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Association of Collectors and Friends of exlibris (SSPE) associates almost 600 collectors, artists and friends of small and commemorative graphic works, particularly of the book-plate- exlibris.
The SSPE performs its activities on the entire territory of the Czech Republic.
Its Prague address is: SSPE, P.O.Box 645, 111 21 Praha 1.
The present chairman of the Association is
Karel Urban, Na vyhlídce 291, 252 06 Měchenice,
Ing. Milan Humplík, Gagarinova 21, 360 20 Karlovy Vary is the acting secretary of the Association, e-mail:
Contact by e-mail: dr. Josef Chalupský,

The Association of Collectors and Friends of
Exlibris was founded in 1918 and it has been playing an active role in the Czech culture for 80 years. Its members are interested in graphic arts and bibliophile prints, they support a development of the art of exlibris and of Czech exlibris in particular, they organise the collections: Within the framework of the Association they make and keep friendly contacts with other collectors from the Czech Republic and abroad.

SSPE  publish its own journal "KNIŽNÍ ZNAČKA" (Book-plate) having a scope of 32 pages (the Journal is in Czech, with German abstracts). This Journal has been published quarterly since 1937. Association members are provided with it free of costs. In addition to this journal, the Association publishes the catalogues and sets of book-plates, and other informative and specialised issues.
SSPE  organises its congresses and meeting on the regular basis. These events take place twice a year. The spring congress takes one day meeting in Prague and its agenda includes a summary of activities performed by the Association. The autumn congress takes three days and it is organised in some town of the Czech Republic. This meeting has a nature of social event, and it includes an active exchange of exlibris. About two hundred of people participate in it, many of them come from abroad. Further on, the Association organises the competitions and exhibitions of exlibris, lectures and auctions.
SSPE  provides its members and graphic artists with the information on international competitions in exlibris and on the activities performed by foreign associations.
SSPE  keeps contacts mostly with the Exlibris associations from Europe. It is a founding member of the F.I.S.A.E.





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