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Welcome to Laboratory of Structural Biochemistry
of Immune Recognition
International research project dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of natural killer cell synapses awarded!

Nanoscale organisation of NK cell receptor-ligand complexes through quantitative single-molecule microscopy

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Structure of the human NK cell NKR-P1:LLT1 receptor:ligand complex reveals clustering in the immune synapse.

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From the atom to NK cell: the story of an unexpected protein structure

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Welcome to the Laboratory of Structural Biochemistry
of Immune Recognition

About us

Our research group is interested in cell-cell recognition processes, i.e., how the immune cells, for example, NK cells, recognize by receptors expressed on their surface the target proteins expressed on the surface of healthy cells or of the tumour, virally infected, or stressed cells. We are interested firstly in the structure-function relationship, using a wide range of modern methods of research of protein structure, their properties and interactions, and secondly, how we could transfer the gained knowledge into a practical level, besides other things by designing artificial protein constructs which would help the immune cells to recognize better and eliminate the target cells.

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