Czech exlibris - traditions of the book-plates on the territory of Bohemia and Moravia dated back to the medieval times. Exlibris collections started to organised in the last thirty years of 19th century. The wood-cut made by Josef Mánes on behalf of Sir Vojtěch Lanna, industrialist and supporter of arts in 1968 is considered to be the first modern Czech book-plate. The other book-plates then followed, made by the great artists, e.g. Mikuláš Aleš, Max Švabinský , Vojtěch Preissig and others. A great advantage of modern Czech exlibris can be seen in the fact, that they have been always created by the best graphic artists from Bohemia, Moravia and Slesia. As an example we can mention Alfons Mucha , Karel Svolinský,Josef Váchal , Jan Konůpek, Ludmila Jiřincová , Ota Janeček, Vladimír Suchánek , Adolf Born and Oldřich Kulhánek, who also made a design of new Czech banknotes. Czech exlibris enjoys a considerable popularity in the collectors world-wide and the works of Czech artists can be found in the collections of all important collectors. Czech artists also participate in the most of world competitions.