Mgr. Zuzana Musilová, Ph.D.



Contact Information

Division of Animal Evolutionary Biology, Department of Zoology
Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
Viničná 7, 128 44 Praha, Czech Republic
Door No.: 241
Phone: 00420–22195 1856
E-mail: zuzana.musilova[a]

Research Group

Population and Evolutionary Genetics

Research Interests

Fish evolution; Adaptive evolution of sensory systems in fish; Speciation in sympatry; Molecular mechanisms of adaptation; Evolutionary genomics and transcriptomics; Fish phylogeny and biogeography


2016-2018: Adaptation to a life in the deep: evolution of opsin and hemoglobin genes in cichlid fishes. The Czech Science Foundation.
2017-2021: Genomics of sensory adaptations: evolution of vision, smell and taste in fishes. Swiss National Science Foundation (PROMYS grant).


Monika Klodawska (PhD student)
Dmytro Omelchenko (PhD student)
Veronika Truhlářová (MSc student)
Kateřina Remišová (MSc student)


Ichthyology (MB170P38)
Molecular Applications in Zoology (MB170P62)

Selected Publications

Cortesi F*, Musilová Z*, Stieb SM, Hart NS, Siebeck UE, Malmstrom M, Torresen OK, Jentoft S, Cheney KL, Marshall NJ, Carleton KL and Salzburger W (2015). Ancestral duplications and highly dynamic opsin gene evolution in percomorph fishes. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, 112(5), 1493–1498. (* = equal contribution)
Dorn A*, Musilová Z*, Platzer M, Reichwald K and Cellerino A (2014). The strange case of East African annual fish: aridification correlates with diversification for a savannah aquatic group. BMC Evolutionary Biology 14(1), 210. (* = equal contribution)
Matschiner M, Musilová Z, Barth JM, Starostová Z, Salzburger W, Steel M and Bouckaert R (2017). Bayesian phylogenetic estimation of clade ages supports trans-Atlantic dispersal ofcichlid fishes. Systematic Biology, 66 (1): 3-22.
Musilová Z, Kalous L, Petrtýl M and Chaloupková P (2013). Cichlid fishes in the Angolan headwaters region: Molecular evidence of the ichthyofaunal contact between the Cuanza and Okavango-Zambezi systems. PLoS ONE 8(5):e65047.
Musilová Z, Říčan O, Janko K and Novák J (2008). Molecular phylogeny and biogeography of the Neotropical cichlid fish tribe Cichlasomatini (Teleostei: Cichlidae: Cichlasomatinae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 46(2), 659-672.
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