Hi! I am a Ph.D. student at the Charles University in Prague. I am interested in many things. Here is a brief list of examples:

    I do computer simulations: Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo, Self-Consistent Field, ab initio simulations and hybrids (see fancy pictures).

  • PythonLanguage
    This is my main language to use. I did several projects with it. A few examples: Storer, Maxwell Construction, Plotter, ...

  • CPPLanguage
    I am working on open source project. My task was implementing an separate engine (Cleng=Clamped Engine) based on established solver.

  • PyTorch
    I am building neural networks using PyTorch framework.
    Stay tuned.
  • STM32STM32
    I interested in embedded development. I have experience with AVR microcontrollers. Here is small pet IoT project.
    Working on much more challenging project. Soon will be available.

  • PyStar logo Project
    I am developing an interactive simulation package. It helps to get familiar with computer simulations. It based on ESPResSo package. Tools: Python, PyQt framework.

  • Gopher
    I wrote something simple for fun. Currently, I am in search of something worth implementing... Do you have an idea? :)

  • RustLanguage
    I implemented a water model SPC/E from computational chemistry using this fancy language.

Personal qualities

Perseverance, ambition, curiosity, diligence, outgoing person.


[2017] Alexey A. Polotsky, Alexander D. Kazakov, Tatiana M. Birshtein. Linear minority chain in a star brush: The coil-to-flower transition. Polymer.

[2019] Alexander D. Kazakov, Alexey A. Polotsky, Ekaterina B. Zhulina, Tatiana M. Birshtein, Frans A. M. Leermakers, and Oleg V. Borisov. Dendron Brushes in Polymer Medium: Interpenetration and Depletion. Macromolecules.

[2021] Alexander D. Kazakov, Varvara M. Prokacheva, Filip Uhlík, and Frans A. M. Leermakers. Computer modeling of polymer stars in variable solvent conditions: a comparison of MD simulations, self-consistent field (SCF) modeling and novel hybrid Monte Carlo SCF approach.

[...] Something interesting ;)


Prague, Czech Republic
English: B2
Czech: almost A2 :)
Russian: native speaker

Personal achievements:

  • [GAUK] Grant for the Research
  • [Nvidia]

Research interests:

  • Computer science
  • Computer simulations
  • Automatization
  • Convolutional Neural Networks

Fancy pictures:

Polymer chain. The idea of the hybrid CG-MF model: coarse-grained (CG) model and the Mean-Field (MF) model. Explicit segments are only at the end of the polymer chain. The rest segments are implicit.

Water molecules in CPK representation. Neural network is coming.

Self Consistent Field
Molecular Dynamics simulations
Monte Carlo simulations
Embedded development/STM32
Raspberry Pi
Siemens LOGO!
Work Experience

2020 - Present

Principal Investigator

“Combination of Monte Carlo and Mean-Field methods for modeling of charged macromolecular systems in different solvent quality conditions” supported by The Grant Agency of Charles University.

Methods: novel hybrid MC-SCF representation.

2018 - Present


“Theoretical studies of branched polyelectrolytes” supported by The Grant Agency of Charles University.

Methods: Self-Consistent Field, Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo, Ab initio Simulations.

2015 - 2017

Junior Researcher

Institute of Macromolecular Compounds Russian Academy of Sciences

Methods: Self-Consistent Field.

2016 - 2017

Web Developer

A web interface development within the University program “SPbU Alumni Association”.
Frameworks: Django


2017 - Present

Ph.D. (running...)

Charles University in Prague

Topic: Computer modeling of polymer systems.

Supervisor: Dr. F. Uhlík .

2015 - 2017

Master's Degree
Master of Science in Physics

Saint Petersburg State University

Thesis: A molecular switch based on linear chain immersed into polymer brush made of regularly branched macromolecules.

Supervisors: prof., Dr. T. M. Birshtein, Dr. A. A. Polotsky.

2011 - 2015

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor of Science in Physics

Saint Petersburg State University

Thesis: A theoretical study of conformational transitions in a single linear chain embedded in a polymer brush of starlike macromolecules.

Supervisors: prof., Dr. T. M. Birshtein, Dr. A. A. Polotsky.

Feel free to contact me.


Prague, Czech Republic