Dr.  Jakub Sakala

Tel: +420 221 951 461    Office: P 12



Professional Experience


Assistant Lecturer, Charles University






PhD, Charles University, Prague & Université Pierre-et-Marie Curie, Paris


D.E.A.(=MSc) Palaeontology, Université Pierre-et-Marie Curie, Paris & Université Montpellier II


Mgr (=MSc) Palaeobotany, Charles University



Research Interests


  • Fossil wood
  • Tertiary palaeobotany
  • Whole-Plant concept




  • Systematic palaeobotany
  • General palaeontology
  • Palaeoxylotomy


Current Research Activities


  • The 'Whole-Plant' concept in palaeobotany on the example of the Tertiary of northwestern Bohemia, Czech Republic with particular reference to fossil wood


            (!!! new !!! PhD Thesis in full-text *.pdf & PowerPoint presentation of its defence in *.pps)


Professional Affiliations


IAWA International Association of Wood Anatomists

OFP Organisation Francophone de Paléobotanique


Selected Publications


  • Sakala, J., Privé-Gill, C. & Koeniguer, J.-C. (1999): Silicified Angiosperm wood from the Dangu locality (Ypresian of the Gisors region, Eure, France): the problem of root wood. - C.R. Acad. Sc. Paris 328: 553-557.
  • Kvaček, Z. & Sakala, J. (1999): Twig with attached leaves, fruits and seeds of Decodon (Lythraceae) from the Lower Miocene of northern Bohemia, and implications for the identification of detached leaves and seeds. - Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol. 107: 201-222, 1999.
  • Sakala, J. (2000a): Flora and vegetation of the roof of the main lignite seam in the Bílina Mine (Most Basin, Lower Miocene). - Acta Mus. Nat. Pragae, Ser. B, Hist. Nat. 56: 49-84.
  • Sakala, J. (2000b): Silicified angiosperm wood from the Dangu locality (Ypresian of the Gisors region, Eure, France) – final part: the problem of palaeoclimate reconstruction based on fossil wood. – Geodiversitas, 22, 493-507.
  • Sakala, J. (2002): First record of fossil angiosperm wood (Ulmoxylon, Ulmaceae) from the famous locality of Bílina (Czech Republic, Early Miocene). - C. R. Palevol 1: 161-166.
  • Sakala, J. (2003): Podocarpoxylon helmstedtianum GOTTWALD from Kučlín (Late Eocene, Czech Republic) reinterpreted as Tetraclinoxylon vulcanense PRIVÉ. - Feddes Repert. 114: 25-29.
  • Sakala, J. & Privé-Gill, C. (2004): Oligocene angiosperm woods from northwestern Bohemia, Czech Republic. - IAWA J., 25, 369-380.