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Czech Science Foundation Postdoc Individual Fellowship Granted to Ondřej Skořepa

The Czech Science Foundation (GA CR) has awarded funding to a POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP OUTGOING project of Ondřej Skořepa titled “A New Vision: Innovative Imaging Approaches for Investigating the Spatial Organization of Immune Receptors and Ligands“. This project will enable Ondřej to visit the laboratories of Prof. Dr. Ralf Jungmann and Prof. Dr. Petra Schwille […]

Our students at XXII. Meeting of Biochemists and Molecular Biologists!

The XXII. Meeting of Biochemists and Molecular Biologists, held on November 14-15, 2023, in Brno, marked a significant presence and success for our laboratory. Among the active participants in the poster section were Master students Nadezda Bragina, Jakub Jeníček, Zuzana Urbanová, Yurii Dubanych, and PhD candidate Shiva Nejadebrahim. Additionally, our members made noteworthy contributions to […]

Czech Science Foundation Grant Fuels Cutting-Edge Research on NK Cell Immune Synapses

The Czech Science Foundation (GA CR) has awarded funding to an international research project dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of natural killer (NK) cell immune synapses. With GA CR’s support, a consortium of scientists from the Czech Republic, Austria, and Slovenia will study these interactions under the project titled “Nanoscale organisation of NK cell receptor-ligand […]

Our grant project has been awarded with an “excellent” grade by the Czech Science Foundation!

< As stated in the official letter from the Board of the Czech Science Foundation, our completed project 18-10687S “New ligands for old receptors of human natural killer cells: structure, assembly within the immune synapse and potential for therapy” has been awarded with an “excellent” grade upon its the final evaluation, whereby the Board confirmed by […]

Two new projects have been approved by the Grant Agency of Charles University!

Congratulations to Maxmilián Hejl and Nadezda Bragina, two of our Master’s students that have secured funding for their projects from the Grant Agency of Charles University (GAUK)! The project “Utilising sortase A for the preparation of polymer immunotherapeutics and determining their antitumor activity” with Maxmilián Hejl as the principal investigator aims to develop macromolecular polymer-protein […]

Head of our laboratory as an Instruct-ERIC Webinar invited speaker!

Ondřej Vaněk, head of the laboratory, spoke at the 25th Instruct-ERIC Webinar Series: Structure Meets Function about the structure of the human NK cell NKR-P1:LLT1 receptor:ligand complex. Instruct-ERIC is a European research infrastructure that offers a platform for the advancement of integrative structural biology. It is an organization that brings together experts in the field […]

Our article in the Instruct-ERIC Scientific Highlights!

Our research team, together with the team of Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and BIOCEV research centre in the Czech Republic, have recently been featured in the scientific highlights of the Instruct-ERIC website. The teams were recognized for their innovative work on the crystal structure of natural killer cell receptor-ligand complexes. […]