About us

Urban and regional laboratory is a research working group associating social geographers affiliated with Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development. URRlab consists of associate professor, assistant professors, researchers, PhD and master students. Our principal aim is to cooperate on research projects and to share and discuss research themes linked to theoretical and practical issues of cities, settlement systems, regional development and related fields. URRlab serves also as an incubator for PhD students and place of practicing for undergraduate students.    

We are investigators of many projects that deal with current trends in metropolitan regions and cities, social spatial differentiation and other themes. We publish in professional Czech and foreign journals or popular educational periodicals and we are also authors and co-authors of many books and book chapters. We participate in lectures on the topics of urban geography and the methods of socio-geographic research.


The main research area

We offer our expertise within a diverse range of broadly defined issues related to urban and regional development. We have long-term experience with processing regional and territorial analyses, situation analyses, and strategic documents at various scales (from individual cities and rural areas to macro-regional levels). We have worked on projects commissioned by public administration, research institutions and private entities.


We specialize in the following areas:


  • Theoretical approaches in social geography
  • Urban studies, geography and urban sociology
  • Settlement system development, urbanization and suburbanization
  • Regional policy, territorial aspects of public policies
  • Social, economic and physical environment
  • Inequalities and socio-spatial structure



  • Unemployment, poverty, crime, social deprivation
  • Migration and spatial mobility
  • Time-space geography
  • Methods of socio-geographic research
  • Research of Prague and the Prague Metropolitan Region




If you decide to visit us, we will be pleased to welcome you to our office at Albertov or at Legerova street:

Albertov 6

room number 365

Praha 2 Nové Město

tel. 221 951 378

Legerova 1878/5

room number 325 (URRlab)

Praha 2 Nové Město

tel. 221 951 970


Contact person:

Jiří Nemeškal
Tel.: 221 951 972

Postal address:

Albertov 6
128 43 Praha 2