Jakub Prokop

   Ph. D. Charles University, Praha

   Phone: ++420/221951837; Fax: ++420/221951841
   E-mail: jprokop@natur.cuni.cz


Research interests
Palaeoentomology; comparative and functional morphology; taxonomy and
phylogeny of Paleozoic insects, mainly Palaeodictyopterida (Palaeodictyoptera,
Megasecoptera, Diaphanopterodea, Permothemistida), Panephemeroptera,
Odonatoptera; wing venation; insects in amber inclusions and sedimentary rocks;
plant-insect interactions in the fossil record.

The functional morphology and evolution of keystone body parts in early
diverging lineages of winged insects (2018-2020)

Lectures and courses
Basic entomology (lectures); Invertebrate zoology (lectures); Entomology
(lectures, practices, field trip),  Advanced entomology (lectures, practices),
System and phylogeny of invertebrates (field trip)

Postdoctoral fellow
Martina Pecharová PhD.

Graduate students
Jan Batelka MSc.
Tomáš Dvořák MSc.
Dominika Ružičková MSc.
Michal Tkoč MSc.

Undergraduate students
Kateřina Rosová
Šárka Škorpíková

Publications (via Google Schoolar, Researchgate,

Batelka J., Prokop J., Pohl H., Bai M., Zhang W. & Beutel R.G. in press. Highly specialized Cretaceous beetle parasitoids (Ripiphoridae) identified with optimized visualization of microstructures. Systematic entomology doi: 10.1111/syen.12331


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