiscuity is associated with rates of extrapair fertilizations in socially monogamous songbirds. American Naturalist 167:739-744.
Pialek J and Albrecht T (2005). Choosing mates: complementary versus compatible genes. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 20:63-63.
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