Avian parasites study groupTrypanosome in blood from buzzard (female Eržika)

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Milena Svobodová

Olga V. Dolnik

Jana Rádrová  Thesis: Bloodsucking diptera as hosts and vectors of infectious diseases

Aysheshm Kassahun Gelaglie

Petr Volf (photo

Alumni: Lenka Zídková, Jan Votýpka, Julius Lukeš

in cooperation with
Ivan Čepička
(Department of Zoology) WWW
Petr Voříšek
(Czech Society for Ornithology)
Karel Weidinger
(Palacky University, Olomouc)


We study vector-parasite-host interactions in bird populations.

The particular aims are:

* Identification of blood parasites, their prevalences and modes of transmission

Leucocytozoon in buzzard blood* Seasonal dynamics of ornithophilic Diptera

* Trypanosome host specificity, life cycle in the vector and experimental transmission

* Biodiversity of avian trypanosomes and haemosporidia

Ongoing project: Avian trypanosomes: Biodiversity, vectors, and factors affecting prevalence


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