Abstracts from members of Scientific Advisory Committee (as per 25 February 2015)

Abstract #21
Dico Fraters, the Netherlands (organising committee)
Water quality compliance checking for the Nitrates Directive – a discussion in the Netherlands with scientific, managerial and political dimensions

Abstract #23
Jaap Schröder, the Netherlands
Implementation of the European Nitrates Directive via soil N surplus-based application standards

Abstract #30
Gunnar Lischeid, Germany
Will climate change solve the eutrophication problem?

Abstract #34
Frank Wendland, Germany
Nitrogen reduction requirements to reach quality targets for groundwater and the marginal Sea and the effectiveness of well-established agricultural nitrogen reduction measures in the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany)

Abstract #35
Frank Wendland, Germany
Development of a conceptional hydrogeological model for the temporal evaluation of programme of measures in the Federal State of Hessen

Abstract #52
Marianne Bechmann, Norway
Nitrogen application and its effect on water quality in small agricultural streams

Abstract #66
Claudia Heidecke, Germany
Agricultural production and water quality in the Weser River Basin- Challenges for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive

Abstract #67
Roland Stenger, New Zealand

Abstract #68
Roland Stenger, New Zealand

Abstract #74
Miguel Quemada, Spain
Cover crops versus fallow: water, nitrogen and salinity integrated for a more sustainable irrigated system

Abstract #96
Ralf Eppinger, Belgium
Source file approach for the protection of Flemish groundwater reserves for drinking water supply

Abstract #121
Brian Kronvang, Denmark (organising committee)
How can we enhance the ecosystem services provided by buffer strips?

Abstract #136
Pavel Rosendorf, Czech Republic
Pollution sources apportionment by dissolved phosphorus emissions - an appropriate benchmark of their contribution to the reservoirs eutrophication

Abstract #140
Henriette Hossy, Denmark
The implementation of the Danish N-quota system and the success to reduce agricultural nitrogen loss: From legislation to farmers

Abstract #145
Patricia Chambers, Canada
Seasonal variation in nutrient export from agriculturally-dominated watersheds in the northern Great Plains, Canada

Abstract #152
István Sisák, Hungary
GLM analyses of field and large laboratory plot experiments and their use to calibrate surface phosphorus load model for the watershed of Lake Balaton

Abstract #155
Frank Coale, USA
Evolution of agricultural P-loss risk assessment tools

Abstract #161
Bob Middleton, United Kingdom
Sustainable Catchment Management? Making progress in established programmes.

Abstract #165
Brian Kronvang, Denmark (organising committee)
Phosphorus wetlands as targeted mitigation option in Denmark for reducing P-loadings to lakes

Abstract #166
Gitte Blicher-Mathiesen, Denmark
Evaluation of the N effect of the Danish Action Plans: 25 years results of monitoring

Abstract #173
Esther Wattel, the Netherlands
Changes over the past 25 years in rainwater and groundwater quality in nature areas in The Netherlands as a result of emission reduction policy

Abstract #181
Nicholas Howden, United Kingdom
Human impact on carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus export in the River Thames, UK from 1867 to 2012

Abstract #186
Marco Acutis, Italy
Phosphorus monitoring and modelling in Lombardy region

Abstract #194
Chantal Gascuel-Odoux, France
Protecting drinking water supply: an analysis of action plans and stakeholders’ networks

Abstract #195
Chantal Gascuel-Odoux, France
Modelling nutrient emissions in fresh water at different scales and for different objectives

Abstract #197
Peter Strauss, Austria
Indirect nitrogen losses of managed soils contributing to greenhouse emissions of agricultural areas in Austria – results from lysimeter studies

Abstract #199
Rüdiger Wolter, Germany
Review of the German EU-Nitrate-Monitoring-Network

Abstract #208
Hans Peter Broers, the Netherlands
Thirty years after the Manure Law in the Netherlands: did we succeed to protect our groundwater and surface water resources?

Abstract #221
Lærke Thorling, Denmark
Indicators to identify the source of pesticide contamination to groundwater

Abstract #223
Lærke Thorling, Denmark
Danish Groundwater Bodies and their chemical state

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