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New paper alert!

Happy to share the new review in Trends in Molecular Medicine spearheaded by Brabek Lab, where we contributed with our DevCellBiol expertise. Educate Not Kill 🙂

New paper alert!

Fresh from the publishing oven, our new review on how Jagged1-Notch signaling mediates development, and JAGGED1-driven Alagille syndrome. Big thanks to @EmmaRAndersson, our editor @DavidSprinzak, and the reviewers for insightful comments!

GACR funding secured!

We received a 3-year grant for a collaborative project with James Harnos Lab focusing on intracellular Wnt x Notch crosstalk. Huge thanks to the whole team and the Grant Agency of Czech Republic for supporting our research!

Multiple congrats!

This year is going really fast, so here is a quick update. Big congratulations to: Fabio, who was awarded a 3-year PhD research grant! Eliska, who defended her bachelor thesis and received an IOCB fellowship to go for a summer internship in David Sprinzak’s lab in Israel, which she is about to finish later this […]

New preprint is out!

Please have a look at what we learned when dissecting the liver and T cell contribution to liver fibrosis and cancerogenesis using a mouse model of ALGS. Janek’s postdoc project is being completed thanks to an intense collaboration between Andersson, Björkström, Gregor, Dobeš and Mašek labs, combining our liver biology and immunology expertise. Read more.

Welcome Eliška and Matouš

We are very excited about having two new lab members a CUNI bachelor student Eliška Trampotová and visiting high-school student Matouš Kejval from Gymnazium Botičská. The speed they both dove straight into our projects is amazing!

Congratulations Hana!

The whole lab was celebrating Hana’s bachelor thesis defence, the very first in our group :). Congratulations Hana, and big thanks for your hard work!

Preprint accepted

Very happy for being part of the fruitful collaboration on murine liver spatial transcriptomic with Ankarev lab.

New preprint is out

Very nice colaboration with Francizka Hildebrandt from Johan Ankarklev lab on Spatial Transcriptomics to define transcriptional patterns of zonation and structural components in the liver.