Program of the Course

Program of the course is available here.

The program for the past course FNOB 2020 can be downloaded here (2018 in-person course) and here (2020 online course) [PDF].

Speakers and Lecturers

Aleš Benda

Dalibor Pánek

Imaging Methods Core Facility at BIOCEV, Vestec & Faculty of Science, Charles University.

Eliška Miková

Leukocyte Motility Lab, BIOCEV, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.

Peter Kapusta

Piotr Jurkiewicz

Federica Scollo

Hof fluorescence group at the J.Heyrovsky Inst. of Physical Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Jana Humpolíčková

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Jan Horký

Laboratory Imaging s.r.o.