Filip Ryant [2008-2014], Michal Kowalski [2015 - 2018], Michal Jakl [2018 - ]

The list of excursions in the frame of the 25th American Term 2018:

Section A: Cultural, Historical and Political Context of Czechia

Excursion 1: Historic Prague city tour I and II (Miroslav Marada)

Section B: The Postsocialist City

Excursion: Mirrors of contemporary urban and metropolitan restructuring (Luděk Sýkora)
Excursion and social event: Pivovar (Brewery) Uhříněves and Pivovarská restaurace (Luděk Sýkora)

Section D: Migration and Social Minorities

Excursion 1: Visit to flats (Dušan Drbohlav & Eva Janská)
Excursion 2: Trip to Ajeto glassmaking workshops (Lindava) and to the Museum of Glass and Jewellery (Jablonec nad Nisou) (Dušan Drbohlav)
Excursion 3: Queer Prague – past and present (Michal Pitoňák & Lukáš Pitoňák)

Section F: Economic and industrial geography

Excursion 1: Energetics – brown coal mining area (Ludvík Kopačka)
Excursion 2: Automotive Industry – Škoda Auto (Petr Pavlínek)

Section G: Urban Geography

Excursion: Karlín: from 19th century suburb to gentrified inner city neighbourhood (Martin Ouředníček & Lucie Pospíšilová)

Section H: Rural geography, agriculture, environmental issues & tourism

Excursion 1: Second Homes (Jiří Vágner)
Excursion 2: Southern Moravia & Slovakia (Jiří Vágner & Ivan Bičík)
Excursion 3: Transformations of urban waterfronts in socio-natural relations (Branislav Machala & Jana Bernsteinová)

Download abstracts of excursions (PDF).