Mgr. Jakub Kreisinger, Ph.D.



Contact Information

Division of Animal Evolutionary Biology, Department of Zoology
Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Viničná 7, 128 44 Praha, Czech Republic
Room No.: 202
Phone: +420–22195 1872
E-mail: jakubkreisinger[a]

Research Group

Population and Evolutionary Genetics

Research Interests

Predation and antipredation strategies; landscape ecology; conservation genetics; sexual selection; maternal effects


Barbora Bendová (PhD student)
Eva Krkavcová (PhD student)
Lucie Kropáčková (PhD student)
Jan Kubovčiak (PhD student)
Hana Pechmanová (PhD student)


Modern Applied Statistics II (MB170P109)
Behavioral Ecology and Genetics (MB170P35)

Selected Publications

Šálek M, Kreisinger J, Sedláček F and Albrecht T (2009). Corridor versus hayfield matrix use by mammalian predators in an agricultural landscape. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 134:8-13.
Kreisinger J and Albrecht T (2008). Nest protection in mallards (Anas plathyrhynchos): Untangling the role of crypsis and parental behaviour. Functional Ecology. 22:872-879.
Albrecht T, Schnitzer J, Kreisinger J, Exnerova A, Bryja J and Munclinger P (2007). Extrapair paternity and the opportunity for sexual selection in long-distant migratory passerines. Behavioral Ecology 18:477-486.
Albrecht T, Kreisinger J and Pialek J (2006). The strength of direct selection gradients against female promiscuity is associated with rates of extrapair fertilizations in socially monogamous songbirds. American Naturalist 167:739-744.
Albrecht T, Horak D, Kreisinger J, Weidinger K, Klvana P and Michot TC (2006). Factors determining pochard nest predation along a wetland gradient. Journal of Wildlife Management 70:784-791.
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