Our research interest

Content of Research

  • Genetic mapping of interspecific and intraspecific variability in immune-related genes (e.g., innate immunity: Pattern recognition receptors, mainly TLRs, antimicrobial peptides; acquired immunity: MHC)
  • Investigation of natural selection acting on individual genetic variants (including predictions of protein functional changes in response to pathogen-mediated selective pressures)
  • Comparative immunology
  • Characterisation of avian inflammation and identification of cytokines responsible for modulation of inflammation in birds
  • Disentangling associations between the genotype, gene expression, immunophenotype, health, and condition in natural avian populations and domestic breeds

Main Capabilities

  • Molecular genetics (including new sequencing approaches, cloning, SNP detection, gene expression analysis, etc.)
  • Bioinformatics (adjustment of large data files, selection analyses, protein structure modelling)
  • Avian cell biology techniques (mainly focused on innate immunity)
  • Methods of avian haematology (flow cytometry as well as classical approaches)
  • Functional immunological testing in vivo and in vitro (e.g. inflammatory immune responsiveness and hypersensitivity, detection of antimicrobial peptides)
  • Field data and sample collection

Fields of Research Results Application

  • Agriculture
  • Animal breeding
  • Biomedicine
  • Biotechnology
  • Nature protection
  • Veterinary diagnostics