General chemistry

The course “General Chemistry” provides knowledge important for the study of other chemical and biological disciplines. The interpretation is performed so that students understand the physico-chemical nature of the substance and the meaning and applicability of all established quantities and described phenomena.
Some passages are given in a simplified descriptive form without precise mathematical derivation, knowledge of differential and integral calculus is not required to follow the lecture. However, knowledge of mathematics and chemistry at the level of average secondary schools is assumed.

Macromolecular chemistry

Part I: Basic course of macromolecular chemistry in a complex concept of “polymer science”, in which the classification, terminology, nomenclature, synthesis, characterization, reactivity and practical applications of polymers and the relationships between their properties and molecular and supramolecular structure are discussed.

Part II: The course expands and deepens basic knowledge about the structure and types of polymers and combined systemscontaining polymers, their preparation, properties, recycling, study methods and applications. An integral part of the course are interdisciplinary overlaps in polymer chemistry, especially in the fields of materials science and biomedicine.

List of our courses

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MC260P119Obecná chemiezimníčeština5doc. RNDr. Jan Sedláček, Dr.
MC260P37Makromolekulární chemieletníčeština4doc. RNDr. Jan Sedláček, Dr.